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  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 30 days ago

    20% of 60 is 12. So you’re getting $10 value instead of $12, but it works digitally. Considering how many Steam codes etc I wish I had, I can live with that. But I’ll almost never use it since I basically never pre-order.

    I think the people who probably get hurt by this the most are console types who buy the games at 20% off new, play them, and sell them used on eBay. In some ways this was the reaction to the lack of choice in the rental market. Gaming has never really recovered from the loss of Blockbuster, whereas movies became so ephemeral they were no longer needed.

    Posted in Amazon Prime Members Will No Longer Save 20 Percent on Physical Video Game Preorders

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene A month ago

    @Keivz 30% is probably roughly equivalent on what a publisher used to spend on shelf space, promotion, shipping etc at places like GameStop and Best Buy. The old “how much of your game goes to the developer and how much goes to other hands in the cookie jar” breakdown would apply.

    Anyway, I played Quake a Champions closed beta for better part of a year in Bethesda Launcher. It was a pretty horrendous experience, with updates frequently requiring the entire game with all of it’s assets re-downloaded instead of a “delta update” like Steam, where only changed files are re-acquired. When the E3 week free play period began, I immediately jumped on getting the Steam client and re-attaching my account so I could kiss Bethesda Launcher goodbye. It also didn’t have a Save Password box, so you couldn’t just click the icon to immediately login and play like you can with Steam and Blizzard.

    Fortunately, a member of the QC community made an app that, if you trusted it (it asked for your Bethesda login info) would check for client updates and then launch the game directly if there weren’t any, limiting your exposure to Bethesda Launcher to the overly big updates. I assume the Fallout community will build something similar. Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Fallout 76 is Skipping Steam

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene A month ago

    “it's not how they were originally presented”

    LMAO! It’s exactly how they were originally presented.

    I picked a goblin for my main back when I played because they seemed to be the most selfish, chaotic thing in the game, with old WC2 goblins having no sense of self preservation and WoW goblins being one of the few races to thumb their noses at the mystical spirit mumbo jumbo unless they can make money from it.

    I like it for the same reason I’d pick evil in Mass Effect, or dark side in Star Wars, etc. The “misunderstood savages” writing of WoW pre-Pandaria was annoying and only served to rob the Alliance of an identity

    Posted in World of Warcraft Warbringers Short Brings Anger and Dismay to Horde Players

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that feels a subtle irritation that even casual feel good Nintendo sports titles get balance patches now?

    I don’t knock old retro Ninja Turtles games because of Don’s bo, and I wouldn’t want Super Mario 2 adjusted to nerf the Princess’s jump. Just let peak gameplay mechanics remain peak gameplay mechanics.Edited July 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Bowser Jr's Reign of Terror in Mario Tennis Aces is About to End

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 2 months ago

    Nobody is owed visible reprimands. Businesses handle their shit privately for a reason. One of the things that keeps a business humming along is the understanding that employees can be themselves when off the clock, so long as they are not representing the company. This is why you see a lot of “my views, not my employers” style disclaimers in bios.

    The amount of onus people put on companies to babysit their employees after hours isn’t healthy. Nobody outside of politicians sanitizes their entire life to be company endorsed.

    Posted in Game Developers React to the ArenaNet Controversy: The Firing Had "No Dialogue, No Nuance, No Empathy"

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 2 months ago

    Also, while I think the tweet was incredibly rude, AN could have done the following:

    “The views of this employee do not represent the views of ArenaNet, Inc.”

    ...and that’s be that. They fired people, reshuffling their organization’s creative hierarchy and putting people out of work, when they could have done what I did right there. The firing of a male co-worker who defended her right to tweet her opinion on her own time seems designed simply to protect the company from discrimination suits.

    This was just nakedly bad management, and it’ll cost them in future departures and a lower-cut crop of recruits.

