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  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 3 years ago

    @hal9k The Wii U and PS4 have chips designed by IBM and AMD and the PS4 was designed to cater more to Western developers and consumers than to Japanese, so behind their Japanese brands is a lot of Western R&D and emphasis.

    Posted in Can Japan's Games Industry Overcome Last Gen's Slump?

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 3 years ago

    So how about Dynasty Warriors Pikmin where you play as one of the monsters eating thousands of Pikmin?

    Posted in How Shigeru Miyamoto Changed the Course of Hyrule Warriors, and Other Insights into its Development

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 3 years ago

    I'd be happy to play another game that looks and feels like FFXII. Even an HD rerelease of XII would be nice.

    Would it be possible for Square-Enix to publish a game developed by Mistwalker, or would that reopen too many old wounds?

    Posted in Where Final Fantasy Went Wrong, and How Square Enix is Putting It Right

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 4 years ago

    If I could mention a game from another company for a moment, I enjoyed the localization of The Last Story. It seemed to be translated and dubbed in London, which was a good fit for its medieval setting with lords, ladies, counts, knights and mercenaries. If Square-Enix wanted to make a game about, say, Don Quixote, I'd be interested in that game being dubbed into Spanish in Madrid or Barcelona.

    Posted in The Final Fantasy Team Responds to Your Thoughts on English-Language Localization

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 4 years ago

    @nimzy There's a big range of options between the AAA approaching of making a game all thing for all people and the insular approach of making the same old same old. I'd love it if they hired Mistwalker to make a game like The Last Story for Xbone/PS4 and call it FFXVI.

    Posted in Bravely Default's Western Success Prompts a Rethink at Square Enix

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 4 years ago

    Console makers face trouble either way. Include a disc drive and people will accuse the console of falling behind phones and tablets and costing $50 too much. Exclude it and people will accuse it of forcing a strange, new business model on customers, requiring too much bandwidth and not allowing backups.

    Speaking personally, I've never bought a disc game for my 360 or Wii. For those consoles I've rented disc games and bought $5-to-$15 digital games. I keep wishing it was possible to rent AAA games by download. I'd be interested to hear how much money companies make from my habits.

    Maybe if the most interesting games this generation are $10 indie downloads, customers will get bored with disc games and start wanting a driveless console.

    Posted in Microsoft Considered Removing Xbox One's Disc Drive

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 4 years ago

    Many consoles didn't get a system selling game until a year or two after launch. Sonic the Hedgehog came out 2 years 8 months after the Mega Drive's launch in Japan. Grand Theft Auto 3 came out 1 year 7 months after the PS2's Japanese launch. Even WipEout was 10 months after the PS1's launch. Only Nintendo usually tries to launch their consoles alongside a system selling game - Tetris, F-Zero, Super Mario 64, Wii Sports - and even they don't always nail it, as was the case with GameCube and Wii U. Now that most consoles launch in North America first, North American consumers get to experience the launch lineup drought that Japanese consumers always encountered. The law of diminishing graphical returns is certainly a problem, but I'm eager to see what else the industry does over the next two years to make the new consoles desirable.

    Posted in The Lost Art of "What the Hell is That?"

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 4 years ago

    This reminds me of a writing exercise in elementary school in which each student wrote a sentence in a story and passed it onto the next person. We mainly ended up intentionally contradicting each other.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda and the Tragedy of Continuity

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 4 years ago

    I hope Sirlin is playing the long game and will port this to lots of platforms, develop the AI, etc.

    Posted in Chess 2: The Sequel

  • Avatar for VegaTT VegaTT 4 years ago

    It's interesting that he chose the LA studio to make the next Zone of the Enders. After MG Rising I thought Platinum Games could be a great choice for ZoE, but maybe nowadays that combination would be too Japanese for a global audience.

    Posted in War has Changed, and So has Metal Gear