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  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 2 days ago

    Microprose grand prix
    Dune 2

    Posted in What Four Games Would You Say Helped Define You?

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 4 days ago

    They have investigated 10 of the most populair lootbox games in the netherlands and it has been determined that four allow lootbox loot to be resold for euro’s and are in violation of gambling laws. They have 8 weeks to fix it or the names will be released and further action will be considered.

    Posted in The Fallout of EA's Loot Box Controversy is Still Being Felt Throughout Gaming

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 24 days ago

    @Robozot it’s a lot easier with lineair games, as you can direct the player to where you want him/her to go. A better example is gta, or even red dead redemption. You have an open world, with some fun and crazy elements, but they fit the overal picture. You feel as they are part of the world, while in farcry they are dumped into it.

    Posted in Far Cry 5's Conflicting Tones Never Really Meet

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 28 days ago

    Double postEdited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Far Cry 5 Review

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 28 days ago

    @Bush_Killa-73 actually they are both good reviews. Having finished it today, it agree more with the eurogamer one, but that’s because I rate plot and theme pretty high if they start with it and if they can’t follow through i consider it a mediocre game. Then you should have made up your mind and not try and stitch two together. Thats what seperates the good from the others. But plenty of people are going to feel like Mike, so it good that we have two points of view, for different gamers.

    Posted in Far Cry 5 Review

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick A month ago

    Farcry 5 from saturday.

    Posted in What Game Are You Planning on Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick A month ago

    The fact that these school shootings are only a US thing and videogames are a gobal thing would suggest local factors have a big influence. But why use logic when you need voters. Better to blame other things then to take responsibility. It’s baffling that there is a code red at high schools and people seem to think that is acceptable, or feel powerless to change the situation at least. In every other western country the governement would step in and protect it citizens.

    Posted in All the Times Video Games Have Been Linked to Violence

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick A month ago

    I like the new prestige modifiers and scoring mode. Makes it really challenging and fun.

    Posted in How Destiny 2 Can Win Us Back

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 2 months ago

    Well done! Personally I use Lance for these flying dragons (rath, raith and subspieces). Makes it easy as pie.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World's Pink Rathian Was My White Whale

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 2 months ago

    Haven’t people played pvp in destiny one? It was almost always broken. And if the meta wasn’t broken, The lag was horrible. There were plenty of times where you got hit with multiple supers in a row. Insta kill shoulder charge, OP grenades and impossible sniper shots. Destiny 2 has improved on pvp in a huge way. It’s fair and action packed. 4 vs 4 is the perfect number for pvp. Plenty of stuff that need fixing in SP. But please let’s not go back to D1 pvp

    Posted in How Destiny 2 Failed its Fanbase