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  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 13 hours ago

    Of all time, or of the moment?

    Because the game in the #1 spot on Twitch at any particular moment changes throughout the week, and each time it does it really isn't a news event. Tired of stories about it.

    Posted in Sea of Thieves Fights With Fortnite For Twitch's Most Watched Game

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 8 days ago

    Nope. Aftertouch and Crashbreaker are bad. The idea of air control for a flaming wreck of a car is just too "video game-ey" for me, and the fact that your flaming wreck suddenly turns into a car bomb to continue to tilt around like a pinball just seemed like too much of a cheat.

    Burnout Paradise isn't my favorite of the games, that was Burnout 2, but I have no interest in reviving 3 and Revenge because of those mechanics. Part of the fun of the wreck is watching it spill out on and on like a Rube Goldberg machine, and aftertouch/crashbreaker just made it too frequent.

    I realize I am dumping on some people's favorite games with this post, but this is one of those game mechanics discussions where I feel weirdly passionate about this small thing turning me off a series, just like Power-Up Redistribution soured me on every Mario Kart after the first one.Edited 3 times. Last edited 1 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Burnout Paradise Isn't The Burnout Game That Needed Remastering

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 8 days ago

    Community's in an uproar. Everyone expected exclusive cosmetics, but all the "be guided into not being bad" stuff bundled into it seems like the kind of thing Valve should have done for free, given how it's one of those games where everyone at every level has had games regularly with a person they feel is bad and could use that help.

    Essentially, it is paywalling the kind of in-game tutorial experienced players wished new players always had.

    Posted in Dota 2's New Subscription Service Replaces Battle Pass: Here are the Details

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 20 days ago

    You're on the right track to bring back bounties. They also need to move more weapon types out of the power slot and, if they insist on Kinetic/Energy/Power, then change up the weapon types for Energy so it's not just the exact same types as Kinetic. Move unloved weapon types to Energy, because there's so many types in the Power slot and they obviously aren't loved equally. I'd like an Energy slot sniper rifle, if I want a precision Power slot weapon there's already Linear Fusion Rifles. Maybe consider moving shotguns down there, too. I'd also like to see the return of PVE specific perks ("minions of the darkness") and for the armor stats to actually mean something, because right now to most classes there's only one primary stat they should max out and one secondary stat they should throw any remainder at, with no real variety in builds.

    For the love of pete never randomize rolls again, but make an actual system to build your own roll; which is something Destiny 1 tried at the very start and then gave up with. Make a pool of perks (slot-2 perks, slot-4 perks, etc) and let me grind out what's required to change those perks into something I want. Let's say I want to replace this gun's Triple Tap with Snapshot? Have a system, probably time-gated so let's say it's a gunsmith quest ala Armsday, where I build up components to change the perks. Once I change the perk, that's it. If I want to reroll again, you'll have to get another of that gun and start anew. That would also give people desire to hold onto dupes/backups, so they can either have a fresh copy if the meta changes or play with two different variations they've made on the same gun and see which one they like best.

    Doing something like this would keep away the mobile game like grind of hundreds of hours for possibly no reward at all that random rolls had. If you go back to random rolls, perks will never be powerful and we won't see the return of the kind of enjoyable perks we had in the past. The best set of perks will be, at most, a small smidgen better than the worst, to make sure that there's no game-warpingly strong roll that people can only get by chance and steamroll the unlucky ones (whether it's in PVE damage or PVP, regardless.)

    Giving users the ability to craft their own perk roll would allow them to balance the game by adjusting perks in addition to adjusting individual guns, which means more ways for guns to rise in and out of "the meta" and a way for Bungie to nerf one style of play without doing too much harm for another ("let's nerf reload on SMGs but buff the reload perk so people have to choose the old reload speed or the additional damage perk", for example.)

    Bungie simply can't have a tier of weaponry, "better" than prestige raiding etc, that's only achieved by playing 150+ hours every month. If we want to fix the "fifth Better Devils" thing, we need control over our rolls or they're going to be randomly assigned yet mostly meaningless.Edited 5 times. Last edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in How Destiny 2 Can Win Us Back

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 21 days ago

    Some of this stuff is going to be aesthetic judgements up to the user. I would strongly rather have modern vector text over the chunky pixel alphabet from 1994, and if pixel hinting techniques are subtle then I don't mind. Likewise, the Amano-inspired portraits of some of the earlier releases strike me as weird, but I know some people don't mind them.

