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  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker 7 months ago

    @Vodka-Tonic Bad news man, SDV doesn't have MP yet on switch all MP is coming Next year and on PC first and then switch and then everyone else.

    You should get both.

    I love Golf Story for sure. Its got some bugs but overall it is an enjoyable 15-20 light rpg/light golf game.

    The humor is definitely more Caddyshack than anything else.

    I know a lot of people want to compare it to Earthbound but I don't think they could be more dissimilar. The writing is definitely more on the quirkiness of golf culture and in that Caddyshack vein of making fun of its subject matter.

    Posted in Why Is Everyone Going Nuts over Golf Story?

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker 8 months ago

    Honestly wouldn't it have been easier for them to make most of the PvE content open to 4 person fire teams? Just add some more mobs or up hp levels etc.

    It still doesn't fix the raid issue but one would think that if the decision to go to 4v4 pvp was so thought out, why didn't they think of its downstream impact on other parts of the game? And if they did think of that, why didn't anyone say hey, lets make PvE fit in to this better.Edited September 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Destiny 2's Team Size Mismatch Between PVE and PVP Is Still a Problem

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker 8 months ago

    the method of customization and shaders would work better if gear were a little more permanent in Destiny.

    Like you said, even for exotics you can only infuse so far and you can only wear one weapon and one armor piece.

    I am siting on a pile of shaders, having just gotten to 20 and now going through the 200's in power level fast I am not keen on just treating shaders as throw away things. Yeah I may get more to drop but they may not be the ones I want.

    I will say they remedied this some by making gear less random with set perks for gear, but the issue persists. Losing something that was permanent definitely changed the way it interacted with the rest of the systems, systems that didn't quite change enough to not make it feel weird.

    Fantastic article Caty. Really enjoyed it and you hit the nail on the head with how a lot of folks feel about shaders.

    Posted in Destiny 2's New Shader System Has Me Suffering From Shader Hoarder Syndrome

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker 11 months ago

    @brionfoulke91 its a problem bc if you want to have party chat and still hear in game audio you need this setup. There is no wireless solution announced etc. In many MP games its important to hear bith team and game audio. Looking at this solution what the hell are folks supposed to do in docked mode.

    If all you want is team chat then you only need your phone the app and headphones.

    The real issues here are that this looks dumb as hell, it is inherently bulkier than anything on other systems, and it flies directly in the face of what Reggie said. Which goes to my other point, that for a company that wants to control messaging so much, Nintendo sure fails a ton at it. Like how do you even let your partner announce this when you haven't even announced details of your service.

    The fact that you can't just plug a headset or use a BT headset and your system for chat is silly. Needing a phone as an added requirement is just plain stupid.Edited June 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Headset Adapter By Hori Hints At Switch's Dark Voice Chat Future

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker A year ago

    @SuperShinobi their Cpu/gpu architecture has nothing to do with this. That is being supplied by Nvidia whom actually has a plethora of Tegra's for the Switch.

    This is mainly tied to screens and NAND memory which is used everywhere. Just happens that the 32 gb variety they source from Samsung and Toshiba are very popular in a lot of devices.

    Even if Nintendo had an x86 chip, they'd still be in the same position due to the Nand and screen. Those are pretty key parts to allow for the mobility/portability.

    Also, so when people question why a company like Nintendo stop making things like the NES classic, this is a good example. Not bc the Classic uses parts that are used in phones or the Switch. No. Nintendo had to discontinue a product like the classic because it was a non-permanent product that was taking Working Capital away from primary business like Switch and the new 2ds. If they are spending cash on Nes classic parts, mfg and inventory that is less cash they have on hand to spend on hitting those huge internal switch mfg #s.

    Posted in Nintendo is Facing Off Against Apple for Switch Hardware Parts

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker A year ago

    I am trying to play TMS on wiiu at the moment and I'd much rather play it on my switch. There are a ton of games that I wish Nintendo had the $ money to farm out to other devs to put together complete editions

    Posted in Starting Screen: Nothing Wrong With Playing It Again

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker A year ago

    @MyNameIsMe two things, first Eurogamer goes a little more in depth re: normal controls. Stating that they work but don't offer the tactile feddback or same feel. Which is understandable.

    Second there are alot of videos out there from some
    Tournaments where they had pro FGC players playing Arms and you can clearly see the correlation between the motion controls and in game action. It think that will give a good idea of what you will get.

    Posted in Nintendo's Arms Will Hurt Your Arms

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker A year ago

    @Modern-Clix looking back I am in the same boat, just realy want to understand how the event was run, not an indictment on Caty at all.

    Posted in Nintendo's Arms Will Hurt Your Arms

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker A year ago

    Caty I'd love to hear what kind of instruction you got from staff if any at all.

    As someone else has said, and as I've seen in many videos the motion controls don't take large motions or movements and all the moves can be done with small precise movements.

    I feel like that is part of the problem with motion controls is that what you can do and what really needs to be done is never quite clear. And then if you only need to do small movements then why use the motion controls at all?

    Posted in Nintendo's Arms Will Hurt Your Arms

  • Avatar for Tebunker Tebunker A year ago

    This direct turned me in to an interested party. Not saying I am ready to buy, the test punch will be the proving grounds.

    But I watched that video with the wife and the 7 year old and they were way more interested in it than me. So that may be the ultimate decider.

    Posted in Arms Unveils New Characters, Modes, a Global Testpunch, and More in Latest Nintendo Direct