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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 12 hours ago

    I preordered one of these just in case they include Valkyrie Profile on it. I'd love to replay Einhander, R-Type Delta or Front Mission 3 as well.

    The truth is that playstation one was the early days for 3D games and the console is an awkward-ass teenager in the evolution of video games. I do not think that the graphics of many of these other titles will stand the test of time. Super Nintendo perfected 16 bit games and that's why the graphics are still so readable and timeless. To me it wasn't until the dreamcast/ps2 era that 3D games started looking sensible. I'm still probably going to get one if they put the right games on it though. Give us RPGs and SHMUPs Sony.

    Posted in PlayStation Classic Wishlist: The Games We Want for the Final 15 Spots (And Then Some)

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 2 days ago

    Eh I don't know. I sold my xbox and no longer pay for playstation plus. Switch is my go to console and I mostly play with a friend online so I think it is totally worth it for me. Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 are both so much fun to play and I held out for Portable Dark Souls. It would be great if they threw some nes/snes shmups on there like R-Type 3 or Gradius 3 (with the online service). I'm pumped R-Type Dimensions is coming to switch and I'm getting ready to dust off my ps2 for some Treasure-developed Gradius V (and Shadow Hearts) action.Edited 2 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Hasn't Even Launched Yet, and It Already Has Major Problems

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 5 days ago

    I'm with Matt Kim on having Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes and I'd add Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver to keep the Travis Train in motion.Edited 5 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in What Character Would You Like to See Next in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 7 days ago

    If this had been an announcement for Super Mario 3D World I would have done a happy dance. But alas, it is not, and there will be no dancing.

    Posted in The Best New Super Mario Bros. is Coming to Switch

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 7 days ago

    I don't have any expectations but that screen shot is gorgeous.

    Posted in Pokemon Developer Announces New Original RPG "Town"

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 7 days ago

    Mass Effect was amazing and I understand those interesting rough edges. The original felt like a weird space opera and I dug it a lot. The first time you get off the ship in interesting space suits, with that strange atmosphere, it all felt alien. It felt like those cool 70's and 80's space movies like Alien and 2001. Chunky, weird sci fi, like how they used to imagine the future in the 80's where computers made beeps and clicks and spitted out in strange digital code. Not that it was the same as those but it just had that "cheesy in the right way" space aesthetic vibe.
    2 was definitely more of a known quality and picked up some then popular gaming conventions though I love where they took it. 2 also cleaned up the inventory system and the ammo types were fun to use.

    Posted in The Top 25 RPGs of All Time #15: Mass Effect

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 8 days ago

    @Wellman2nd I'd do anything to have Metroid Prime and Skies of Arcadia on the Switch.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Memberships Start on September 18, More Details in Thursday's Rescheduled Nintendo Direct

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 9 days ago

    @Jonnyboy407 I'm at 90. I've been really chilling and exploring but pretty much going into the stories as my next step.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Reviews Dragon Quest XI!

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 9 days ago

    @Gamer-Law Yeah I feel the same way. I am much more likely to buy a game, especially an rpg, for the switch than I am for the ps4. I hope that the switch version makes it here and makes it in nice shape. The ps4 version looks so beautiful (and graphically taxing) that it makes me wonder what sorts of concessions they'd have to make for the switch version. I feel like I'll end up getting it on ps4 when it gets a little bit cheaper if there's still no word on the switch version.

    I'm getting to the end game of Octopath and man that game is so fun! I have to admit that Bob Mackey's point about the self-serious stories is so true though that doesn't take away from the combat and exploration. I have about half of the chapter 4's and two of the optional bosses/jobs left and I don't want it to end. I got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on release, never played it, and I'm hoping it enthralls me similarly to how Octopath has.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Reviews Dragon Quest XI!

  • Avatar for chaoticBeat chaoticBeat 9 days ago

    @tvsadam That was great moment, thank you for posting that! XD
    I 'member

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Reviews Dragon Quest XI!