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  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic A year ago

    On the one hand I kinda feel like Axe of The Blood God is a podcast made just for me. On the other hand I'm making lots of big promises to write aughts-era new games journalism 30 page thinkpieces and/or fanscreeds to discuss nonsense tangential to your podcast.

    Posted in USgamer's RPG Podcast Welcomes Divinity: Original Sin 2's Chris Avellone and Swen Vincke

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic A year ago

    @himuradrew It's only SOMETHING SPECIAL in the context of its publishing era or with some friends. Especially friends who love to grind out spell levels.

    Posted in USgamer's RPG Podcast Puts Seiken Densetsu's Run on the Super Nintendo Into Context

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic A year ago

    Kat, I just want to tell you I am super excited about listening to you talk about something I've been mulling over for like, MONTHS. But dear lord, if you don't perfectly echo my own thesis I will subject everyone with the poor sense to read the comments to it. The whole thing. It will have been your fault. The power to avert this tragedy was in your hands!

    The podcast basically didn't touch on what I felt was the Mana Series' intriguing pivot between SD3 and Legend of Mana (both of which I Kawazu-love). So you've doomed everyone Kat and Nadia. Everyone in the comments is doomed.Edited August 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer's RPG Podcast Puts Seiken Densetsu's Run on the Super Nintendo Into Context

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic A year ago

    @internisus That's a good point. But maybe what they really need now is for folks to use their Galaxy Client??? It could also be a way to get cross-distributor functionality going??? Maybe???

    I care about GoG's support for humane sales practices and humane DRM. I know what I wrote.

    Posted in GOG Connect Gives You DRM-free Versions of Your Steam Games

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic A year ago

    @Pacario But what even is "artistic integrity" when Occam's Razor says that the artistic intent was to peddle barely-legal barely-smut to folks without the means, spine, or stomach to buy proper pornography?

    Posted in NIS Discusses Criminal Girls 2 Content Changes for Western Release

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic 2 years ago

    I know you're not really a fan of Spiderweb Software, but Tyranny sounds like it shares a premise with their Avadon.

    Come to think of it, I'm not really a fan either. They're one of those many games I don't really have time for, but am very happy that they exist. Spiderweb has been doing indie RPGs since 1994 and could probably do for more love. Especially when a larger studio is going to be maybe-refining ideas that they toyed with half a decade ago.

    Posted in USgamer's RPG Podcast Delves into I Am Setsuna, Tyranny, and The Year of VR

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic 2 years ago

    The Original Breath of Fire's mechanical schtick was that every character has some sort of over-world special ability. At the time, this was novel.

    Characters with transformation powers OTHER then the main character's dragon transformations are also a "thing". In the original, 5 of the 8 main party members have some sort of transformation ability. In the second there is a subsystem where you can trigger transformations for almost all of the characters that dramatically change how they play.

    It's a weird series.
    Never really played 4 though.

    Posted in USgamer's RPG Podcast Examines Breath of Fire 3 and Final Fantasy IX

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic 2 years ago

    While I love watching excellent or bizarre play (e.g. GDQ) I feel like the kinds of experiences I like are don't really translate well into spectator sports. They're much more slow moving... Like Chess. Or Go. Or baseball.

    Also props again for this really meaty feature. I'm going to be digesting its ideas for a while.Edited February 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in The Race to Become the Next Big eSport

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic 2 years ago

    This kickstarter was a real downer because I'd been wondering how hex-based grids could be introduced to a wider audience. I probably should have researched playdek before contributing to the kickstarter.

    Oh well. Like Mike says, there is a different, hopefully better kickstarter in the pipe.

    Posted in Unsung Story Will Remain Unsung Indefinitely

  • Avatar for WorstClassic WorstClassic 2 years ago

    I wonder if it would be interesting to remake the 2012 games with the advantages of XCom2's setup. i.e., are the strategic and/or turn to turn tactics different enough from the original that porting that campaign forward would be interesting?

    I dunno. It kind of felt like XCom2012 has a short expansion and DLC cycle. At least by modern standards.

    Posted in XCOM 2 PC Review: Liberty or Death