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Recent comments

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay 8 months ago

    C'mon Capcom and release Mega Man Legends collection!!!!

    Posted in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Review: Digging Even Deeper into Mega Man's History

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay 9 months ago

    This is the only FF that I never finished, I always felt that this game was dull and or slow paced.....
    The fast forward x2 and x4 make the grind less painful.. I truly hope I can see it through.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Review: A Near Perfect Remaster of an Underappreciated Gem

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay A year ago

    This review is bang on, one of the best and most unique games i've played in years.
    Want to play another game like none other? Try Vagrant Story for the PS1.

    Posted in Nier: Automata Review

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay A year ago

    I love everything about the first 3 games with exception to the Land Rover (seriously that thing was awful) after seeing videos and reading "player assessments" of Andromeda, I found myself canceling my pre-order.... I would rather remember the series for how great it was instead of how sub par it has become.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay A year ago

    I'm going to pass on this title until they get their shit together, being EA..... it'll take awhile.

    Posted in Mass Effect Andromeda's Animations Will Be Fixed, But Not At Launch

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay A year ago

    I think if Nintendo plays it's cards right they can make the console/handheld market a single entity....
    I just wish that the Switch launch would have been bumped back so that there are some quality first party titles for us gamers to play.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Review: A Strong System In Need of A Little More Polish

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay A year ago

    Nintendo is its own worst enemy, they barely support their systems with enough quality first party titles let alone the non existent 3rd party support because of their arrogant attitude. The masses will buy the Switch because of the love they had for Nintendo in the past and forgetting about their countless failures since the SNES... Not to mention that Nintendo will purposely short the market with hardware, how many years has it been since a good new IP has been released?

    I really don't like to be so negative about Nintendo and it's new system but they have let me and other fans so many times in the past that I find it hard to trust and believe in them again.... I hope for their former greatness but I expect another WIIU

    Posted in Opinion: The Switch's Success Doesn't Hinge on Zelda Being Available at Launch

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay A year ago

    If Square/Enix had named this game anything other than Final Fantasy I would have been OK with it but instead i'm playing Grand Theft Auto or Assassin Creed or Dragon Age or any other sandbox search everywhere and everything game in a Final Fantasy style motif. I feel like the developers have forgotten what makes a great FF and basically made a cookie cutter game in hopes to satisfy everyone instead of their core audience.

    Don't get me wrong because I'm really enjoying everything about the game .... It's fun it's just not Final Fantasy

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 Review: End of the Road

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay A year ago

    I was skeptical at first about playing a game that looked like "Final Poke Kingdom" but after 15 hours of play I can say that if you are a square fan then it's worth the purchase. I would consider this game to be on the lighter side of a JRPG because most battles are not overly difficult and it's easy to exploit certain areas to power level your team if you have the right skill.
    I love that you revisit many of the Final Fantasy locations, starting where it all began at Cornelia, and bumping into all the hero's that are related to those areas who can become summoned helpers whose side stories can be unfolded to give more insight into their history.

    Posted in World of Final Fantasy Review-in-Progress: Day 1

  • Avatar for Zenbojay Zenbojay A year ago

    With exception to No Man Sky, I have beaten every game mentioned above....
    Sky is just a soul killing bore so everyone gets a free pass there.

    As for a game I could never finish, Watch Dogs in most recent history was just terrible.... Honorable mention to any Battle Toad game, they are by far the worst in history.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Game Did You Want to Finish, But Couldn't?