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I absolutely love games; playing them, reading about them, (trying to) make them, ect. My goal is to someday become a Game Art and Design major. Maybe even become fluent in Japanese so I can work in Japan :D. <br /> Other than that, I also love computers and working on them, drawing, reading, and allowing my dog Loki (after the actual God of mischief, not the movie Loki) to jump all over me and force me to cuddle him.

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  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf A year ago

    1.) Monster Hunter World
    2.) Spider Man
    3.) Metroid: Return of Samus

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Is Your Favorite Game of E3 2017?

  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf A year ago
  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf 3 years ago

    @Picolus Wrong and confident? xD. I was just saying he's awesome, in a wheelchair or out, and that being stuck really shouldn't apply to him. I also wasn't sure from your post if you had seen the story behind it, so no offense was intended on anything, really.

    Though I can agree that 3 isn't horribly special. I like 2 best, followed by 1. Four is actually pretty solid. Still no 2, however :P.

    Posted in Why Sly Cooper 2 Remains Gaming's Greatest Heist

  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf 4 years ago

    @Picolus Did you happen to beat Sly 1? You'd understand the wheelchair from there on out. Also, 'stuck' is a term I'd think Bently would be offended with. What wheel chairs do you know of or have seen that have robo-arms and can hover? I'd say Bently is pretty well off in his wheel chair. That thing's badass, and so is he.

    Posted in Why Sly Cooper 2 Remains Gaming's Greatest Heist

  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf 4 years ago

    I'm hoping for the next EO after this to have like a New game + mode where you can have any character from any of the games D:. Like, character classes. I mean, Protector, Hoplite- same diff. But gunner, Arbalist, Gunner, Arcanist, Runemaster, Alchemist, Gladiator, Princess, Bushi... It'd be awesome to have all of them in one place. I have basically a party of 5 of favorite classes from the games, but the options of the rest would be awesome.

    This game seems awesome! The voice acting isn't bad, and the story- though Fredrica is cliche- seems like just enough to be decent. And the main character's class is fun to use. I'm glad he will carry over into a new game+ going into classic mode.

    Posted in Etrian Odyssey Untold Review

  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf 4 years ago

    @abuele It's different from EOIV in the fact that it has a full-blown story mode, animated cutscenes (and the voice acting isn't horrible! Which would be a deal breaker for me), and a set party. You can actually get the Demo on the eShop now to see if this has enough difference for you to want to look into it :)

    I can't wait for Untold! Got $15 down on it for the artbook and OST. Started on EO2... been hooked since. I hope that, even if it ends up being a sensory overload for some, they make a game that allows you to unlock all of the character classes from previous games. That'd be awesome :D. Just wishful thinking, though, I'm sure. Still can't wait to see how the story unfolds in this one.

    Posted in Etrian Odyssey Untold: Two Noobs and a Vet Walk Into a Bar...

  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf 4 years ago

    @jeremy.parish Really?! I can't believe I missed those :\. Oh well, better late than never! Thanks for the heads up.Edited 2 times. Last edited September 2013 by Unknown

    Posted in Shantae Doubles Down

  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf 4 years ago

    This game looks great! I didn't get the chance to play the first two back in the day. Definitely a day one buy for me.

    Posted in Shantae Doubles Down

  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf 4 years ago

    I cannot WAIT for this game! I picked up the comic not too long before I heard about the game. If anyone's reading, the comics are fantastic!

    Posted in Telltale Tells of its Next Tale

  • Avatar for WillowWolf WillowWolf 4 years ago

    I take back everything bad I thought about this game when I first heard about it. Doesn't look half-bad, even for a mostly phone-game.

    Posted in Final Fantasy Agito Trailer Bodes Well