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  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar 4 months ago

    Not including any game mentioned in the article, Illusion of Gaia
    [I like tmnt though]

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Additional Game Do You Want on the SNES Classic Edition?

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar A year ago

    The Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games jump to mind immediately, but that's kinda cheating considering the source world. I loved exploring Faerun because I love Faerun, not necessarily because those games executed it the best.

    After reflecting, my top three are:
    1) Skies of Arcadia
    2) Xenoblade Chronicles
    3) Secret of Mana

    The last two spots may change for me depending on the day, but my love of Skies of Arcadia is unflinching. Even with the encounter rate, the differences between all the civilizations and the Discovery system where you found and reported landmarks just fed into an incredible feeling of exploration. Esperanza is still one of my favorite JRPG towns.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Game Have You Enjoyed Exploring the Most?

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar A year ago

    Just bought Monster Hunter Generations (my first in the series) because I found myself in the happy position to consistently play with three veterans. It's an incredible game. At the same time, Go inspired me to complete the NationalDex for the first time. Marshaling all my PC Boxes from Gen 3 up to the Pokemon Bank was an absurd process, but revisiting my old teams was cathartic and accomplishing the goal felt epic.
    Between the many future hunts with friends, Sun and Moon, and my backlog (Bravely Second, FE Revelations, Planet Robobot and a few indies) I am genuinely considering an upgrade to the $150 new 3DS bundle from my beautiful Link Between Worlds XL system.

    I won't, because let's see what the NX is first... but it sure is dangerously close to impulse-buy territory.

    Posted in Pokemon and Monster Hunter Make 3DS July's Best-Selling System

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar 2 years ago

    Amazing. Thank you for documenting this.

    Posted in "Could they fire me? No!" The Warren Robinett Interview

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar 2 years ago

    I love how technology can get creatively iterated on and remixed over time. Sure you can look at images and dismissively say it's just copying, but both of these companies allow their previous projects to inform what they do next, just as much as they experiment and set lasting trends. They take risks, fail sometimes, and are so interesting because of it.

    When I first started using the GamePad, it surprised me how much its functionality felt a bit like the experience of using a GBA to play and control a Gamecube game, only really suped-up. As much as the GamePad was attempting to sell by capitalizing on the tablet functionality, and flubbed it, it never felt like a tablet. To me, it feels like a Deluxe GBA XXL. I think it's pretty cool.

    Posted in Nintendo's NX: Another Verse in the Company's Love Song to Apple?

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar 2 years ago

    Jeremy, you are, simply put, my favorite writer of all things retro and video games. While you are not wholly wrong, this is awful reductive. Surprise surprise, Star Wars is influential. But thank you for this very "easter-eggy" write up. Happy holidays :)Edited December 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in Every Final Fantasy is Star Wars

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar 2 years ago

    Yes! 100 yeses. Well... 60 yeses. This actually addresses one of my own concerns about the game. I was dreading being dumped in an editor tool and fussing around with a bunch of quirky objects, only to play it for 20 minutes and hope that some good stages would get uploaded later. Given this announcement, I now know that I will get several play sessions out of it in which I will likely improve as a creator. This doesn't ensure that Mario Maker will have a long tail in terms of community talent or fun, but now I'm confident that I'm buying more than 60 stages and an editor I might not have used.

    Posted in Super Mario Maker's Content Rollout is Nintendo's Design Discipline In Action

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar 2 years ago

    That is both crazy and one beautiful piece of tech. It's like a cross generation custom console. Now I just can't wait to see if someone mods Google Glass to play Virtual Boy games. The possibilities are endless!/disastrous!

    Posted in The Greatest Game Gadget That Never Was Gets Even Better

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar 2 years ago

    You're right, good stuff. Konami was prolific during its best times. Sucks to hear all the horror stories and see it hollow out. Best of luck to them in the future, but I hope they don't drown their laundry list of IPs along the way.

    Posted in Some Great Konami Games You May Have Overlooked

  • Avatar for Thumbscar Thumbscar 2 years ago

    Final Fantasy IX and Vagrant Story remakes, yeah, they deserve it.

    Very nice conversation on the FFVII remake. You all pretty seriously adjusted my expectations for it, or at least, got me to think about it differently. What was it that the people who returned their launch copies said? "Your guys just stand there in the fight... too much reading... I thought this was gonna be like an awesome movie or something." Well, the remake might be an action based, acted and voiced, sprawling-world epic laced with cinematic presentation cues.

    Thanks to Steve for bringing up FFX-2, I need to give that game another shot. And Kat, it never occurred to me until you were talking about Valkyrie Profile that parts of the battle system are actually kinda similar to Project X Zone. Optimize combo, stun, heavy damage/special.

    But, do tactics games get a spot in the turn-based combat conversation? Possibly a segment in a future episode?

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Episode 21: Turn-Based Combat and Modern RPGs