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  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 10 days ago

    Thanks, Mike, this is probably the best piece I've seen on this story in the gaming press to date. That's why I keep coming here!

    I'm torn on this story in a number of ways. When I first heard that Price and Fries were fired, I assumed they had either been warned previously or were asked to apologize or get off social media and refused. However, nothing to that effect has come out, and it certainly seems that this was a first-offense firing. I do suspect the company may have had issues with some of Price's older tweets, but even if that were the case, they owe it to her to say so. Being on final warning without knowing you're on final warning is totally unfair.

    I've also seen no real information on specifically why Fries was fired. I don't think what either writer did constituted a fireable offense in and of itself, but I can at least see some possible argument for Price. Not so much for Fries, leading me to believe ArenaNet likely overreacted across the board here. (Or was trying to cover itself against accusations of sexism, which is no more defensible if so.)

    I don't think anyone wants to live in a world where stepping one toe out of line will get you fired. If Price had apologized to Deroir, even while still making all the points she made, I'd like to think this wouldn't have blown up - but I don't know that.

    Posted in Game Developers React to the ArenaNet Controversy: The Firing Had "No Dialogue, No Nuance, No Empathy"

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 15 days ago

    Picross. It's all about that Picross. Though in the action-oriented puzzle department, I love Lumines (because music!).

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Puzzle Game?

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 15 days ago

    @yuberus I'm sure you're right about her history with these interactions, but I do believe that if you put the company you work for in your Twitter you are to at least some degree representing that company. I have no doubt that I'd be fired if my company found out I wrote something unacceptable on Twitter. If someone sends you unneeded and unwanted feedback, the wise course would be not to respond at all.

    I do agree that firing seemed extreme, but we don't know the details of what actually led to that. Perhaps she was asked to apologize or step away from social media and (understandably) refused to do so.

    Posted in ArenaNet Fires Two Guild Wars 2 Writers After Heated Twitter Exchange With Streamer [Update]

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 16 days ago

    @yuberus The fan reaction was no doubt over-the-top, and I was surprised to learn these writers were fired. I can understand why Ms. Price was annoyed with the initial response, which was suggesting something she had no doubt considered many times during her career. Unfortunately, public figures often pay a steep price when they overreact on social media. It's very difficult to defend her responses in the context of the Tweets that were made. It makes me wonder if there was some extenuating circumstance that led her to reply as harshly as she did to the initial interaction.

    Posted in ArenaNet Fires Two Guild Wars 2 Writers After Heated Twitter Exchange With Streamer [Update]

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 19 days ago

    I'm not clear on what this is doing, but if it makes R.O.B. work too (it also requires a CRT), I'm totally in.

    Posted in Would You Pay $129 to Play NES Duck Hunt on Your New TV?

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 24 days ago

    Looking at "getting your money's worth" in a purely pragmatic way, the result is unlikely to be short games getting cheaper. The more likely result is short games being padded to be long so they can be sold for the same price. Until we are willing to spend full price on a short game, we're going to be inundated with padding and fluff in our games.

    Posted in You're Not Required to Finish Long Games in Order to Have Fun

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 24 days ago

    As I mentioned on the Axe of the Blood God thread, I dismissed FFV for a long time and only truly started to understand its brilliance recently. (Just last month in fact - I even posted a retro review.) There are so many good things about this game, from the balance to the humor to the fun combat sprites. It's not my #2 Final Fantasy game, but I don't think that ranking is crazy or anything. It did give us the basis of all future job systems, after all, and Final Fantasy has gotten a lot of mileage out of them.

    Posted in The Top 25 RPGs of All Time #25: Final Fantasy V

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 27 days ago

    I long considered FF5 overrated, and only very recently came around to fully appreciate it. I checked it out back in the emulator days, but emulators were still so bad that there were transparency issues that made the ship graveyard impossible to navigate, and I never played the full game until the PS1 release. (Incidentally, the name "Butz" is from the fan translation, he's always been Bartz in the official releases.) The game's story is underwhelming, and a lot of the best drama and humor was undercut by the translation.

    I liked the GBA version well enough, but only when I replayed the game a few months back did I really appreciate what makes FF5 great: it is just so impeccably balanced, and that makes combat fun. I don't like grinding generally, but it's much more enjoyable here than in any other FF I can think of. The time investment in jobs has an excellent payoff, the game gives you lots of interesting options (such as picking 3 of the legendary weapons at a time), and it's just... fun.

    Posted in USgamer's Top 25 RPG Countdown Begins!

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    I'm glad they're working on core gameplay, and particularly puck pickups, but I'm still worried NHL 19 is not really going to feel like hockey. My brother and I have played the NHL series for many years, but since getting into FIFA, it's hard to play a game that barely resembles the details of how the game is actually played. I'm worried their continual focus on modes that a.) make a lot of money and b.) don't interest me in the slightest is going to prevent them from ever making the NHL game I want. Then again, maybe no one else wants that.

    Posted in NHL 19 Hands-On: NHL May Suddenly be Poised to Become EA's Best Sports Sim

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    As someone who doesn't play Fortnite but is interested in UI decisions, I'm wondering how the PC/Mac/mobile crowd chooses whether to play with the PS4 or Xbox One/Switch crowd. Is there like a setting somewhere? Is it just random?

    Posted in Sony Dodges the Issue in Weak Response to Fortnite PS4 Crossplay and Account Issues