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Hopeless dreamer who infrequently writes about games (and other stuff) at Sluglips and Full Glass, Empty Clip.<br /> <br /><br />

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  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 21 hours ago

    That's a bit unexpected. Visually, it looks gorgeous and while it's neither a platformer nor a Castleroid, it looks like it could be fun. I'll tentatively put it in the Brave Exvius pile of, "I know deep down it's a cynical nostalgia milking, but it can still be a strong, well made game" mobile titles. It doesn't seem nearly as corporately bland or heartless as it could've been.

    ...would be sort of ironic, actually, a Castlevania mobile tie-in game having more soul and heart than average.

    Posted in A New Co-op Castlevania Game is Coming to Mobile iOS

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 21 hours ago

    (Oh, and tangentially, a lot of people complain about the first Trails in the Sky's leisurely pacing and lack of big setpiece action/overarching threat, but I adored that! The structure of the game felt more like a travelogue than a "quest" - setting out on a preplanned tour of all these different regions, soaking in the history, culture, cuisine and varying ways of life within each - and that in turn made it feel much more like an "adventure" to me than "go find/destroy/save the MacGuffin and kill the Bad Thing" games.)

    Posted in Games Need More Sleepy Quaint Towns Like Yakuza 6's Onomichi

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 22 hours ago

    Okay, the baby formula thing is what's finally sold me on this series. That's just so charming.

    110% agree that games could do with more peaceful, mundane, lived-in settings where the exploration is more about intricate detail, personal relationships, relatable problems and a sense of comfort than fighting, collecting and puzzle solving. Stardew Valley scratches a lot of that itch for me, but I'd love to see more games approaching it in different ways. A lot of games have settings like this, but actively discourage lingering in them, which is sort of a shame.

    Posted in Games Need More Sleepy Quaint Towns Like Yakuza 6's Onomichi

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 2 days ago

    Shenmue was a game that disappointed me in its heyday for all the same reasons I came to appreciate it years later. I went into it expected an epic open world RPG with elements of murder mystery, martial arts and eerie light fantasy masterfully blended. And I guess it is that, but it never emphasizes it. My first playthrough, I missed almost all of the overarching story because you get most of it by talking to NPCs, many of whom are just unassuming old men dottering around tiny parks on warm days.

    In replaying the game, boredom turned into tranquility. I find the slow pace and emphasis on the everyday over the epic to be very relaxing, now. It's a really calming, almost ASMR-ish game. The music helps tremendously; those FREE themes were wonderful.

    Posted in Shenmue Remains a Cult Classic and a Cautionary Tale

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 2 days ago

    As I understand it, CV dazzle's efficacy is in a constant downward slip as facial recognition technology improves. I don't expect it to take off, but I kind of want to see what sorts of looks pop out of the arms race between incognito humans and increasingly cleverer algorithms. In any case, the history and thought behind it are pretty fascinating, not to mention it looks cyberpunk as heck.

    Unfortunately, water bottle helmets are not effective protection against anything except dehydration.

    Posted in Perplexing Man Breaks Into GameStop Wearing a Plastic Bag Over His Head

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 3 days ago

    I sort of hate Kingdom Hearts, but that's cute and a nice touch to use a classic B&W Disney/anime aesthetic.

    Posted in Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Include Retro LCD Style Mini-games

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 5 days ago

    Yaaaaay, please don't be Atgames garbage. Please don't. The GeneDrive deserves love and respect, too.

    Posted in Sega Genesis Mini Announced at Sega FES 2018, See it Here

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 6 days ago

    So, I'm not Korean and don't speak Korean and don't know a whole lot about Megalia (so take with bucket of salt), but what little I've picked up from acquaintances who are/do is mostly about stuff like this; which, I don't know how exaggerated or twisted any of that is, but considering my sources for info have been Korean and Korean American feminists who've said much the same thing, I'm taking it at face value with the possibility of having to later put my foot in my mouth. It's not a good look. Even taken as satire, there's too much that's problematic there for it to fall under my personal umbrella of intersectional feminism, and would not want to be associated with rhetoric that potentially minimizes child abuse. That could be wrong, something might be lost in translation and it might be a case of in-group venting being taken for out-group attacking; that's a problem I've watched unfold multiple times across different axes in English speaking activist groups. I don't know; mirroring hateful rhetoric for the sake of venting gets sort of murky. Without deeper contextual understanding, I have no idea how to feel and don't entirely trust my gut level responses.

    Even so, it's not hard to imagine hoards of angry dudes who are outraged by the feminism more than the Megalia, and latch onto the latter as an excuse for harassing women over the former (or, you know, existing). That, unfortunately, just feels like business as usual. I'd love to see more articles on sexism in the Korean industry/games culture, since I've seen it more alluded to than directly addressed, even if it's probably depressing and upsetting.Edited 5 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in In South Korea There's a Witch-Hunt Against Female Game Developers who Align Themselves With Feminism

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 7 days ago

    It's one of my most anticipated games, but I'm already in the target audience; I just want a console RPG with enough of a budget to fully utilize contemporary technology that's actually comfortable in its own skin.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI's Battle to Win a New Generation of Fans is Becoming Urgent

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 17 days ago

    Also, I should add, as much as I think both games have some surprisingly actually-for-reals-thoughtful things to say, I think an important part of why that works is that neither takes itself 100% seriously. VI is a game about fighting a genocidal fascist state and hard scrabbling survival after the end of the world, but it's also a game in which the player's battles with a goofy talking octopus are put to an end by a smart-alicky little girl melting his heart. VII is similarly about the adventures of a pineapple man who gawks at baby birds, kidnaps an amusement park mascot (who is also a spy? or something), pervs around in his friend's underwear drawer, blows at piano (V made it look so easy!), mourns the death of his unrequited crush by snowboarding and habitually says, "Let's mosey."

    Another lesson lots of other games could learn: You gotta put some silly in your serious or it's all just too ridiculous.

    Posted in Happy Anniversary to Final Fantasy VI, Square Enix's First RPG for Adults