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Freelance cartoonist who wishes he could be paid to play video games instead of drawing.

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  • Avatar for camchow camchow 1 days ago

    Maybe it's because I haven't played enough of these, or maybe it's just nostalgia, but I'll go with Gold Rush.

    Three completely different adventures based on how you choose to get to California. Loved this game as a kid, also I had no idea what Scurvy was but I learned after that failed attempt to sail around South America! Never did beat the Panama scenario though.

    Idk, there was just something really charming about having to type in each command. It tickled my little kid brain to be able to walk type in whatever I wanted as a command in these old Sierra games and seeing if the game registered it as something I could do.Edited Yesterday by Unknown

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Choose Your Own Adventure-Like Game?

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 2 days ago

    I'll be honest, I've done this kind of math in my own head for games I've bought. Didn't know GMG had something like this built into their store. I have definitely used though, but they go into way more detail.

    For someone with a relatively low income it's a good metric to think about. I mean I've enjoyed my fair share of short games (Firewatch was shorter than I expected but I love it) but for a $60 game I'm buying day one I personally want to expect a minimum amount of gametime. Like MGSV was unfinished and felt rushed but I can't feel too guilty about my $50 purchase because I got just over 100 hours of enjoyment out of that. I don't think that metric means nothing or that it's something you can ignore. Certainly not for a budget restrained gamer.

    Fallout 4 is another great example. According to Steam I have over 400 hours in that game (ok a lot of that is due to mods making new games different and interesting all over again so sorry if you got stuck on one of the other systems that isn't quite as moddable). I loved that game, it's flawed and it's story is kind of dumb but gameplay, exploration, building towns, and moddable content had me coming back to it every few months for a new playthrough or two. I got so much value out of that purchase. Here's the thing though, if that kind of thing isn't for you, you probably aren't forcing yourself to keep playing, so Steam isn't sending out a high number to calculate this average but it's pretty dismissive to say people are just forcing themselves to play a game they aren't enjoying to jack up that number.

    Anyway all that said I get that this is a tricky situation that could (and probably already has) lead to devs bloating their gametime with crap that isn't fun. Mass Effect Andromeda comes to mind with the slow galaxy traversal. I guess at the end of the day we have to hope consumers can use some context when they think about that metric. Cost per hour is going to vary so much even if everyone played 100 hours each considering how wildly sales discounts vary. I guess the best answer would be to throw out the cost per hour metric all together, think about how much you are paying (new game full price?, 20% off pre order, 50% a year later?) and the genre. It's probably pretty dumb to worry about game length for say a platformer like Sonic Mania but I don't think it's unreasonable to be able to use other players past data to see if that open world game you are curious about is going to be a fast clear or a world you can lose yourself in for 40+ hours or whatever.

    Posted in Don't Be Fooled, A Game's Cost Per Hour Value is Anti-Consumerist

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 9 days ago

    uh. hm.. how about Fallout 4 with the Frost survival overhaul mod. Takes out all the story, reworks the world to be closer to the nukes, everything is really radioactive, you die much faster but so do your enemies, and most importantly all the loot is rebalanced so you really have to think about is it worth wasting a bullet to kill this crazy guy, should I sneak up and baseball bat them or even just sneak away. Really changes the game.

    Otherwise Don't Starve

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Survival Game?

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 15 days ago

    Advance Wars for sure. With the recent success of Fire Emblem they really need to give Advance Wars another shot.

    Posted in What Game Would You Like to See Make a Comeback?

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 15 days ago

    @bigbadboaz I completely disagree, 3 frame animation for walk cycles was standard. It looks fine, it's nostalgic, that's what they are going for. I think it looks good. The only thing I'd say is that the slow walk animation of the old Castlevania's looks a bit odd when the screen is so wide. It's obvious they are going for that Castlevania look and they definitely nailed it.

    Posted in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is a New 8-Bit Castlevania-like Game from The Gunvolt Developers

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 15 days ago

    I love reading how successful MHWorld has been for them. It makes me so excited for the future of this series.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Edges Closer to an Incredible 8 Million Sales

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    It's a shame they took out Lagi, you can really tell there is a lack of lightning equipment mid game because of it.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Lagiacrus Footage Shows us What Could Have Been

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    Probably one of the Mega Man nes games. Maybe 3. I go back and play those more often than any other game because they are short but satisfying.

    Other than that maybe Fallout 4. With overhaul mods there is just always so many new ways to approach the game. I wish more games were as easily moddable as Bethesda RPGS.

    Posted in What's Your Most Replayed Game?

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    I'm hyped for this game, was always planning on getting the PS4 version. I'm only bummed about the main character. Kind of wish they kept the character customization of the previous two entries. The main character is a silent protag anyway so I don't really see the need to keep him as is. Oh well, honestly I just think the main character looks kind of dumb but otherwise still pretty hyped for the game, hope he grows on me somehow.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI is Engineered to Try and Woo a Western Audience (Again)

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 2 months ago

    @Funny_Colour_Blue I wasn't a fan of underwater combat either. It's just much harder to properly judge distance for attacking and evading attacks in a big blue void without the ground to judge exactly how close to the monster you are. Underwater combat just became poke with lance and hide hide hide.

    Posted in Lagiacrus was Prototyped for Monster Hunter: World