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  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut A year ago

    Really glad this game is getting some appreciation. I think a lot of people take the stance that its worthless compared to newer Mario Karts--for me, it's on a whole nother level.

    Blazing fast, simple, slick, nuanced. All of the simple systems pull their weight a lot harder than the more built-up systems of later games. Battle Course 2 is perfect, and the duels are much more refined, intense, and unpredictable than the 4player craziness of later battle modes. I've been playing for decades and I still experience new situations. Honestly, this is one of the few games that makes me laugh every time I play it--it's just nuts what happens with the shells and item physics sometimes, but they always make sense. And I appreciate that battle mode is blazing fast without bothering with driftsparks. They really feel out of place in Battle Mode and get in the way of the fun.

    Super Mario Kart has a lot of quirks, but the more you play it, the more they recede, and the more pure and perfect the game gets.Edited July 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #7: Super Mario Kart

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    Mushihimesama Futari Black Label, without a doubt. Up there with Super Mario Kart and Chrono Trigger as my absolute favorite game of all time.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Game DLC or Expansion?

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    I've never played a true roguelike before, but this looks right up my alley. Those sprites are truly gorgeous ;_; Sadly, I'm gonna have to sit on it for a while--have to beat Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and play through Furi and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines.

    My girlfriend has a copy of Etrian Mystery Dungeon on our 3DS, but the lack of permadeath really throws me on whether it can be a suitable replacement. I'm very much an arcade gamer, and as another commenter mentioned, I think that permadeath really appeals to me as a "play and replay" mechanic. I'm sure Etrian Mystery Dungeon has its own appeal, but it seems to me like it's more "built up" than Shiren, which I'm not sure I'm looking for.

    And dear lord, those sprites!

    Posted in Shiren the Wanderer Vita Review: Rogue Leader

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who looked at the image on the front page and immediately saw Adventure Time

    Posted in Now You Can Finally Play the Worst Famicom Game in English

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    Off the top of my head—Jr. Troopa from Paper Mario and Solt and Peppor from Chrono Cross. Tutorial bosses always come back for more!

    Posted in Bosses Who Won't Just Leave You Alone

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    @Flojomojo Personally, I find value in a well-made "dream system" to play these games on. I don't like playing games on my PC, and there are a ton of games that don't have a console version. The system looks good and the controller looks good—here's hoping the games deliver the goods as well.

    Posted in RETRO VGS, the Flip Side of the Quest for Classic Game Fidelity

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    There are a ton of JRPGs I haven't even given a second look because they look so anime-fanservicey. I don't mean things like Persona or Etrian which appear to have their own identity, but rather things that are clearly an appeal to anime fandom and nobody else. I'm not one for moe-eyed girls and too-cute dialogue all the time. So I wonder if I've missed out on anything genuinely good.

    Posted in Gaming's Never-Ending Adolescence

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    This article nails it. I wonder, though, if one could make a sexually mature game that involves player choice. Because it seems like that would open any game up to flowcharting, and turn any in-game portrayal of a relationship into a sequence of strategy-guided button presses. Even if the players were responsible, ultimately you'd be saying "there is only one way to this person's heart."

    Posted in Gaming's Never-Ending Adolescence

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    I was pretty skeptical reading this — the idea of a console for re-releasing cartridge versions of indie games isn't nearly as appealing to me as a platform for releasing new 8 and 16-bit style games. But it looks like they're going for both angles, and it looks like they have a really smart design put together. I like that there's RCA cables and HDMI, there's no updating required, and there's controller ports for a smart looking (wired) Pro U style controller as well as classic Genesis controllers. I think this is a *major* uphill battle, but so far they're doing everything right.

    I think if they manage to secure just a few fun exclusive new games, and maybe include one as a pack-in, then they've done as well as anyone possibly could. This console depends on the games, of course, even moreso than any other. The lineup so far doesn't *really* inspire me, though it's admittedly not bad. Get a few exclusives and release it for a decent price point and you're golden.

    As for comparisons to the Ouya... yeah, the Ouya did get a major headwind, but it was ultimately a *total piece of garbage*. I have a (free) Ouya in my basement, and I can tell you that it's just about the most consumer-unfriendly pile I've ever seen. Free the games? Yeah, that basically amounted to "here's a free demo," but the interface is so confusing and, honestly, sneaky that there was more than one time where I thought I accidentally bought a game. And the controller is the worst thing I have ever played games on. There are controllers I don't particularly like (N64 comes to mind) and I've even used a number of 3rd-party controllers in my day, but nothing even comes close. It's just this clacky, junky, flimsy piece of junk.

    I don't wanna sound mad about the Ouya, because I didn't even pay for it. I think though, that no matter what the original intentions for it were, something got lost along the way and we ended up with something uniquely terrible and disappointing. The Retro VGS looks like a solid console, whether or not it gets the support it needs to succeed.Edited 2 times. Last edited August 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in RETRO VGS, the Flip Side of the Quest for Classic Game Fidelity

  • Avatar for catstronaut catstronaut 2 years ago

    Definitely looking forward to Dancing All Night and Darius Burst. Usually Vita's games just blow right by me, though—Vita has a very specific niche that doesn't usually align with my interests, unfortunately.

    Posted in PlayStation Vita Finds a Lifeline in Japan