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  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme A month ago

    @SimonGreedwell Because that's not the scenario, this is like following a patron back to their home and monitoring them to see if they live their life exactly how you want and if they don't then banning them from your establishment.

    Posted in Blizzard is Using YouTube to Find Toxic Overwatch Players

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme 2 months ago

    Very Orwellian. I'll say no to the thought police, thanks.

    Posted in Blizzard is Using YouTube to Find Toxic Overwatch Players

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme 3 months ago

    Cross Platform is cool and all but Sony would be dumb to actually go through with it, and if you think that Microsoft would be supporting cross platform play with Sony if they had majority market share then you have another thing coming. Microsoft, the company that started the console dlc exclusivity deals from last gen. The only one who probably would do it, would be Nintendo.

    Posted in What We Want From PlayStation in 2018

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme 4 months ago

    @dr134 I have played the game and star cards (particularly blue and purple rarities) definitely make a noticeable difference. I was hitting 15ish kills in Starfighter Assault until I unlocked the +health and +primary damage cards to blue and started consistently hitting 25-30 kills per game. It is less noticeable in Galactic Conquest but it's still there and it is making a decent game fairly unenjoyable.

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Adds the First New Updates to Its Loot System

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme 5 months ago

    So instead of innovating new ways to catch new players up with cards and teaching fundamental skills, they are telling them to play against the AI. You know what would be cool? Selling starter decks that model a meta deck, but aren't exactly top tier so players are still incentivized to buy pack, but expand their collections and learn key card interactions. Nah though, giving new players a rewardless (minus a card back) pve mode is definitely a game changer.

    Posted in The Hearthstone Devs Go In-Depth on Dungeon Runs, and Address Safety at Fireside Gatherings

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme 9 months ago

    Until Dawn is an awesome game! First PSN lineup that I've been excited in for a while.

    Posted in July's PlayStation Plus Lineup Includes Until Dawn, Tokyo Jungle, Telltale's Game of Thrones

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme A year ago

    @Thad It's less of a concern over the trademark being affirmatively defended or not, and more an issue of content being created for your brand that you have no control over. Even though this team created a good product (and I assume that there was no offensive content in it), it sets a precedent for others to be able to create content and leaves the company open to brand damage.

    (Edit) Before the argument is made that most people would understand that the content is not from Nintendo when they download it, you have to approach the issue from the viewpoint of the company and a casual gamer or a parent. These consumers would probably see a game labelled "Pokemon" and assume that it was created by Nintendo (see Pokemon Go), and when they catch their kids battling porn stars -- Nintendo will assume the blame for content that they never approved in the first place. This is obviously an extreme example, but companies take these possibilities into account when they make these decisions.

    There is also a business argument to be made, where a third party team makes a game that is better than yours, and that leeches sales or hype for your next game in the franchise. Either way, it's Nintendo's intellectual property to do with as it pleases.Edited 2 times. Last edited September 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Pokemon Uranium Fan Project Closes Up Shop

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme 2 years ago

    Super excited about this. I quit playing because I hated the way the meta was forming around these cards!

    Posted in Adieu, Dr. Boom: Blizzard Announces Major Changes to Hearthstone

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme 2 years ago

    I've never played Rogue Galaxy but the montage footage caught my attention. I could see myself dropping 15 for the ability to play it on my ps4 and talk to my friends while I'm playing the game.

    Posted in Eight PS2 Games Coming to PS4 Tomorrow, But They're Pricey

  • Avatar for darksoulsplayedme darksoulsplayedme 2 years ago

    You can get exotics in normal strikes...just pop a three of coins before the bosses.

    Posted in Destiny: The Taken King: Solo Insights a Month After Launch