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  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 A year ago

    @Dorchadas it is a different time. To me it is hard to play games from the late 80s or early 90s without having played them back then or have a strong love of that eras games. I still love secret of mana, but I can definitely see people who haven't played it before not buying into the hype. The story is far more simplistic than most square stuff and sometimes I see the story progression as being stuck back in that era as well.

    Posted in My Ill-Conceived Dream: To Play Secret of Mana for the Nintendo PlayStation

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 2 years ago

    You could likely find Pilotwings resort for pretty cheap these days and it is fun for what it is(Essentially a 3DS tech demo). I think I played it for about 20-30 hrs or so, but it likely wouldn't suit everyones tastes as it is very low action.

    Posted in What are the Best Virtual Console Games for Nintendo 3DS?

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 2 years ago

    I really wonder what goes on inside DC. I wonder if anyone in the comics industry has thought about doing a Manga style continuous run of arcs tied together by an a larger overarching story.

    Posted in DC Universe Rebirth Starts This May

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 2 years ago

    I remember when I first beat this game. I was in the fifth grade and it was early morning before I would go to school. It took me months to complete this game, and of course games were tougher, more obtuse(things weren't spelled out for you), and just downright mean. Now I have this game memorized and can usually finish it in about 2 hours. One thing I can say though is that before Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda video games were (Mostly)complete garbage.

    Posted in Long Time Coming: Finishing the Original Legend of Zelda in 2016

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 2 years ago

    @mobichan This version uses a virtual D-pad. It works well actually, but my suggestions are to change the walking speed and D-pad setup to a set/stationary d-pad, but that is just a personal preference. I will say, in comparing the mobile version and the PC version that I played right before switching to the mobile version, is that the mobile version has far less old school conventions working against it. The menu system is far better on mobile and the graphics are sharp. It comes down to whether you are okay with a virtual d pad and a change to the overall look of the game. I can say that I started playing it and couldn't stop, but it seems easier and this may just be because I know what I am doing already.

    Posted in Need a Good Mobile RPG? Try Bumping into Ys Chronicles II.

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 2 years ago

    There are a number of problems with mobile gaming that need to be addressed that the the tech media, while they bash Nintendo for not making mobile games, seems to never ever address. The first is devices develop too quickly. If your device is more than two years old you are going to have problems running anything new. The next problem with mobile gaming is the frequent change in OS versions. Once the android operating system was updated it rendered the first 3 Dragon Quest games unplayable. The issue has never been addreseed by squeenix. Also, the World Ends With You stopped working when iOS went from 7 to 8, it took square nearly a year to make it work again. Problems I have never had with my 3DS. The final problem I see with mobile gaming (though there are many more problems) is more a square Enix problem with quality. FFVII on iOS is complete garbage, FFIX is great because some actual work was put into it. Square Enix is just too unreliable. The overall issue for me is that the tech media never address the issues that the app store and Google play have, but if these same problems were plagued the eshop we would have to hear about it ad nauseum from site like Kotaku, engadget, the verge, and polygon to name a few.Edited 2 times. Last edited February 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Final Fantasy IX is On Mobile, But You Need High-End Hardware to Run It

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 3 years ago

    @GustinHardy This is the real problem. There are real problems in the world, this is not one of them.

    Posted in Metroid Prime Federation Force: It's Okay to Say You're Disappointed

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 3 years ago

    @Ralek Look at some hi-res video and pictures of Star Fox, it actually looks fine. Remember gameplay elements are streaming to TV and the gamepad.

    Posted in The First ­Parties Forge New Directions at This Year's E3

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 3 years ago

    After watching FE X SMT(whatever it's called now) on the treehouse live stream today and it looked awesome.( I assume this is what your talking about when saying anime ). There are people in the world who don't want to be subjected to games that are all about shooting people, which is what Nintendo presents to us most of the time.

    Posted in The First ­Parties Forge New Directions at This Year's E3

  • Avatar for beauborchardt20 beauborchardt20 3 years ago

    My thing is this, what levels will nintendo include themselves? We already know that they are including the NWC levels, but I'll be interested in seeing what they include beyond that. I think the best thing about this is if I can download new levels continually for awhile even if I don't make my own, I will play this thing for a very long time. This game can practically become a service on its own that lasts long beyond the Wii U.

    BTW your article says its coming next year, but I was under the impression that the release date is September 11 of this year.Edited June 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in On the Show Floor: Getting Lost in the Sony Booth, Cosmic Star Heroine, and Why I'm Struggling with Super Mario Maker