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  • Avatar for averyvc92 averyvc92 10 months ago

    Surprised this wasn't announced as an Xbox One exclusive...

    Posted in Okay, I Guess Bubsy is Back

  • Avatar for averyvc92 averyvc92 A year ago

    Considering I pre-oredered this on a whim during the holiday sales on Amazon, I'm glad to hear they kept the voices! Plus no more random battles! Wahoo!

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

  • Avatar for averyvc92 averyvc92 A year ago

    Since Jurassic World turned out to be well received and was a financial success, I think it's a good time for a new Dino Crisis title to come out around the time of Jurassic world 2. Followup on that hype and interest Capcom!

    Posted in Capcom Needs to Get Creative About Reviving Its "Dormant IP"

  • Avatar for averyvc92 averyvc92 A year ago

    The more consoles on Virtual Console the better, I gladly hope this rumor is true. Would be great to finally play some classics titles I missed out on during the 6th generation of consoles.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Will Play GameCube Games via Virtual Console [Report]

  • Avatar for averyvc92 averyvc92 A year ago

    Looking back on the past, my first real gaming deal was receiving a large collection of NES cartridge from my old babysitter’s son when I was 8 years old. Some of the more notable pieces of the collection were Mega Man III, Contra, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Ninja Gaiden. Not to mention a large set of mint condition Nintendo Power magazines that were a pleasure in themselves to pour over.

    Now to think of some actual deals I remember my first personal score was going to the local GameStop for a used copy of Brave Fencer Musashi I had been eying up since playing the demo in an Official PlayStation Magazine issue several months prior. To my dismay when I asked the cashier for the used copy on display after around 15 minutes of searching he told me quite frankly they didn’t have any copy that he could find. Giving that a new copy was available but an extra $15, I just see it in the cards to get the game but the employee must have felt bad for me so he offered to sell me the new copy for the price of the used one. That may not have been the best deal ever but the fact the employee did that for me just made my week so it holds a special place for me in my gaming memories.

    Other deals come to mind like the time I had a random urge in the mid-2000’s to pick-up some new-to-me titles for my aging NES after rereading those Nintendo Power for the umpteenth time. One thing led to another and I found myself at my local GameStop again perusing their bin of retro games they had in the front of the store when I spied a title that caught my attention, Metal Storm. Still in the threshold of a bender on Toonami and Adult Swim’s run of mecha-anime such as Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Big-O and Zoids. Pulling the Cartridge out of the bin and looking at the iconic early 90’s robot design, I couldn’t resist picking it up for $5.99 and boy what a great decision. Not only was it a phenomenally cool concept and game, it seems the prices for a loose cart are skyrocketing in price!

    My final most memorable deal is rummaging through a Value City with my mom, looking to see if there was anything cool to get my little cousin for his upcoming birthday. At the time I was planning to hand him down my PlayStation (but I was not willing to part with my games, of course) and needed to get him a few games to start off his collection. While looking through their bin of clearance games I found several copies of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne for $3 and knew with his current obsession with Mega Man titles it was a perfect gift. Little did I know that was the last time I would ever see that game below 3 digits in price as it easily goes for over $120 just for the disc these days. Thank goodness for the PSOne Classics these days!

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the Best Game-Related Deal You Ever Found?