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  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 3 days ago

    Sounds like they need to beef it up a bit especially if folk are able to kill it off that quickly unless there is another mythical creature of the sea they build hype and fear around.

    Posted in Sea of Thieves Players Have Already Killed the Kraken, and it's a Bit of a Downer

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 4 days ago

    I have to ask which is the more glaring, the Ni No Kuni 2 world map or the overworld map of Tokyo in SMT IV?

    Posted in The Axe of the Blood God Review of Ni No Kuni 2

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 6 days ago

    Oh gosh the horror poor Andy and will #07 ever play the game of football again?

    Posted in We Compiled Some More Violent Video Game Clips for the White House

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 6 days ago

    Skyward Sword is getting a lot of love here.

    Sorry to say I only find it to be a good game. I actually liked the motion controls outside of a few motion heavy items and sequences where it felt unyielding to control but the biggest knock that kept the game which at the time was gorgeous on the Wii and I agree has one of the best stories in the franchise is that it's over world was trash.

    Not having a connection between locations but a sparsely sky kingdom is bad but as Wind Waker shower it didn't have to kill the game. It is the fact that the 'grounds' areas are basically mini dungeons before getting to the actual dungeons that burns me personally and drags the game longer then necessary. One of the biggest pulls of the 3D Zelda games is viewing the world around you and interacting with it. Skyward Sword your interactive bits were all pre-made dungeon puzzles or combat /item training. A few interesting set pieces but the removal of leisure exploration for most of the game made it mode grind chase then epic adventure. Which is a shame as some more polish and it would be right up there with Ocarina, A Link to the Past, Wind Waker and now Breath of the Wild.

    Instead much like Adventure of Link it will be considered a dark horse entry.

    Edit: Oh and my actual game that got panned but I still love is Tetrisphere. I don't get why the game speaks to me and no one else as legitimate 3D puzzle game worthy of the Tetris legacy.Edited 6 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Critically or Fan-Panned Game?

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 7 days ago

    Kind of sucks, I was interested in the console modes especially for Alpha 3. But I will take online versus to get my are kicked like when I was a kid waiting to put quarters onto arcades .

    Posted in See How the Classics Fare in HD as We Play Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 9 days ago

    It has big shoes to fill if it ever wants to top the first Mortal Kombat movie in my heart.

    Also the previous Tomb Raider movies were on par if not better then at least the National Treasure movies so I have hopes this is on that level.

    Posted in Tomb Raider Might Be the Best Reviewed Video Game Movie Ever, Believe it or Not

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 9 days ago

    As some that ships Nia with Morag, your statement about ships is wrong but I love the review.

    Posted in Kirby Star Allies Review

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 10 days ago

    Any of the Panzer Dragoon games

    Or Uniracers

    Posted in Bluepoint is Working on Another Remake—Here are the Games We Hope They Tackle Next

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 11 days ago

    As someone who took 125+ hours to be XC2 and has a play clock of nearly 400 without even sniffing New Game plus yet just grinding for rare blade cores trying to get KOSMOS (still haven't got her and I had all but five rare blades when I beat the game), Ursula's awful quest and trying to take out super bosses I can definitely say it is a great but flawed game just like the other Xeno titles.

    Although a big portion of my play time early on was trying to find certain spots that are not located easily due to weak description in quest or the guide radar being trash at times combined with the layout of the world.

    Posted in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Isn't Just a Good RPG—It's a Great One

  • Avatar for Wellman2nd Wellman2nd 15 days ago

    I completely missed that but yes. Not sure how Biggie fans will take to Pearl being the rep but I think her Japanese name is Hime so the crown fits.

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Expansion Trailer Appears to Pay Tribute to Notorious BIG and Tupac