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Freelance cartoonist who wishes he could be paid to play video games instead of drawing.

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  • Avatar for camchow camchow 23 days ago

    @otenko MHWorld has less grinding than ever. Since you don't need a full set for armor bonuses anymore you can easily craft 1-3 pieces of gear from each Monster and move onto the next. That along with how much stronger your palicos are means you could easily just main line the story quests if that is literally all you want to do. If you are at all curious I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot. Stick to a basic weapon like sword and shield or greatsword and honestly it's not really that complicated. To be honest the crafting and menus of Horizon Zero Dawn were more complex imo... or at least the menus were worse to navigate.

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn is a Gateway Into The World of Monster Hunter

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 24 days ago

    I love this. One of the best things about Monster Hunter is how silly and cute it let's itself be, Felynes are a big part of that.

    Palicos feel like they've been given a huge buff this time around too, maybe that's cause you usually only have the one instead of two but I haven't noticed my Palico pal getting KOd even once compared to how often they went down in Generations. Combine that new strength and add a wild Felyne to your group, plus a rideable monster I feel like this series has never been more solo friendly. My palico with his lightning bug cage and (if I'm lucky) a wild trapper felyne makes hunts go smoother than ever before.

    Posted in An Ode to Felynes, Monster Hunter's Fur-Bearing Rodeo Clowns

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 25 days ago

    I always appreciate the option for a complete redo mid game, no matter how much time you put into your avatar you never really know what they really look like in motion. Maybe the eyes you pick are way more gigantic than they initially seemed...

    Then again in some scenes they look great and in others they look off, it happens. Wouldn't mind being able to tweak them though!

    Posted in Capcom Might Consider a Character Creator Do-Over Feature for Monster Hunter: World if There's Fan Demand

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 26 days ago

    As a long time fan I can't express how happy I am more and more people are getting into the series with this version. Just wait until all the goofy free DLC comes out! Can't wait to get the mega man set for my palico!

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Ships 5 Million Units Worldwide

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 27 days ago
  • Avatar for camchow camchow 30 days ago

    I just beat Dark Souls 3 for the first time yesterday and I am so ready for my copy of Monster Hunter to get here tomorrow. So glad to see it reviewing well, I've been hyped since that first trailer, this weekend is going to be fantastic.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Review: A Sublime Safari

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    Nintendo Labo is cute and all but I don't need any more junk cluttering up my apartment. I'll pass. I think this is a wonderful idea and I bet kids will love it (I would have) but I'm ok not being the target market here, it's okay. We can love Nintendo and not have to buy every last thing they put out.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Kit Do You Want in the Future?

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago
  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    Going to vote for Advance Wars again cause it needs to happen and also because otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with gaming over all lately.

    I mean I could complain that the new game in the Front Mission series isn't going to be a tactical SRPG but whatever.

    People love Fire Emblem, people love Xcom, so why aren't Advance Wars and Front Mission really coming out for me to love on them.

    Posted in The Games We Hope Will be Announced in 2018

  • Avatar for camchow camchow A month ago

    Yes yes yes ADvance Wars! More than anything! Also go back to the cartoony colorful style. Days of Ruin's systems and new units were great but man that game is ugly

    Posted in What We Want From Nintendo in 2018