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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    I can't say much about Cross, as it's been 16 years this summer since I played it for the first and last times. But that plural is no typo: it's the only game I've immediately played through again in its entirety upon finishing it once. I slept on it for those two years largely out of prejudice against a Chrono Trigger "sequel" that didn't look anything like the original, utilized 3D graphics and pre-rendered backgrounds (which at the time I couldn't stand), etc. I finally gave in and played it and loved it, but not "as a sequel". Now I just... don't care. It's a great game, and I'm happy it was made. I suppose having to let go of any hope for a proper follow-up to other greats of the period like Xenogears broke me of any sentimental attachment to the idea of an experience like that being recreated.

    One thing, though: when are YouTubers going to stop claiming that upscaling SD video and horizontally stretching it into oblivion somehow magically makes it HD? Is this some form of clickbait, or do they honestly think they're somehow "remastering" and improving upon the source?Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    According to what I read on Persona Central (which I would assume came from Atlus itself), the "Endless Night" package for PS4 will retail at $99.99. GameStop's listing is up, and reflects this pricing. In other words, you're getting the two new games at $10 discounts, and the digital copy of P4D is effectively free.

    The pricing for the Vita bundle (digital, it seems) containing only the two new games was reported as $69.99.

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    This is getting pretty ridiculous at this point. I'd love to have more of the kinds of games I enjoy on 3DS come to the Switch (as it is, there aren't many), but I understand that it's not going to be that simple for every developer (especially smaller ones) to just shift all of its development over from a low-powered system with an idiosyncratic design to a modern, HD platform with a snap of the fingers. My concern when the Switch was announced was that if it were to "replace" the 3DS, it was - best case scenario - going to take some time for many of these developers to adjust and move everything to pure HD development. At worst, certain types of games that flourished on the 3DS were just going to die out. So I'm happy the 3DS is being kept alive. I'm totally fine if the 3DS keeps going throughout the entirety of the Switch's lifetime. Why not?

    I have to admit, I do get a little tired of the incredulity surrounding Atlus' continued adherence to the 3DS in particular. I roll my eyes every time I see a comment or article suggesting that they're somehow out of touch because they're not just waving a magic wand and porting these games to the Switch. This comes up pretty much every time they announce a new 3DS game.

    Most of these (if not all - maybe even Radiant Historia?) are based on the Etrian Odyssey engine, and as such the two-screen setup is fundamental to their construction. Atlus will in all likelihood first have to totally re-engineer Etrian before they can start making games like these for a platform other than the 3DS, which one can only assume will take a lot of time and resources. Even if they announce something along those lines tomorrow, it's doubtful straightforward ports of these games will be possible.

    That said, they did in fact recently tease a future development for the Etrian series, and based on their confirmation that Etrian Odyssey X would be the last game in the series made in the dual-screen format, one can only assume it's going to be on some other platform. I just hope it's not mobile.Edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    I was going to bring up the Game Center CX/Retro Game Challenge games (and am very happy to see them brought up here), but in the context of highlighting a couple of the same developer's other creations: NES* Remix 1 & 2. I suppose these count? In any case, they don't seem to be talked about too often these days, but they seem ripe for Switch porting. indieszero is a developer whose name you don't often hear, despite it being behind such cult(?) favorites as these, and more recently Sushi Striker.

    It's funny that Game Center CX should be brought up, since I just took delivery of two new GCCX "Best Selection" Blu-rays from Japan (note to the curious: these do not include English subtitles). It's an utterly brilliant show that deserves to be more widely known outside of its home country, but I suppose that isn't happening unless someone else is bold enough to license more of it and find a new place for it. I can see it being a much more likely comfortable fit in the current streaming service landscape. Kotaku's (dubbed) attempt years ago didn't have the benefit of that kind of context.


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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    This can probably be chalked up to a broad tendency in Japanese language to favor acronyms (pronounced as words) over initialisms when dealing with the Roman alphabet, as the nature of Japanese phonology typically makes reading the latter a much more drawn-out process. For example, N-E-S would become エヌ・イー・エス (enu ii esu). It's less natural and much less efficient than it would be in English dialect, where we don't typically fully pause to pronounce each letter.

    I recall long ago debating the pronunciation of UFO with a native Japanese speaker: U-F-O has become predominant in English, of course, but in Japan it's still ユーフォー (yūfō).Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    There's also a peripheral available for the PS4 version in Japan.

