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  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    I'm a bit miffed that they've apparently ported every single worthwhile Wii U game to Switch except my personal favorite, Super Mario 3D World. Why do you hate me, Nintendo?

    Posted in Report: New Super Mario Bros. U Coming to Switch

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    "Bad as a sequel, good as an RPG" is exactly right for Chrono Cross. I was disappointed the first time, only to fall in love with the game years later when I gave it another shot. I never had anything but love for Scars of Time, though. I had chills just thinking about it while reading this article. Good times!Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Chrono Cross' Intro Movie is Perfect. Let's Watch it Again

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    @Arvis-Jaggamar Because Gary Gygax doesn't understand how pronunciation works? (Says the guy who put an "ae" in his screen name and pronounces it as a hard A, in opposition to how that construct generally works in old languages.)

    Posted in Nintendo Confirms the Official Pronunciation of "NES," and It's the Right One

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    The only Phantasy Star game I've played to date is the original, which I had basically the exact opposite history with compared to Shane. (Speaking of which, love having a Shane Bettenhausen appearance!) I had a Master System as a kid, before an NES (I don't know how that happened), but never even heard the name "Phantasy Star" until well after the original series was done. I finally played it on Virtual Console, and I was pretty impressed with it. Which put the rest of the series on the never-ending backlog.

    Also if we're taking a vote,@Kat.Bailey, I don't think the old intro was stale or cheesy, and I definitely missed it this week. I mean, the name of the show is "Axe of the Blood God," embrace the weirdness! (I hope this isn't a prelude to changing the name... unless it becomes Active Dimension Babble or something.)

    Posted in The Top 25 RPGs of All Time #19: Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    @Arvis-Jaggamar I am a huge nerd, so that checks out! Also as far as I can tell it's actually pronounced correcly in Japan (Wikipedia indicates "ketto shi"), unlike some other non-obviously-pronounced words that have made it to the series. My favorite example is the monster known in the later Final Fantasy I remakes as a "baretta" because it's taken directly from the bulette in the AD&D Monstrous Manual. That was clearly transliterated based on the assumption of how it's pronounced based on the spelling, rather than the traditional pronunciation of boo-lay.

    Have I mentioned I'm a huge nerd? Oh wait, I did? Cool. :)

    Posted in Nintendo Confirms the Official Pronunciation of "NES," and It's the Right One

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    @januaryembers19 I was basically going to post exactly what you said, so, have a +1. Also I will continue to judge people who mispronounce Cait Sith.

    Posted in Nintendo Confirms the Official Pronunciation of "NES," and It's the Right One

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    As someone who takes his time playing games, the idea of a subscription model service has very little appeal to me. The only exception would be EA - if I can get access to all the current EA sports games for $100/year, that actually holds some appeal. (I'm not certain that's what they're offering, but if so I'll seriously consider it.)

    Posted in EA Origin Access Premier Goes Live With FIFA 18 and Star Wars Battlefront 2: Details Here

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    This is an interesting way to address the problem. I mean, you're not gambling on your next loot box anymore, but you still have to pay to see what's in the next one. It's the same gambling, just offset by one step. But you're not directly paying for random stuff, so I guess technically it's fine?

    Posted in Dota 2 Now Shows Dutch Players What They're Going to Get in Their Loot Box

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    @JamesSwiftDay EmuParadise no longer has any ROMs of games published by Nintendo. I'm guessing Nintendo asked all the sites to take them down, and then sued any who refused.

    Posted in Nintendo Sues ROM Hosting Sites to the Tune of up to $2 Million per Trademark Infringement

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 2 months ago

    Thanks, Mike, this is probably the best piece I've seen on this story in the gaming press to date. That's why I keep coming here!

    I'm torn on this story in a number of ways. When I first heard that Price and Fries were fired, I assumed they had either been warned previously or were asked to apologize or get off social media and refused. However, nothing to that effect has come out, and it certainly seems that this was a first-offense firing. I do suspect the company may have had issues with some of Price's older tweets, but even if that were the case, they owe it to her to say so. Being on final warning without knowing you're on final warning is totally unfair.

    I've also seen no real information on specifically why Fries was fired. I don't think what either writer did constituted a fireable offense in and of itself, but I can at least see some possible argument for Price. Not so much for Fries, leading me to believe ArenaNet likely overreacted across the board here. (Or was trying to cover itself against accusations of sexism, which is no more defensible if so.)

    I don't think anyone wants to live in a world where stepping one toe out of line will get you fired. If Price had apologized to Deroir, even while still making all the points she made, I'd like to think this wouldn't have blown up - but I don't know that.

    Posted in Game Developers React to the ArenaNet Controversy: The Firing Had "No Dialogue, No Nuance, No Empathy"