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  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    wow, i wonder if this puts the nail in the Valkyria Series, a shame we never got VC3 on the Vita.

    Posted in Valkyria Revolution Review: War Crimes

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    disappointed that this isn't coming to Vita. I wanted to give this game a second chance and playing JRPGs portably feels too good.

    Posted in The Final Fantasy XII Team Will Consider Another Ivalice Game With the Right Feedback

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    No lie, although I am a PS4 fan/user, I think the XB1X concept, with the backward compatibility and the fact that XB1X games will be essentially future proof b/c they'll appear on your PC library, is a great sales pitch. My one issue would be switching ecosystems, I'm not a heavy PC gamer, and I didn't go dual console this generation bc of the muddled up message with the previous XBox head, but that being said, the majority of the games that pique my interest are 3rd party.

    I don't know what Sony will announce but I hope that the XB1X reveal and marketing force their hand to at least tell us how they're going to futureproof our digital libraries, as well as if they're will be any access to back catalogs on the PS3, I have a bunch of smaller and big AAA games locked onto my PS3 b/c I decided to go digital.Edited June 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in All the Announcements and Trailers From The Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference: Xbox One X, Crackdown 3, Anthem, and More

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    I would argue that Mystic Cave Zone or Metropolis Zone have a better soundtrack, Mystic Cave Zone having the better platforming and exploring of the two. Chemical Plant Zone's exploring was neat but the music really wasn't my favorite. I tended to explore the Casino Zone and Mystic Cave Zone when I was a kid.

    Posted in Sonic Mania Brings Back the Best Sonic Level Ever

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    Vanillaware is one of the few companies that I'm all in without a review. Love the art and you gotta support it to see more of it.

    Posted in Atlus Brings Another Gorgeous Vanillaware Game, 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim, to the West

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    wow, the game looks pretty neat, can't believe I'm in a period of time to catch a wave of classically inspired games, kinda crazy if you think about it.

    Posted in Iconoclasts Offers the Perfect Combination of Vintage SEGA And Nintendo

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago


    Are you kidding me? I can't criticize a company that I grew up with, I've had a Nintendo since the NES. When one of my friends is making a mistake I don't stay quiet and watch them I try to help them out; I would love for Nintendo to be the dominant power it was in the SNES days but guess what gimmicky features, overpriced tech, and real competition show how bad Nintendo's corporate environment really is. That's not to say their games are bad, far from it, in spite of Nintendo shooting itself in the foot they still produce great games.

    Not sure why you globbed onto the PS4 but I'm a fan of Xbox too and bang for your buck the fact you can play/buy Xbox 360 and XB1 games are cross compatible with PC is a really good move that I think if Sony doesn't respond to could shift the tides a bit.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Service Pushed to 2018, Will Cost $20 Per Year

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    i remember playing the demo for this game on PS4, I thought the animations and character designs were neat but the actual movement felt slow and heavy. I don't recall 100percent the skull girls gameplay but if I remember correctly that how that game felt too.

    Posted in Skullgirls' Developers' Upcoming Game Indivisible Is Coming to Switch in 2018

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    wow, can't believe the nintendo faithful will put up with this. Man if people would just let this ship sink and nintendo became 3rd party they would be so much happier, I know I would, but I'm sure rebuying the same games(roms) over and over, lack(luster) of online support and chat, and just gimmicky overpriced tech is too much for those filled with nostalgia to objectively admit is just a bad service.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Service Pushed to 2018, Will Cost $20 Per Year

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A year ago

    genuinely excited for the game. I hope it lives up the hype and I hope the game has a bunch of secret stages to enter. as a kid I never played Sonic running as fast as I could from one end to the other, once I found out the emeralds and unlocking super sonic it was about finding hidden stages and exploring the paths to the finish.Edited May 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Sonic Mania Gets a Release Date and the Best Sonic Trailer I've Ever Seen