    Posted in Chrono Trigger on Steam is Unfortunately Just the Mobile Port

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 23 days ago

    First thing: They need to make a smaller map where everyone is dumped out over a much less expansive piece of land, where the circle and blue wall stuff never happens aside from a king of the hill point a player must stand on alone to be declared winner. This is basically a chaos mode for the people who enjoy the wacky nonsense of 30 people looking for ammo in the same small town and punching each other to death.

    Second thing: They need to make their lootbox stuff much less infamously difficult to attain without paying, and fix the normal mode by increasing rewards for being in the top 20%.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Has a Big Mid Game Problem

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene A month ago

    As far as dating sims go, I actually give Mystic Messenger (a mobile otome game) a little credit: there's a few times where you actually have to lay down boundaries with the character because going for the love-sick response can cause some crazy results and bad endings. On the other hand, it also has you often resorting to strategically insulting other characters as needed to make sure that the conversations you have with the varied characters don't result in someone else's affection level coming too close to your intended target and the game giving you a fourth wall breaking non-ending for being too chummy with everyone.

    That said, there's no answer for this. The public, by and large, likes the concept of dating sims on paper if not in execution, and you can't apply game systems to relationships in a way sociologists are going to think is healthy and not at all toxic or leading to unrealistic expectations.

    Posted in How Games Mess up Romance

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene A month ago

    @Elocism At some point the arguing just becomes asinine, because I’m not arguing against powerful perks, or against time investment. I’m arguing that there should be a finite and definitive amount of time to get those perks.

    If you want to require grinding to get good perks, sure, let’s do it. But let’s be specific about how much grinding. Everything else about the game, including prestige raid rewards, is clear and straightforward. Let’s drop this mobile game idea of endless grinding and say, you need to grind this much to fill all the perk slots. You need to grind this much to get the best perks on the gun. If you want to change perks because of a balance patch or something, then either throw away your gu or stick it in storage and grind on a new one.

    This gives people some repetitive grinding without the brutally unfair RNG. It actually makes you feel rewarded for your time instead of sinking your life as a substitute for money into a giant slot machine. Because the D1 model is like the person who sits down at the machine next to you and jackpots on their first five dollars while you’re down over a hundred.

    Posted in How Destiny 2 Failed its Fanbase

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene A month ago

    @adrianhixenbaugh92 "God roll or trash" is boring and if your argument is that everyone is going to use the same gun the same way because some guide will tell them to min-max then maybe we need new systems to deal with that, like class guns or something. People throwing away dozens of copies of the same gun because of RNG is satisfying to obsessives, but no one actually feels like they're actually in control of their own progress, which is a tenant of good game design. Look at why people think lootboxes are unsatisfying: some of it is because of real money, but a large amount of it is the lack of player control. It's sort of ironic to have a game called "Destiny" where players don't have any control over their own... well... destinies.

    When I played WoW, reforging had just been introduced and everyone playing my character's class and role was reforging nearly everything to the Mastery stat. Also, the "tier" armor from raids etc was clearly better than most things in the game, so everybody of a certain class looked largely similar until transmogrification was introduced. This wasn't really a problem, though I wouldn't mind if Destiny added a transmog style system in the future since they have so many guns and so little vault space.

    If you want truly random perks, then perks are going to be useless, at least in PVP, because nobody enjoys being ganked by something someone scored by pure chance. That's the fundamental truth behind what got us here. I think we can still have meaningful perks if we give people to choose between the meaningful perks they want, sacrificing some over others.

    @johnmshipleyjr17 I don't agree with your tone, but I do agree that these kind of articles are increasingly clickbait-ey, since we all know what Bungie is aware of issues and rolling out waves of patches to fix them.Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in How Destiny 2 Failed its Fanbase

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene A month ago

    I actually long ago thought of Gremlins 2 when telling people what this movie is going to be like. Fans who want the 'deep lore' done without any sort of irony are going to be bitterly disappointed.

    I suspect the animatronics will talk, and be, well, 'edgy'. If Freddy has a Brooklyn accent and says "OKAY YOU GUYS, GIT DAT [bleeep]ING NIGHT GUARD" I am going to be totally unsurprised. Because, really, that's the FNAF movie that sells to people who don't even play FNAF.

    Posted in Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Being Handled by Blumhouse, Chris Columbus