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  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    Sold. Please bring the entire Q-Games library to the PC. In my opinion, Shooter does not quite reach the same heights as the pinnacle of the PixelJunk series (Monsters), but it's still a wonderful little shooter that everyone should play.

    Posted in PixelJunk Shooter Coming to PC, Mac and Linux

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    - Paradox funds their development via revenue generated from their digital distribution platform (GamersGate).

    - Valve funds their development via revenue generated from their digital distribution platform (Steam).

    - CD Projekt funds their development via revenue generated from their digital distribution platform (GoG).

    Notice a pattern yet? I applaud the transparency of Paradox as a company, but not all independent companies have the luxury of falling back on funding generated by a digital distribution platform and infrastructure that they own and control.

    Posted in Inside Paradox, the Strangest Company in Games

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    Not even gonna lie here....I am a total Klei fanboy here, and I love the "purchase the alpha and give a copy to a friend" option. They are one of the few studios that I certainly don't mind supporting in the early stages of development, and they check all the right boxes: multi-platform releases, DRM-free options, soundtrack downloads, etc.

    You can even find a great article/interview on the history of Klei over here on Polygon.

    ttp:// September 2013 by Unknown

    Posted in Mark of the Ninja Dev's Incognita Starts Paid Alpha

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    @weevilo Agreed. The EA/Origin Bundle really makes me worry for the future of the Humble Bundle brand. This news from GOG seems like a perfectly natural extension of their current mission and endeavors, which is wonderful for developers and gamers alike. It also gives them another way in which they can differentiate themselves from Steam.

    Posted in Reaches Out to Indies

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    After purchasing the PC version, I unfortunately have to echo many of the same sentiments expressed in the review. It's frustrating, because the game is so close to being a fantastic remake. It just feels a bit rushed. The in-level cut scenes frequently interrupt the flow of playing through a level, which is infuriating in a game with so few lives/hearts to spare. The intro cut scenes did not bother me so much, but the pauses/remarks every time Scrooge picked something up really wore on me.

    Posted in DuckTales Remastered Review

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    @Daikaiju Agreed. Traditionally, Microsoft's policies regarding Games for Windows Live and PC Gaming have ranged from ambivalent to borderline malicious towards PC Gamers. Holtman is an interesting hire, but he is only one person. If the entrenched corporate policies don't change, his presence will not matter.

    Microsoft seems much more content to funnel us to the land (prison?) of Xbox One, where they coincidentally rule with an iron fist and collect a toll charge at every turn. I believe that hell will freeze over before I see Microsoft embrace the innovation and openness that embodies much of what makes PC gaming so special.

    In order to compete with the likes of Steam, GOG, GMG, Humble Bundle, and other PC digital distributors, Holtman will have to make some fundamental changes to how GFWL operates, and I'm not so sure that MS will be on board with the changes that would be required to make it a competitive service. Anything added to or changed on GFWL can potentially detract from the "Xbox Live Gold value proposition."

    Posted in Steam's Former Boss Takes Position at Microsoft

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    @cassandrakhaw Thanks for the info and explanation. This recap article was great, and I'm looking forward to the USgamer coverage next year!

    Posted in Dota 2's The International: The 5-Minute '?!' Recap

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    @cassandrakhaw I agree. Just watching the matches and the amount of action on screen any given second, I can understand how the announcers would not be able to squeeze in explanations of some of DOTA's more basic items and strategies.

    However, it'd be great in next year's tournament if there was some kind of commentary or analysis geared towards newbies that was integrated into the broadcast or between matches. I can watch that video of "The Play" until I am blue in the face, but the reality is that it looks like most other DOTA2 battles. The commentary and crowd reactions are great, but there is little explanation of what made the play so fantastic (outside of the fact that it lead to a virtual team wipe). I think it would also give new viewers a greater appreciation of what top players like Dendi are able to do/accomplish and what differentiates them from other pro level players. Don't just tell me that the play is great; tell me exactly why it's so great.

    Posted in Dota 2's The International: The 5-Minute '?!' Recap

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    @d0x This is hardly what I would call a winning solution, though it is a small step in the right direction. Microsoft is forcing consumers to pay for the Kinect and (so far) is not offering a cheaper SKU option without the add-on included. It's great that I can now apparently disable the Kinect sensor altogether, but what I (and many others) really want is the option to purchase the Xbox One at a cheaper price without the Kinect in it.

    Posted in Xbox One Will Now Function Without Kinect

  • Avatar for Shamroqs Shamroqs 4 years ago

    As someone who is relatively new to the DOTA scene and watched with some other newbies, it was a great experience, even if we had no idea what was going on half the time. That game 5 in the championship series was the perfect way to finish things off.

    @cassandrakhaw One of the terms that we heard about quite a bit from the announcers but was never really explained was "going for BKB," which (based on my research after the matches) leads me to believe they they are referencing the Black King Bar item. It's probably something that is easily understood by DOTA veterans, but for newbies, its significance was never really explained during the matches (same with the Aegis, which you managed to explain pretty succinctly in this article in a couple of sentences). You knew that it was an important item, because the teams were always fighting to obtain it, but the basic "why it's such an important item" was never explained by the announcers or commentators.

    Overall, I think the announcers and commentators do a fantastic job, but at this point, it seems that there is not much thought given to "easing" newbies into viewing a tournament like this one. It was still a lot of fun though.

    Also, Dendi's "hook to fountain" move was ingenious, but I think Valve will be patching it out sooner rather than later.Edited August 2013 by Unknown

    Posted in Dota 2's The International: The 5-Minute '?!' Recap