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    @Funny_Colour_Blue I probably should've been clearer (I even thought about editing my post, but figured I'd just leave it): the comment about erasure of Japanese cultural elements wasn't meant to directly tie to the one about the GnR names, etc, hence "speaking more generally". With that, I had in mind actual cultural elements - I suppose the most egregious example would be the first Persona game's localization. But my comments on the insertion of American pop culture references still stand, no matter the reasoning. I mean, I understand how people can grow fond of things like that, especially in hindsight, but it's a line I wouldn't be comfortable crossing if I were in the localization business. Ultimately, yeah, it's a minor thing, but it was off-putting to me at the time in the case of X5. Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    Although it’s understandable if some folks have a nostalgic fondness for the localized X5 names, I can’t say I object to the changes. The practice of arbitrarily inserting western pop culture references in localizations of Japanese games isn’t one I miss. Besides, nothing could top “Spike Rosered”. I'm actually kind of fond of the bizarre Japanese naming conventions anyway - I mean, Metamor Mothmeanos? That's awesome. They had kind of a kaiju or tokusatsu vibe, I guess (which rather suits the flavor of the X series, I'd say). Speaking more generally, this was a period when localization still meant erasure of as many culturally specific elements as possible from Japanese games, which is something that at the time was frustrating and often egregious enough to prompt someone like me to simply import non-text heavy games.

    That said, I’m guessing the opening and ending themes for X5 were axed this time as well, if the ones from the other games were. Not surprising, I suppose, given the music licensing issues that have afflicted series like Yakuza. I wonder if they’re present in the Japanese release of this collection. As I recall, these were published via Capcom's own label, Suleputer, but I'd wager that doesn't necessarily keep the licensing situation from being more complicated under the surface. It probably says something* that I can remember the name of the artist who performed the opening and ending songs for X5 and X6 (and maybe X7 as well?): Showtaro Morikubo. He also voiced X in these games. I had almost forgotten about him, but it looks like he’s still active in both music and voice acting. I guess I never put two and two together on this, but I’m now reading that he voiced Yosuke in Persona 4 (we only got dubs in every P4-related game with the exeption of the first Persona 4 Arena, of course, but a subbed presentation of the anime should be available).

    Mega Man is a franchise that has always been hit or miss, no matter what series we’re talking about. One that’s perhaps often been a bit too content to keep milking its ideas, to the point where many later games in a given subseries kind of blur together - and yet I can’t really complain. I certainly recall looking forward to every game, at least up until the end of the PS1 era. I can’t say I prefer X over the original series, although I find every game in the first collection here to be easy to pick up and hard to put down, but can’t really say that for every game that came before them in the first series. I’ve always found X2 to be the most interesting of the early X games, so I suppose I’d say it’s my favorite in the series.

    (*Something like “I was too Rockman-obsessed for my own good.”)Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    I'm guessing that this, like Gal Metal, will treat the Joy-Cons as drumsticks. Looking forward to that aspect of both, if this is indeed coming.

    It might interest some to know (if it's not already common knowledge) that this series' character designer, Yukiko Yokoo*, is married to one Mr. Yoko Taro. She's done some cute illustrations of characters from his games in a similar style.

    *This is how she transliterates her name on social media, so I'm going with that.

    Posted in Datamined Logo Offers More Evidence Taiko Drum Master for Switch is Coming West

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    There's a great TV series adaptation of Penance directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. In a shocking twist, it's actually available on home video (and streaming) in the US. Wasn't so enamored of the theatrical film adaptations of Minato's work I've seen, sorry to say.

    I'm actually feeling a bit of gaming fatigue, and have been planning some reading myself. For some reason, reading about SMT: Strange Journey again reminded me that I should go back and read Kobo Abe's Inter Ice Age 4. I believe it's considered the first Japanese science fiction novel, but his later work is much better known (and famously worshipped by Hideo Kojima).

    Oh, but I am playing Bloodborne this weekend regardless. I'm feeling like this is Miyazaki's best game to date.

    EDIT: I just reminded myself of how Abe-inspired Death Stranding looks, and it turns out he's said he was directly inspired by an Abe short story called Rope. I don't believe this one has been translated into English. As a long-time fan of Abe, it's sort of electrifying to see his work inspire a video game - and one that quite appropriately (perhaps inevitably) looks to be aiming at something rather different for the medium. So glad Kojima is finally out of the Konami cage and Metal Gear slavery.Edited July 2018 by Unknown

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