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  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    So many defenders of Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil here, it is truly heartwarming :)

    As someone who has not actually played the games (has anyone of the USGamer team?) I can still agree, that the background art looks really beautiful, comparable in quality to games like King's Quest 5 or 6 and that the music sounds rather catchy.

    I also think that the cutscenes are genuinely enjoyable: sure they are cheesy (even somewhat intentionally, since they were going for a Saturday-morning-vibe) but that's just part of the fun! Also the animation may look weird and inconsitent at times, but I still admire the effort the animators put into their work to have the characters zooming and rotating almost constantly, which has a hypnotic effect on me. Even the voice actors put a lot of gusto into their fittingly overacted lines. As a result these cutscenes truly have personality, which cannot be said about most CGI-cutscenes of the mid to late 90s.

    Zelda' Adventure on the other hand does not seem to have any true beauty in it, it just looks hastily glued together.Edited March 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Best Zelda Games: All Legend of Zelda Games Ranked Worst to Best

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    Coca Cola, McDonalds and cheap, throwaway VR for everybody - why do I suddenly see images of heavily salivating marketing execs?

    Posted in Coke, McDonald's Get Kids into Virtual Reality With Cheap VR Headsets

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    A.k.a. the game that The Revenge of Shinobi for the GBA really should have been.

    Posted in This Week, Retronauts Hangs (Ninja) Ten

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    @jeremy.parish That's very interesting to hear. And it somewhat undermines my hypothesis ;)

    By the way, my comment was not aimed directly at this article (which I found quite fair) or anyone in particular but it was rather supposed to be a general observation/perception. Sorry if it reads otherwise!

    Posted in SEGA on Vinyl: New Life for Four Classic Game Soundtracks

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    To me Shinobi 3's soundtrack is one of the best of its era. It features beautiful, complex and nuanced compositions, the "instruments" sound pleasant, the tracks offer a lot of variety, ranging from more laid back jazz-likes to highly energetic, more rock-oriented). And yet, as pointed out in the article, it feels very cohesive as a whole and fits the game perfectly.

    "But it is not THAT good, because Yuzu Koshiro did not work on it.." seems to be a common complaint. And this, I think, is a very interesting phenomenon, which is worth some thoughts:

    Yuzo Koshiro has a huge advantage over most other composers: name recognition!

    He is one of the few people whose name is featured in title screens of games and magazines and websites are very likely to mention his name whenever he is involved. There are not that many other composers who receive that much attention.

    Honestly: could you name (off the top of your head, without consulting the internet ;) ) the people who did the music for Street Fighter 2, Castlevania(NES) or Gunstar Heroes?

    I shamefully have to admit that I could not (and I congratulate everyone who can!). But I certainly knew the name Yuzo Koshiro long before I was aware of who Koji Kondo was - and the games Kondo worked on are arguably more popular and probably had a bigger impact on me in my youth. In conclusion, Koshiro was very smart by making his name as recognizable as a brand.

    To be clear: I think Koshiro is a brilliant composer, he deserves all the fame. And his outstanding work on Super Shinobi/Revenge of Shinobi was certainly a huge step for the Shinobi games as a whole. I'd go as far as saying that he managed to form a musical identity for the series: his influence can be heard in the following games like Shadow Dancer (which also features some surprisingly good tunes) and Shinobi 3 .

    But I also believe that Koshiro's fame in some cases leads to groupthink and as a result the work of lesser known composers are being dismissed, especially if they have to follow in Koshiro's footsteps.
    Examples for this can be found in reviews and opinions on post-Revenge Shinobi games or Quintet's semi-Actraiser-follow up Soul Blazer (I know it is not Actraiser 2, but it has similar setting and sound design). Oftentimes these scores are a little less eccentric and more subdued, which also might contribute to the notion that these are "lesser" works. And sure, people like different things. But my point is, that the overall criticism probably would not be as harsh, if Koshiro's name was simply attached to these soundtracks.

    For getting a taste of Shinob 3's musical beauty, I recommend checking out the following link, which has a very nice sound quality:

    And yes, that cover art is gorgeous! Edited February 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in SEGA on Vinyl: New Life for Four Classic Game Soundtracks

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    I have played the freeware version, which is quite decent. And after having seen some gameplay videos it looks like the DX version is almost the same game with some added options and modes to play. However I have to commend the developers for removing the blood splatter hit animation - it did not fit the overall aesthetics very well and was somewhat distracting. The new flash effect looks a lot cleaner.

    This game should actually be a good fit for the Vita - it belongs on a handheld sytem, since it is clearly trying to mimic the the color palette and aspect ratio of Game Gear games. Even the intro jingle before a stage begins reminds me of GG titles like Master Of Darkness, and some of the music tracks sound a little like the GG Shinobis (at least in the freeware version). It is refreshing to have a sytem imitated that is not the NES for a change.

    Posted in Need a Mega Man Chaser? Try Ninja Senki DX

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    Seemingly I am not the only one thinking that both OOT and Legend had a similar atmosphere, especially at their respective beginnings where both feature lots of pollen flying around :D

    To me watching Legend always felt like viewing an unofficial Zelda movie with the bad guy taken straight out of Diablo or Dungeon Keeper...

    I guess it was quite an influential movie.

    Posted in The Zelda of Legend: How Director Ridley Scott Might Have Influenced Ocarina of Time

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    The reasons I bought the PSP:

    Loco Roco games
    Pure joy! (well, Midnight Carnival is both joy and agony ;) )

    Even if you do not like homebrew (which I totally do), the amount of official high quality compilations (e.g. Genesis Collection, Konami's shooting game compilations) and single games (like the PS1, PC Engine and Neo Geo ports) is astounding.

    The big bright screen and the fact that the PSP's sheer length makes it feel more comfortable in my hands than a GBA or a DS.

    The only thing I really dislike is the analogue nub, especially its placement, which gives my cramps, unfortunately. This is why I do not play games that solely rely on the nub.Edited 2 times. Last edited February 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Retronauts is Down with PSP

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago

    @hamfighter Yeah, SNK games could be very obvious in terms of musical inspiration:

    0:50 is undoubtedly Robert Miles' Children. Edited 2 times. Last edited February 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Note Block Beat Box: Listening to Ice Cap Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3

  • Avatar for Windwhale Windwhale 2 years ago



    Curse Of Monkey Island's art would also look a lot better in a higher resolution and with less severe video-compression.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Game Deserves an HD Remaster?