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  • Avatar for Siresly Siresly 2 months ago

    The Railroad path was a mistake ^Edited January 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in How to Get The Best Ending in Fallout 4

  • Avatar for Siresly Siresly 4 months ago

    Aside from a proper mea culpa, apology to the person he did this to and a committal to changing his behavior, what I'd like to see in this forthcoming statement is him stepping down and going away. The mod exodus would suggest that's not going to happen. I wouldn't be able to stick around either if he decides to.

    Posted in Video Game Forum NeoGAF Goes Dark After Sexual Assault Allegations Against Site Owner

  • Avatar for Siresly Siresly 5 months ago

    Recruited Ogg the Catcher to my army and told him to retreat. I turned around for literally a second and he had been caught by Grom the Wall who had turned traitor and held Ogg with a blade to his throat.

    Like...oh come on.

    Posted in Middle-earth: Shadow of War Players Are Getting Their Hearts Broken By Orcs Everywhere

  • Avatar for Siresly Siresly 5 months ago

    This is why the "IT'S MASSIVE" selling point they've been parading around, has been an unconvincing one for me.

    You want to do engaging things that give you drive, not a lot of things that wear you down. Sounds like this game does both.

    The loot box stuff sounds like garbage, but if it becomes an issue for me I'll just circumvent it by cheating.Edited October 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review: Where Many Paths and Errands Meet

  • Avatar for Siresly Siresly A year ago

    I understand appreciating DLC that is more thematically appropriate, but if that results in BC2 Vietnam style maps, then no thanks. Meatgrinding, chokepointy, narrow, vehicle starved, fastpaced, spammy, close quarters focus that essentially eliminates what I enjoy about Battlefield.

    It bothers me that people were so fond of that one. I have nothing against that stuff being part of Battlefield, but if I can't opt to ignore it and play one of my ways, then I don't want to play at all, like Suez and Argonne in BF1. The best Battlefield maps are those that manage to cater to as many playstyles as well as possible. Not to say that they should adhere strictly to some design formula proven to work well, but I get bummed out when they exclude what makes Battlefield Battlefield.

    So I hope that's not the way this is leaning.

    Posted in Battlefield 1's First DLC Release Comes Closer Than Ever to Realizing World War I in a Multiplayer Setting

  • Avatar for Siresly Siresly A year ago

    I highly recommend using a trainer/cheats for this game. Trainers are great for fixing crappy design decisions like the dragged out process of collecting fuses, a completely unfulfilling, empty, pointless chore that wears you down. Now I never have to bother with that again. I just need to wiretap the boxes, which is tolerable.

    I'd link to a trainer, but it's by a site that charges for the service. Paid for a lifetime subscription like eight years ago. Don't know if they still do those, but it's been worth it, just for the ease of mind and convenience of being guaranteed one that works and isn't a virus, in a timely manner.Edited 3 times. Last edited October 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Mafia 3 PC Review: Take Me for What I'm Worth

  • Avatar for Siresly Siresly A year ago

    I'd been a bit repelled by the marketing push for co-op, but it seems there's plenty else to this game.

    Posted in Shadow Warrior 2 PC Review: The Wangs All Here

  • Avatar for Siresly Siresly 3 years ago

    I have great appreciation for certain games, but don't tend to stick to them. Might have something to do with having long since lost access to the consoles I'd play those games on. But I don't tend to revisit games in general.

    If I have such a game, it would be the most recent Battlefield. I'm inclined to boot those up whenever I feel like I need to cleanse my mind. It all just flows away as I completely focus on the minute tactics of taking the lift up so I can parachute down to that rooftop and shoot rockets at things before eventually getting snuck up on and stabbed in the face and/or neck. Then I respawn and focus on the minute tactics of landing a helicopter on that guy.Edited October 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What is Your Comfort Game?