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  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 3 days ago

    Kickstarter is not an investment platform. Kickstarter is not a preorder. Kickstarter is not a guarantee.

    Kickstarter is a donation.

    I've been lucky. I've had more projects fail to get funding than I've had projects fail to deliver. They've all been late, and the only ones that delivered exactly what I expected are FTL and Divinity Original Sin 2.

    And you know what? I'm okay with that. Shadowrun Returns was kind of awful, but it lead to SR Dragonfall DC, which was GOTY material. Torment and Pillars failed to live up to their potential, and I'm still waiting to see if Bard's Tale IV and Underworld Ascendant do their source material justice, but Cosmic Star Heroine got me to stop playing BOTW

    The minute a campaign ends and the money is taken out of your account, that shit is gone . What you get is the satisfaction of letting someone else chase a dream. Anything you get past that is a bonus.

    Posted in The System Shock Remaster's Hiatus Highlights Kickstarter's Downsides

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 3 days ago

    Gann of Dreams and the female PC in NWN2 Mask of the Betrayer

    Gann is a hagspawn--and while children of DnD's hags are usually deformed and twisted physically and mentally, Gann is instead a beautiful and charming young man. It's because his parents loved each other, which is cold comfort to him since they abandoned him shortly after birth.

    Now, game romances are usually pretty prescribed. They're tied to plot advancement and triggers and culminate with your character forcing a confession out of them in the endgame.

    But Gann though? If you have him with you long enough he can fall in love and admit that being with you has made him a better person.

    Okay but here's the kicker: MotB is an epic level DnD campaign so you end up brushing up with the divine. Gann is a militant atheist--he knows the gods exist but refuses to accept any of them as worthy of his devotion. In one ending your character agrees to stay in a god's realm. Gann mentions he'd normally tell the god to piss off when he's offered the chance to also stay, but that staying means being with you forever, and that's a damn good trade.

    And this from a company that loathes romance plots.Edited 3 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Who's Your Favorite Romantic Pairing From a Video Game?

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 10 days ago

    Aww, that's cute. Glad the team got the chance to put a personal mark on the game.

    Posted in Shadow of the Colossus Remake's Hidden Easter Egg Solved

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 12 days ago

    I hope he looks more like a dork than ever.

    Posted in Final Fantasy VII Remake Reportedly Redesigned Cloud's Character

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 13 days ago

    @Flipsider99 I'd be totally okay with my internet posting history coming out because I am not a neanderthal.

    Charlie Cleveland wasn't fired for having had those views and evolved. He was fired because by every indication he still carries those views and his excuses weren't believable. Our culture can be INCREDIBLY forgiving, but it has to be some level of actual contrition.

    Posted in Subnautica Sound Designer Fired Over Controversial Tweets

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 13 days ago

    @Tsuchinoko Freedom from speech is not freedom from consequences.

    Posted in Subnautica Sound Designer Fired Over Controversial Tweets

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 14 days ago

    I'm taking this week off to do work and rush that backlog because Radiant Historia's due next week, giving me a reason to turn on my 3DS again! Finishing Rabbids and going to TRY to clear at least one more game. Might cheat and just do Kamiko...

    Tolkein predicted the Superbowl.

    Also I just started watching Black Lightning and oh my god yes. I want a Luke Cage crossover yesterday.

    Posted in All the Ways Monster Hunter: World Makes Its Hunts So Memorable

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 14 days ago

    It's worth remembering that Xenoblade X had DLC in Japan. Four party members that were sold separately in Japan were bundled into the main game overseas.

    Nintendo's been in on DLC since... Fire Emblem Awakening, I'd say. BOTW is just the first of their flagship titles to go in big on it. Have to say I'm mostly happy with the results.

    Posted in Nintendo Plans to Extend its Games' Lives Through Downloadable Content

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 20 days ago

    Not quite sure where else this'd be appropriate, but the Paradox bundle on Humble Bundle has Stellaris for $12. That also nets you Pillars and CK2 with some of the expansions, so it's a pretty great deal. Hope some of the folks here get some fun out of this. :)

    Posted in Celeste Has Me Chasing the Seemingly Impossible Dream of a 100 Percent Completion

  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton 24 days ago

    Endless Space 2 just added the Vaulters, so I just added ES2 to my Steam library. The journey is over!

    On console I'm playing Mario+Rabbids=XCOM and I love it. Just hit chapter 3 and I hear that this is the highpoint of the game. Planning to put some hours into finishing it and a 3DS game to make space for Radiant Historia next month!

    Posted in What New (or Old) Game Are You Playing This Weekend?