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  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago

    @chaoticBeat I was thinking the exact same thing. Never cared for Monster Hunter, but Dragon's Dogma was something I bought 3 times and spent waaay too much time on. Online drop in co-op was the one thing that game was missing...

    Posted in Monster Hunter World Cleaves the Fandom into Rival Camps

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago


    You're making the same mistake that people make when they trash HotS for not having last hits. Last hitting is not a "bad mechanic", nor is it inherently a good one. Also, the majority of players with a reasonable amount of experience do not treat it as you describe. I've only recently gotten into HotS (nexus challenge successfully pulled me and about 5 others to it), but I have thousands of hours in DotA, which I've flamed out on.

    HotS doesn't have last hits because the minions are not a resource to be fought over. They are merely an incentive to fight at that location. This makes it an altogether different ethos, not a different mechanic.

    Posted in On its Second Anniversary, Heroes of the Storm Has Finally Turned a Corner

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago

    I too have been lured to HotS by the promise of Overwatch skins.
    However, unlike you I've a few thousand hours experience in DotA.

    I've enjoyed HotS a bit, and it's probably a good game for people who've not played MOBAs before. I started with DotA 2 and just jumped right in. I was lucky (unlucky?) that when I picked it up I had a ton of free time. I honestly don't think the game would have drawn me in if I couldn't have played like 5 hours every day. So if you're an actual adult with real life things I think HotS is a good game to get a MOBA fix with without having to commit anything. It's unlikely to draw anyone away from a MOBA they already play though.

    Posted in Heroes of the Storm, MOBAs, and Dipping Into an Unknown Lexicon of Gaming

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago

    I played Mad Max the whole way through and enjoyed it for the most part, but this article describes more of what it was trying to be than what it actually was.

    There aren't really these decisions to be made.
    Most fights are pretty easy, so you do not need to use the shotgun in melee fights. The shivs too become more of a way to make fights easier rather than ever truly needing them.
    Water isn't scarce, and the game has an upgrade system where a lot of the perks are rubbish, which allows you to focus on things like water gathering.

    After a certain point (fairly early in the game) your bases are upgraded enough that your ammo, fuel and water all refill whenever you go there. So if you're ever presented with the scenario described here about not having fuel so being unable to blow open a door, just fast travel to a race you've completed, grab a can, and fast travel as far back as you.

    One of the more jarring things about the game is how you have so much freedom until it gets to the narrative portion of the game. Max is a character you have 0 control over. This isn't a bad thing exactly, but it's just very different, and it's somewhat irritating to not be able to avoid making obviously selfish and stupid decisions all the time.

    It's a fun game for the most part, but not what this article makes out IMO.

    Posted in Relishing the Vast Post-Apocalypse of the Highly Underrated Mad Max

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago

    Haha, someone care to remind me why I even have an Xbone anymore?

    Posted in Spider-Man From Insomniac Coming to PS4 This Year

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago

    I'm enjoying the game, but I really agree with most of this. Especially the part about making it open world. At first I thought this was necessary to facilitate the new vertical aspect the game introduced, but then I played the mission on the pirate Kett ship. That mission felt so much like old Mass Effect, God, even some of Liam's lines were good! I was never one of the people that complained about the universe being a series of corridors in 3, I always thought it lent itself to making locales more atmospheric and focused. I don't think the switch to DA:I style open world has done this game any favours.

    I don't agree at all about the combat or alleged lack of interesting enemies. None particularly stand out in my mind from ME or ME2, and only the Banshee does from 3 because they were creepy AF. The combat itself (I've only played Vanguard and engineer so far) feels like a dialled up version of 3. You say it encourages you to spam your most powerful ability, I'd say it actually does this less than 3 did. In 3 I pretty much used charge-nova charge-nova with some punches or shooting to prime enemies. As a soldier I used Adrenaline and Flare and nothing else, and this made me more or less unstoppable. Removing shared CD but limiting available powers means that you're never using an ability instead of something else.

    The story and the characters is where this game truly lets you down. My biggest issue is actually with Ryder. I don't know if it was part of jettisoning the Paragon/Renegade dichotomy, but I feel like there's 0 difference in anything I do or say. No option I have is ever particularly ruthless. My favourite part of the ME series was shooting Mordin in the back, because head-cannon wise my Shepherd would do anything to stop the Reapers, even gun down someone she cared for. It doesn't feel like goofy ass Ryder will ever be capable of making any such truly hard decision. Just the ol' shoot him or let him free decisions.

    Speaking of not being able to murder crew mates, that's actually a shame. I would happily open the airlock for Liam and Peebee and probably wouldn't even notice if Cora and Jaal happened to get sucked out with them.

    Oh well, at least Drack and Vetra are cool..

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda's Biggest Problem Is That It's Kind of Boring

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago

    This is understandable, but not sensible. Lashing out at people who are clearly trying to reduce the very marginalisation you are referring to indicates to them that they shouldn't spend time doing this. Eating your own gets you relentlessly mocked by the other side and alienates the people who were sympathetic to your cause.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda's Transgender Character Backfires on Social Media

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago

    This reminds me of the gay relationships in ME3. I seem to remember a lot of gay people losing their shit because it was badly handled... It's Mass Effect. ALL RELATIONSHIPS ARE BADLY HANDLED! So now trans people are complaining because no one would say "Hi I'm trans and my name was Stephen!". You know what, no one would say "Boy is my face tired!" either.

    I get that it's badly done, and it's worth commenting on. However, it gives me the irrits that some interest groups act like it's some personal insult whenever a blunder happens like this. I don't remember the trans community jumping up and down about how great (or bad) Krem was in DA:I (maybe they did, correct me if I'm wrong). Why do they get outraged rather than laughing at this idiocy?Edited March 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda's Transgender Character Backfires on Social Media

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago


    Yeah totally. Hopefully cyberpunk will scratch some of that itch as well. I'll definitely be getting this and I'll likely enjoy it a lot, but it's sad to see this game heading away from what made it great in the first place.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for descent303 descent303 A year ago


    Agreed, I've also played through this one a heap of times.
    Aside from what you mentioned, it also had the best DLC. The Omega and shore leave expansions were absolutely top notch (Although, shadow broker in 2 was great as well).

    I didn't mind the ending, but I also felt it wasn't exactly important. In every subsequent playthrough after my first I turned it off as soon as you start running towards that light.

    Posted in Mass Effect 3 Deserves to be Remembered for More Than its Final 15 Minutes