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  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 3 days ago

    Hopefully they will at least test all version fully, so we don’t have the monster hunter situation

    Posted in Fallout 76 Beta Will Release First on Xbox One

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 14 days ago

    @TrustyPanda you can play papers please on ipad, so apple doesn't have a problem. It got a nudity flag and it was dealt with. The dev got in touch and apple said it was a mistake. These things happen. There is nothing wrong with this.

    I don't get why people want less quality control and let everybody put their stuff on steam. just because you can publish everything, doesn't mean you should. This only benefits bad games and everybody knows it. When someone makes a shooter where you only have to kill school kids, you want a leading company to tell them that is not ok. There seem to be a thinking that just because people have free speech and are free to create such games, they should be accepted. They should not. This is quality control. People saying "other people should not tell me what to play" are disconnected from real life, where what they do, see and play is already decided for them in many areas and that's a good thing. They are basically saying spam email is good and justified, cause they should be able to read it if they want too and everybody has a right to create spam email and be treated the same as any other email.

    Posted in Steam's Half-Assed Approach to Content Moderation Will Continue Antagonizing Indie Developers

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick A month ago

    Nice, i have a very hard time finding an old scuf controller and i don't like the nacon pro. From what i read about the razer raiju, it breaks a lot, so i am hesitant to buy that one for that price. This is welcome.

    Posted in PS4 "Pro" Controller Costs an Eye-Watering $200

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick A month ago
  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick A month ago

    No mans sky on survivor.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Survival Game?

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick A month ago

    Surely this has nothing to do with the recent investigations in the Netherlands and Belgium and how they are classified als gambling and are illigal games and have to change the way it handles these items? They had lots of time to do this and now suddenly it's a problem?

    Posted in PUBG Turns Off Personal Trading To Prevent Third-Party Sales and Gambling

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick A month ago

    blockchain is pretty much an ineffecient way of doing 99% of the things they propose to do with it. It has no future in gaming.

    Posted in Blockchain and You: What Does Blockchain Even Do for Video Games?

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 2 months ago

    Microprose grand prix
    Dune 2

    Posted in What Four Games Would You Say Helped Define You?

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 2 months ago

    They have investigated 10 of the most populair lootbox games in the netherlands and it has been determined that four allow lootbox loot to be resold for euro’s and are in violation of gambling laws. They have 8 weeks to fix it or the names will be released and further action will be considered.

    Posted in The Fallout of EA's Loot Box Controversy is Still Being Felt Throughout Gaming

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 2 months ago

    @Robozot it’s a lot easier with lineair games, as you can direct the player to where you want him/her to go. A better example is gta, or even red dead redemption. You have an open world, with some fun and crazy elements, but they fit the overal picture. You feel as they are part of the world, while in farcry they are dumped into it.

    Posted in Far Cry 5's Conflicting Tones Never Really Meet