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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 10 days ago

    @SIGGYZtar Not necessarily. I mean they shifted to Retro when they moved from 2D to 3D. So my feeling is that the change in teams could indicate that they may be seeing the next installment as some kind of major paradigm shift as well.

    Posted in Metroid Prime 4 Being Handled By Bandai Namco Singapore [Report]

  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 A month ago

    It's interesting that you mention the different type of character that Bayek is, compared to previous protagonists. I noticed the same thing. He's much more accessible. In fact, he really reminded me of Benjamin Sisko from Deep Space Nine. That open, friendly, and down-to-earth demeanor, when compared to say Picard or Janeway from the other Star Trek series, who are more resigned, distant.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Origins Sheds the Series' Usual Rooftops in Favor of Something Greater

  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 A month ago

    @Roto13 I don't think they will hold it against you. Last time I did it, it took abt. a week before I had time to install and try it out, and nobody said anything. I don't think they see it as a binding agreement that you *will* run the beta firmware.

    I mean, they even give you the option to rollback to the regular firmware whenever you want.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in PS4 Owners Can Sign Up For System Update 5.50 Beta

  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 2 months ago
  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 3 months ago

    Woke up and and began to play, entered a new world--the Lake Lamode one. Had such a pleasant experience for abt. an hour before work. Crying now.

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Sells Nearly 500K in Japan At Launch, Pushes Switch to 126K

  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 3 months ago

    @Frosty840 No, I was looking at it in the context of criticism about the trailer. I just feel like this is a criticism on a meta-aspect of the game (the trailer) that would make more sense if it had been directed at the game as a whole.

    It just doesn't seem that profound or important when it's a trailer which is obviously poised for marketing purposes, and obviously a fragment of the game as a whole.

    I don't think that the journalist posed questions/criticism to Cage that they may not have posed to a filmmaker, etc. I think it was rather silly for Cage to counter like that. But I do think their level of scrutiny for a bleepin' trailer seems rather misplaced, and was really at a level one would normally reserve for a final product.Edited November 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Rhianna Pratchett Responds to David Cage: "Step Up to the Plate and Talk About the Creative Choices You Made"

  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 3 months ago

    @yuberus I don't think you understood what he said correctly. He's not saying there was no conscious choice to write the topic into the game. He is saying that the way it came up in the creative process wasn't simply, "Oh, let's look at some difficult human interest topics we can add to the game--ooh, look, child abuse! Let's slot that in!"

    Posted in David Cage: "You Don't Choose to Talk About Domestic Abuse"

  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 3 months ago

    @Thetick How is it simplistic? The game is about various paths you can choose that lead to different outcomes. If anything it is more complex (at least in terms of synthesis of the moving parts of the situation or scene). Maybe you could say the depiction of abuse is simplistic, but you're going off one scene in a trailer.

    Agree with Pratchett though; Cage shouldn't, and doesn't have to be defensive. It's a work of fiction--no one can really tell him "you cannot make this game or scene"--and he lost an opportunity to delve into the fabric that makes up the game.

    Also I feel that most people are seeing the forest for the trees. The trailer is less about the abusive situation between the parent and the child but more about the android's place in this human situation and the nature of the gameplay.

    Posted in Rhianna Pratchett Responds to David Cage: "Step Up to the Plate and Talk About the Creative Choices You Made"

  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 4 months ago

    @Traffe Wow, I just finished my first Sports Mode race in the full game. Not sure if it was because everyone was new and going by the SR 'rules' (I have a B rating, but that's what you start out with), but it was *incredibly* well mannered. One guy was driving a little eagerly, and bumped me from behind slightly (enough to throw me off and let him overtake me) and crossed the finish line before me.

    But it was a real pleasure and a laugh to see him penalized appropriately, and losing the placement. I feel this is an improvement since the demo last week, where even though someone hit you from behind and it was obviously their mistake, you would lose SR points, and they would not be affected. Here, my SR was not affected at all (in fact I gained SR points at the end of the race), so it looks like they've fixed that. This can only get better =)

    Image of the the scoreboard at the end of the raceEdited October 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Gran Turismo Sport Review: More Similar to the Prologue Series Than We'd Like [Now With a Score]

  • Avatar for airbagfin51 airbagfin51 4 months ago

    @Traffe I was in the closed betas as well as the recent demo. Each one has brought the game closer to the idea of 'clean racing', so much so that the overall effect is definitely not a game you go to for a destruction derby. It's not perfect, of course, but the online experience was starkly different to say, online on Driveclub.

    Posted in Gran Turismo Sport Review: More Similar to the Prologue Series Than We'd Like [Now With a Score]