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  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 17 hours ago

    (Ya'll have seen the overworld, right? It's uses a jarringly different visual style than the rest of the game. While I wouldn't call it "ugly," I would call it "bland," which probably means the same thing here. I seem to remember earlier screenshots where it had more of a claymation look, but maybe I'm crazy or this style just looks better in regions with less texture detail. It looks like what Level 5 went with mostly looks like this, which eh. Totally fair to call attention to what a stark and not-flattering visual contrast it is with the rest of the game's art direction.)

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    Posted in Ni No Kuni 2 Review

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 17 hours ago

    I think there've been lots of seriously-presented nuclear-war images in Japanese games before, though usually allegorically (Final Fantasy 6's magico-nuclear apocalypse jumps to mind, but it's hardly alone, even in that series; Akira's apotheosis and Gundam's colony drop seem like obvious ones outside of games, and that's not even touching non-allegorical historical fiction like Barefoot Gen). Which is understandable, given history. There was a decent essay/art book on this in a broader postwar art/pop cultural sense some years back, Takashi Murakami's Little Boy.

    It seems rarer to see non-allegorical fictional nuclear attacks (if I'm not mistaken, the Japanese version of Fallout 3 removes several overt references to nuclear bombs), so this game starting this way is indeed, um... very surprising. I'm intrigued, and just hope the game gives the topic the seriousness it warrants, especially with the threat of nuclear war sort of rearing its head again in the world.

    Posted in Can We Talk About Ni No Kuni 2's Insane Opening?

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 5 days ago

    Legend of Mana has a pretty good reputation these days (probably owed in part to a creative and incredibly nice, if generally quiet, fanbase), but back in the day I recall it being quite trashed on. Mostly for not being Secret of Mana 3. It's been so weird lately to see so many people holding it up as the Best Old School Mana Game while trashing on Secret of Mana, but here we are. Gamers are a fickle, often downright foolish, bunch.

    Anyway, it's also probably my favorite game, thick and thin.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Critically or Fan-Panned Game?

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 17 days ago

    I would love to see you guys do tag-team reviews between someone who just adores a title and someone who thinks it's the gaming equivalent of sour milk. It's an interesting dynamic, and everyone on staff is usually more thoughtful than hyperbolic about making their points, so it'd actually work here than on other outlets where it'd more likely come across as mean or try-hard.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV is Still Tearing the USgamer Staff Apart

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 18 days ago

    "Oh, by the way, I left an enticing and potentially dangerous mystery in the house this morning, please don't go back and look for it and definitely don't feed it after midnight if you find it."

    Posted in Nier: Automata Has a Controversial "Final Secret" Nobody's Discovered

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 23 days ago

    I agree that graphical fidelity has hit a point where reflexive photorealistic violence is pretty disturbing, and many developers still haven't quite picked up on that yet. It's such a normalized thing, it's done without really thinking about it at all. That does say something rather negative about our culture, and we're long overdue for conversations about why violent media is so prevalent in our stories or coming up with alternatives to violence as default game mechanics, or how to depict violence more thoughtfully (or at least less unconsciously disturbingly) in works where it's relevant...

    ...OR! Or! We could have yet another moral panic about the corrupting influence of violent media as a way of avoiding harder conversations about ease of access to guns, the radicalization of angry young men and a culture that treats guns as both toys and the ultimate expression of individual freedom. We all know our parts by now. Let's get to it!

    Posted in All the Times Video Games Have Been Linked to Violence

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 23 days ago

    Square Enix is so weird. Brave Exvius, a free-to-play Gashapon game that is exactly what you said it is manages to get a level of obvious care, craft and love put into it. Its spritework is excellent, its music is excellent, its story and writing are actually pretty entertaining, its UI is great for the format. Underneath the diceroll nostalgia cash grab, there's a decent game that feels like someone enjoyed making it.

    Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and V, Secret of Mana? Some of Square's most beloved titles? Meh, whatever. Port the already fairly lazy mobile versions; draw over the original spritework and don't even bother to be consistent about it; churn out a sterile remake that loses as much as it adds.

    It's like a museum that expends all this effort and care toward displaying some interesting garbage it found outside yesterday, but when it needs to move some masterpieces to another location, just folds the canvases eleven times until they fit unevenly in a standard mailing envelope. It's so weird to watch.

    Posted in Chrono Trigger Deserves Better Than This Flaccid PC Port

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 25 days ago

    It could be worse. They could've "updated" it. But stuff like this is why I don't really trust Square Enix with their own properties. Chrono Break indie or never, please.

    Posted in Chrono Trigger on Steam is Unfortunately Just the Mobile Port

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska A month ago

    I've never really liked Star Fox as a game (I much prefer 64 in just about every way; sorry), but it does have a fantastic soundtrack. I've warmed up to it a lot more with the SNES Classic; I think a large part of my lukewarmness is rooted in a lack of enthusiasm for early 3D aesthetics, especially when 2D sprite-based games around the same time were starting to hit Yoshi's Island levels of gorgeous. In retrospect, the abstractness of the original has probably aged better than the higher detail but smudgier textures 64 brought, but I just have more nostalgia for Fox's 64-bit adventure.

    Posted in The Original (And Best?) Star Fox Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska A month ago

    I've warmed up to the visual style. I mean, it's so close to the original's art assets and yet...doesn't quite work in 3D, somehow...but the original imagery is pretty nice so it certainly doesn't look bad, either... I've had so much trouble figuring out what looks "off" about it, to me. It's not as bad as FF6!Mobile, and I'm getting over it, but something just feels misaligned or shoddy about how it looks.

    I think that's how I feel about the whole game. On the one hand, it seems super faithful to the original; and that's kind of neat. On the other, that magnifies its flaws, really, since it's not 1993 anymore and the game's shortcomings are more obvious now. It's kind of neat to see/hear slightly different interpretations of the same compositions and designs... but I'm not sure they're different enough.

    And so on. I just don't know how to feel. What I do know is that the TPR album released alongside the remake is stunningly beautiful and deserves to be heard:

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    Posted in The Secret of Mana Remake is a Missed Opportunity to Fix the Original's Flaws