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Hopeless dreamer who infrequently writes about games (and other stuff) at Sluglips and Full Glass, Empty Clip.<br /> <br /><br />

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  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 7 days ago

    Legend of Mana. I'm glad it has a better reputation now than it did back in 2000ish; I think in many ways it arrived too early. A gorgeous watercolor 2D open world tinkering/crafting/exploration game is the kind of thing that's received more warmly now (and I'm super happy Stardew Valley achieved the success it did; that scratches a similar itch) but all of that was pretty anathema to the leading trends when the game debuted. It didn't help that we never saw a localization of Seiken 3, which I think might've eased the transition a bit.

    Even so, it's aged beautifully. It still looks and sounds wonderful. The writing is charming, frequently cheeky and considerably deeper than it lets on. The characters are all distinctly weird and wildly varied. The locales, creatures and concepts are highly creative. The world is odd and unique. The gameplay is low stress - there's so much to tinker with and figure out, but it's cool if you just want to do your own thing. It's relaxing and surprisingly thoughtful. It's maybe the only game I'd call "wise." It marries that wisdom to whimsy, in stark contrast to really any other game with meaningful themes. It has this Pratchettesque, Gaimanish atmosphere that remains singular in games.

    You can go through the entire game allowing NPCs to believe your name is "Chumpy." There are sentient teddy bears with their own oddball language that you learn. There are multiple risque puns involving rocks. There are literal hippie flower children. There is a walrus captain of a pirate penguin navy. You fast travel around areas by boinking a large purple hippo-like creature called a boink which teleports you after saying, "Boink!" There are heartrending, heartwarming, hilarious tales about family (in multiple senses), love (in multiple senses), parenthood, fireworks, forgiveness, felonies, faeries and freedom of choice. It's all mad and lively and lovely.

    I love it. It's a treasure to me. I get why it's not everybody's cup of tea. But it clicked with me and clicked hard.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Sprite-Based RPG from the Era That Inspired Octopath Traveler?

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 9 days ago

    I think this is the first and only review I've read so far which views the disconnect between each protagonist's story as a positive thing. I think it's such a weird structural choice, but it could be brilliant with the right framing. I'm actually really happy to see a more positive take on it here. A lot of this game's appeal for me is its being built on weird choices. It looks less like Final Fantasy VI.5 and more like Romancing SaGa 4 to me.

    (Which, to be clear, is a good thing! I miss weird, flawed, creative JRPGs.)

    Posted in Octopath Traveler Review

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 10 days ago

    I appreciate the game's rough spots getting some mentions here. It's one of those games that I mostly liked but didn't think was the absolute best and most perfect game ever made ever omg like...pretty much anyone else willing to talk about it. More than any other game, conversations I've had or watched about Persona 4 have escalated into actual fights that could get really ugly. I hope we're out of the honeymoon phase and into the sweet spot where discussions about the game can admit where it's flawed but still acknowledge its strengths without falling into just trashing it. 3-4-5 are a lot more fun to play, with 4 maybe having my favorite cast despite their many issues, but I've liked 2 best so far in terms of story and mood. I want another genuinely weird and downbeat one.

    Anyway, the title still makes me feel old.

    Posted in Persona 4 is 10 Years Old Today. Here's What Made It Great

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 14 days ago

    Puyo Puyo 2 for me as well. It's bright, colorful, cheerful, cute, fast-but-not-overwhelming and addictive. That's about all I need.

    I have a nostalgia soft spot for Tetris Attack, too. And I've never actually played it, but I've always been fascinated by Wario's Woods - the monster designs are so bizarre and great, but just instantly disappeared down a memory hole. I think one of them turned up in Link's Awakening later, but that just reinforces my point.

    Tetris Effect is one of my most anticipated games.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Puzzle Game?

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 15 days ago

    This game looks wonderful. For me, the main appeal is the art direction and how many whimsically unique creatures/characters it manages to include. I love these kinds of imaginatively weird fairy tale games, and they're rare enough to maintain a special feeling.

    Posted in Amidst a Bleak Year, Yoku's Island Express Rolled its Way Into My Heart

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 16 days ago

    (Sort of with highkingconchobhar on the Oz aside; it deflates a bit of my enthusiasm and makes the game appear more dated and...callous? than I associate with Matsuno's work. It reads as a bit gross in ways that aren't flattering to the game, but context is everything I suppose.)

    That aside, this game's been on my To-Play list for years and it seems generally fantastic, if really, really bleak. The PSP version is the one to go for, right? Is there any reason to pick up the PSX or SFC versions at this point or is the PSP one pretty much definitive? Are there any huge differences besides smoothing out the wrinkles and adding in extra stuff?

    Posted in The Top 25 RPGs of All Time #24: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 18 days ago

    Great essay; this is the kind of stuff I like to see here as well. Both of these games are on my radar but I haven't played either yet, so I appreciate the reminder and a fuller look into their development. It makes me happy Red Candle gave a shoutout to The Cat Lady, also. The similarities Detention has with that are so strong I at first thought it was another Harvester game. Given how much I love The Cat Lady, not a bad thing at all, but it seems like it has its own unique identity separate from its influences, which is even better.

    Big budget mainstream games have largely lost me, but I'm loving seeing the medium become more of a global thing instead of the Japan/US (& Sometimes Western Europe) hegemony it's often been until now.

    Posted in How Two Developers Used Games to Wrestle With the Dark History of Taiwan and Iran

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 19 days ago

    So, when I first heard about True Fantasy Live Online, I thought, "Oh, so that's where Fantasy Life came from." It's not a 1:1, but both projects have enough similarities that I got the feeling a lot of Fantasy Life's ideas originally came from True Fantasy Live.

    It's weird to see it all come full circle back to an online game, albeit a much less ambitious one.

    Posted in Fantasy Life Online Gets New Trailer and Summer 2018 Release Window

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 21 days ago

    No idea whether it's reflective of anything but the first iteration was impossible for me to get and the SNES Classic was a huge months-long pain to track down, but this one was 100% painless. I'm happy to finally have one! It's so kyoo~t!

    Posted in Nintendo NES Classic is Available: Here's Where to Buy One

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 23 days ago

    I guess I was young enough to just accept V, since it's never felt like an odd duck to me, even though I can see how it would be to others now. I'd love to see another game in the main series with an overall more comedic tone, with the Serious Stuff a bit more backseat. Crystal Bearers felt similar in spirit, but of course nobody played that.

    Also probably my second-favorite soundtrack in the whole series. I adore the main theme.

    Posted in The Top 25 RPGs of All Time #25: Final Fantasy V