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Freelance cartoonist who wishes he could be paid to play video games instead of drawing.

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  • Avatar for camchow camchow 2 days ago

    Just finished Tales of Berseria last night. Picked it up because of humble monthly. I pushed myself to finish it but man I don't think this series is for me anymore. Loved the older games but the story and dungeons in this one were painfully bad.
    Now to figure out what I want to play now that that's over. Excuse me while I proceed to stare at my steam backlog for hours until I decide...

    Posted in What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 13 days ago

    I never name them. I blame the cartoon.
    Well that and it's just easier that way and it's easier to replace them when you don't get too attached. Sorry Beedrill.

    Only exception being a nuzlocke run, but I've only done that once.

    Posted in It Turns Out Most People Don't Name Their Pokemon

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 14 days ago

    Huh, not a surprising move but might make me less inclined to ever try this. Not so much because I am a diehard steam defender but because of how cheap steam games can eventually get. I was able to get Fallout 4 for 25% off before launch on greenmangaming and same for the season pass before they jump that price up. I doubt we'll be able to find discounts like that if they are only selling it on their own platform.

    Posted in Fallout 76 is Skipping Steam

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 14 days ago

    Another gut punch right at the end, at least for me, was having to fight the Mana Beast itself. See as a kid I thought that was Flammie, all grown up and fully transformed into Mana Beast mode, in your quest to stop the Mana Fortress you end up taking your little buddy too close and awakening the primal need to protect the world from this Mana abusing techno obimantion. Poor Flammie goes berserk and will destroy everything unless you stop him yourself.

    ... but I guess that isn't what really happens? I've seen people say that's not really Flammie and it's just some other beast but idk, whatever, it'll always be my head cannon and that really makes the Secret of Mana ending even more tragic. You saved this weird dragon puppy and you have to Old Yeller the poor bastard in the end.

    Posted in Secret of Mana Defied a Major RPG Trope: A Happy Ending

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 17 days ago

    I've always said N. E. S. outloud but whenever I read it in my mind I always read it as NESS.

    Posted in Nintendo Confirms the Official Pronunciation of "NES," and It's the Right One

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 27 days ago

    Yikes... yeah this looks pretty bad. What's confusing to me is why not just keep the old characters? I mean update the look if you want, make it 3d cause of course that's what you do these days but all these new characters? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep the old characters so kids will want to play the games? Idk, what do I know. I just remember being a kid and loving LOVING the mega man cartoon with characters that matched the games, or even the Zelda or Super Mario Bros show that also featured the characters of the games (plus cavemen I guess if we include Super Mario World show).

    This just feels like it's different just to be different?

    Oh well, whatever, obviously going to echo the "it's not for me" comment everyone is making. I mean, I'm not mad (if you want mad let's talk Legends 3), just confused.

    Posted in Mega Man: Fully Charged Looks Weird and Different and Long-Time Mega Man Fans Will Have to Deal With It

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    @moochan Suikoden 2 is my answer too. That's an interesting point I've never gave much thought but Suikoden has done the 2d sprites on 3d backgrounds better than many modern games that attempt it. Maybe because you only see it in battles, whatever the case I love the look of that game and the attention to detail in the sprites and their animations.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Sprite-Based RPG from the Era That Inspired Octopath Traveler?

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    I was hoping for more dungeon runs. I know we just got 2 in a row but man, those are the most fun I've had with Hearthstone since it's launch.

    Posted in Hearthstone's Next Expansion Is the Mech-Heavy Boomsday Project

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    Not surprising that there isn't official mod support considering the game tries to get you to play with other people, even people you don't know. I wouldn't rule out the fan community making unofficial mods though, especially stuff that is cosmetic. I could definitely go for some retextures on certain armors for example.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World PC Won't Include Cross-Platform Play, Mod Support Unlikely

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    I'm always going to be a big Zelda 2 defender. I know it's super different but I love the ideas they put forth in that game. The magic system, a huge JRPG style overworld with a ton of towns. I wish Nintendo would try that kind of Zelda game again. I'd put it in my top 3 or 5 for sure.

    Posted in Best Zelda Games: All Legend of Zelda Games Ranked Worst to Best