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  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 A month ago

    I thought releasing a game early and then improving it over time was the point of Early Access. NMS could have avoided so many problems if it had just released as Early Access and made clear from the beginning that it was going to be constantly working to improve the game. Instead, it let the hype train overtake it, then remained silence in the face of backlash, and only months later started dropping updates. If this is the future of games, it's not a very smart business model.

    Posted in No Man's Sky Next is a Testament to the Modern Era of Evolving Video Games

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 2 months ago

    any chance the Last Jedi versions of Rey and Kylo will be made available? Right now they were only preorder bonuses.

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Completely Remove Paid Loot Crates and Star Cards

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 2 months ago

    It's almost as if not everybody likes the same thing and different people have different tastes. Maybe some people will like the film, while others won't...

    Posted in Ready Player One is Already Polarizing Fans and Critics

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 2 months ago

    @falz3333 agreed, this article vastly overstates the "answers" Lord Emon's arrival provides. Emon doesn't tell the player anything about the nature of Dormin, the Forbidden Lands, etc. It's still unclear if Dormin is evil or just a misunderstood powerful creature.

    I'm also a bit worried about the prevalence of JJ Abrams' mystery box in modern storytelling, which is nominally about getting audiences invested through mystery but all too often is just a lazy excuse to eschew world building and answers (see Westworld, Lost). I think SotC gets this balance just right. Most of SotC remains mysterious, but the ending helps provide context and make the stakes feel real. Shadows would have been nearly as satisfying if it just ended with nothing after the 16th Colossus.

    Posted in How Shadow of the Colossus’ Ending Betrays its Own Storytelling

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 3 months ago

    "There is no better PR than a happy gamer recommending your title to their friends."

    Ding, Ding, Ding! Someone gets it. You can sometimes get away with selling a bad game by tricking people, but that can only work for so long before it damages your brand. Reputation is everything in the market nowadays.

    Posted in CD Projekt Red on Loot Box Controversy: "Gamers are Striking Back"

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 3 months ago

    @benjaminlu86 I agree, these seem like really odd nominees. I'm surprised Nier and Prey and even Mass Effect: Andromeda aren't mentioned, despite the latter's well documented problems.

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn Wins Oustanding Achievement in Video Game Writing at Writers Guild Awards

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 3 months ago

    @Flipsider99, yep. The term I keep seeing on Twitter now is "Peak Star Wars." Given the backlash to The Last Jedi, lack of interest in Solo, and anger about the Weiss & Benioff announcement, it's hard to find anyone genuinely excited about the franchise these days.

    Posted in Star Wars Should Do for Video Games What It's Doing With the Movies

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 3 months ago

    My concern is less about the studio and more about the idea of making it a film given the dismal record of video game adaptations. Mario especially makes no sense as a film. The games have never had a story and thin characters. For a movie, you need a story and characters. There's never been anything cinematic or epic about the Mario games. They're platformers, which is great for a game, but for a movie you need something with a bit more emotional resonance. Even game franchises with stronger stories and characters, like Ratchet & Clank, didn't do well in movies because the writers just didn't know how to tell the story in a different medium. IF Nintendo had to based a movie on one of its properties, Zelda would have been a much more natural fit. It'd be relatively easy to adapt the general Zelda archetypal story and characters to the silver screen.

    Posted in The Super Mario Movie is in Fine Hands at Illumination Entertainment

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 3 months ago

    @NiceGuyNeon, I wish I had as much faith as you do in EA and Bioware these days. It'd be great if they took the best of Witcher game design, but EA always seems to take the worst ideas in game design instead.

    Posted in Dragon Age 4 is Confirmed and May Have "Live Elements"

  • Avatar for dard410 dard410 3 months ago

    @NiceGuyNeon, Inquisition won praise in 2014 because the world hadn't seen Witcher 3 yet. Many reviewers and players at the time criticized but ultimately accepted Inquisition's combat and fetch-quests. Now that Witcher 3 showed the world how to do an RPG that contains a great story, meaningful quests, and decent combat, opinions on Inquisition have soured somewhat. Had Inquisition come out in late 2015, I suspect it would have received much less praise.

    Posted in Dragon Age 4 is Confirmed and May Have "Live Elements"