    Posted in Game Developers React to the ArenaNet Controversy: The Firing Had "No Dialogue, No Nuance, No Empathy"

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 2 months ago

    While Price certainly could have responded nicer, the point she’s trying to make is that it’s not upon her to be nice to everyone who wants to tell her how to work. She was demonstrating her belief that women get more unwanted advice than men do, and have less room to tell people to screw off for it.

    Personally, I think social media is a net loss for all creators, regardless of gender. Other social spaces can be much worse to women certainly, but Twitter doesn’t care who it flames. I’ve been following the Destiny 2 saga, where a bunch of devs interact with fans while male, and are repeatedly get told that their game sucks shit and is dying. I would say the old “gamers are just the worst” line would apply except everything in life seems to be on fire because of social media accounts. Even global security today is at risk because prominent global leaders give forward-looking policy statements on a platform that enforces posts below 500 characters and has no edit button.

    Don’t make Twitter an extension of your job. It’s almost a social ill at this point, and journalists trying to use it as an extension of their job have been trolled into a news hellscape by it. About the only corporate business that belongs on the site is Public Relations. Edited 4 times. Last edited July 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Game Developers React to the ArenaNet Controversy: The Firing Had "No Dialogue, No Nuance, No Empathy"

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 2 months ago

    I can understand devs not wanting to talk about their jobs with total strangers, and then there's taking umbridge at people with no qualifications giving you feedback. If you look at Price's tweets over a recent span, she repeatedly calls out people for the latter.

    The issue I have is, the latter happens in many industries. I talk to people who have plenty of thoughts about how all sorts of businesses from sports teams to theme parks should be led while having no experience in running one. Games are just one more venue where customers with no professional experience want to tell professionals how it should be done, and given that the industry often hires former critics, bloggers, etc to help on projects it's usually a good two-way conversation.

    Which is to say, I think credentials only go so far in this industry, and to use it as a position of authority which shouldn't be questioned is suspect, but also ArenaNet shouldn't have fired her over what amounts to a bad day. At some point you suggest to your employee that they just not make public posts about their work, because public posts on social media do indeed empower the whole damn world to tell you what they think.

    Posted in ArenaNet Fires Two Guild Wars 2 Writers After Heated Twitter Exchange With Streamer [Update]

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 2 months ago

    The sandbox is the only thing that has ever really interested me in The Crew. When GTA shrank San Francisco into a sandbox, SF based gaming sites had a blast comparing San Fierro to the real deal and the location of landmarks etc. I realize that city simulations in games have been more common in recent generations, San Francisco alone has been depicted in a Driver game (which went underrated IMO) and recently again in Watch Dogs 2; and NYC has been depicted numerous times.

    But heck, I still enjoy seeing recreations of my city in video games, trying to figure out what happened to my neighborhood, and chuckling at the compromises made to avoid royalties to the corporate monoliths that dominate the skyline. But I was also one of those weirdos that downloaded mods for real landmarks for SimCity 3000 and Microsoft Flight Simulator in the early 2000s.

    Posted in The Crew 2's Cross-Country Sandbox is One American Experiment That Should Probably End

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 2 months ago

    They should probably talk to Oriental Land Company, which owns the Tokyo Disneyland and pays licensing/consulting fees to Disney.

    I could never see Kingdom Hearts being a ride, as it already is a virtual Disney ride and the original elements don't look like they'd make believable animatronics or dark ride sets. I could absolutely see an entertainment event. As it is, character meets at Tokyo Disney have lines that rival Space Mountain etc, because the culture that brought you 'cosplay' as a term is for whatever reason wowed to meet an hourly wearing a official Mickey costume, even adults are lined up for an hour to shake hands and get an autograph. Since they're such draws, the entertainment department has a priority to pack a lot of costumed characters from different series on stage for one event, and that's kind of what Kingdom Hearts does.Edited 3 times. Last edited June 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Kingdom Hearts' Executive Producer Would Love to See the Franchise Come to Disney Parks