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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 7 days ago

    @Kat.Bailey I understand, and perhaps I should've phrased what I said differently. I do feel like there's a bit of a conservative subtext to this particular assessment of/argument against these games, but I meant what I said as a more general observation. In part I'm arguing that without games like Shenmue, you don't get games like Yakuza. Behind every Yakuza there's something in the past that took great risks, even if it meant alienating a lot of potential audiences. The mainstream of pretty much every art form is fuelled by an avant garde of more radical ideas later assimilated and made more palatable to wider audiences.

    I'm also not really sure I agree with the idea of these games - certainly not Shenmue - as attempts at creating some kind of ultimate video game. I think they're very conscious of the particular types of games that they want to be, and that they do exist in a niche or a genre. Some players will certainly treat them as their ultimate video game fantasies, but I think they'd be better served being seen critically as belonging to an edge rather than attempting to constitute a center, so to speak.

    Posted in Shenmue Remains a Cult Classic and a Cautionary Tale

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 7 days ago

    The Shenmue games were made in an era when innovation and experimentation were prized - by both developers and gamers alike - above the so-called "quality of life" that is today exalted to the point of oblivion, wherein a kind of consumer reporting takes precedence over whatever equivalent of art criticism could be constructed around video games. It seems like many journalists and gamers are these days primarily obsessed with nitpicking what makes a Quality Video Game, to the point where innovation is boxed into an ever more convoluted and contradictory yet rigid set of expectations. It's not nearly as interesting a time as the late 90's and early 00's were.

    I’d argue that it’s exceedingly apparent today that ostensible beautiful, creative dreams too readily become mundane packaged goods. With that in mind I’d caution against cautioning against ambition.

    Posted in Shenmue Remains a Cult Classic and a Cautionary Tale

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 14 days ago

    As for the first episode of the P5 anime: the long and short of it is that they wanted to get to the protagonist's awakening scene in the space of one episode, hence the runaway train pacing. This of course isn't a problem which is exclusive to adaptations, however. It would help if the convention of hour-long first episodes would catch on, but I presume it's just not an option with TV anime most of the time.

    It should perhaps slow down a bit from here on. As for the animation itself - better than the previous ones, yes, but I.G is a hard act to follow. I'm not expecting miracles.

    Oh, and I read the comment about the protagonist's reticence as an in-joke for fans of the game(s).

    Incidentally, I named the protagonist Naoto Amemiya in both the Japanese and western versions of the game when I played - something about his personality and predicament says "rain". I believe I picked up on something the game was doing in that regard thematically (before playing it, I suppose based on the storm of promotional media that preceded it), and it seems they had the same idea (Amamiya is a variation in reading of the same kanji).Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Persona 5: The Animation Has a Chance to Right the Wrongs of its Predecessors

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 14 days ago

    @sevenpains Only Yesterday may well be the best Ghibli film. It's tied with Kiki's Delivery Service as my favorite. It often seems that Ghibli is widely perceived to be synonymous with Miyazaki, which pains me. Takahata was at least as good a director as Miyazaki, although he allegedly worked much more slowly, and thus made fewer films (not to mention his output being generally less accessible in terms of mainstream/crossover appeal).

    Posted in Persona 5: The Animation Has a Chance to Right the Wrongs of its Predecessors

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    Ahh, "too linear" - that lazy, one-size-fits-all criticism I've been hearing since the days of Xenogears. To hell with it indeed.

    Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most shamelessly excessive works of high camp in video game history. For that I'm excited to play it.

    I do wish folks would stop making fun of Motomu Toriyama. As long as it's genuine, I don't really feel inclined to trash someone for being passionate or feeling a personal connection to something they've worked on - especially in the context of a huge, profit-hungry corporation, where art can rarely be personal.

    I'm not sure what I'd pick. I'm so accustomed to thinking "What? People didn't like that? People complained about that of all things? That was the controversy over this game?" that it's all a muck and I can't think of one to single out.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Critically or Fan-Panned Game?

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    Like Bob, I'm not really understanding the surprise at continued support for the 3DS. Nintendo said at the time of the Switch's launch that it would continue supporting the 3DS alongside the Switch. And why would it not? I can't think of many examples of a new platform completely replacing an earlier one within as little as a year, especially when the two are as different as these, and when the previous one has such a large install base. I'm also not sure where the talk about the Switch vs the 3DS turned from the former being a prospective successor to the latter to having actually accomplished that is coming from. On the software front, the first major release I'm seeing - from my RPG-biased perspective - that looks like the kind of game I'd associate specifically with the 3DS is Octopath Traveler, which of course isn't out yet. But perhaps there's some elephant in the room I'm missing. In terms of software, what the Switch has accomplished quite handily is coming into its own as a successor to the Wii U in very short order. Of course it's portable, but up until now it's done a lot more towards providing a portable version of the console experience than it has the kind of experience I'd associate with Nintendo's previous handhelds.

    Additionally, it's not only Nintendo that has more 3DS titles up its sleeve: Atlus has Persona Q 2 and the as-yet-unnamed final dual-screen Etrian Odyssey title, neither of which even have dates for Japan yet - and on this side of the ocean, there's still Alliance Alive, Strange Journey Redux, and (unannounced, but presumably) Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2.

    Posted in Video Game Scapegoating is More Shameless Than Ever

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    I'd be surprised if the game hasn't already been datamined - and if it has, it probably means it's something that only a fine-toothed comb would turn up.

    As for the sex thing, I think Yoko's [<- his surname] trollish sense of humor with this sort of thing is often missed or ignored. For example: mount a boar, start riding it, center the camera, and take a good look at the whole picture in front of you. But why look beyond the surface when you can score a cheap point with a boorish jab about "combat lingerie" or some such?

    EDIT: And I'm sure the upskirt trophy exists just as much to troll players for doing it as it does to congratulate them. You of course get a screenshot to go with it to commemorate and forever preserve your moment of shame and/or gratification.Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Nier: Automata Has a Controversial "Final Secret" Nobody's Discovered

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 2 months ago

    @PsychicPumpkin Now that's a great gift. I'm glad to hear the site's pleas made a difference and that you're enjoying it.

    Posted in No One Was Present to Accept Nier: Automata's Award at the DICE 2018 Awards

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 2 months ago

    Everyone associated with the game's production was probably as surprised as anyone else that this apparatus somehow coughed up an award for it.

    Posted in No One Was Present to Accept Nier: Automata's Award at the DICE 2018 Awards

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 2 months ago

    @NiceGuyNeon That was wonderful. Thank you for that. Now I wish I could play that game again for the first time! I guess I'll just have to settle for second time once the remaster comes out. Dark Souls III lost something for me on a second playthrough, but maybe (hopefully) the first is just transcendent and immune to loss of poignancy and charm.

    Anyway, my answer: Adol and Dogi! However, upon consulting the Akashic records by way of the you-know-what, I see images of Estelle and Joshua dwelling in my headspace in the near future (yes, I've managed to procrastinate on Trails up till now... but all of that changes soon).

    I would've said Fei and Elly years back (and it would certainly be an appropriate answer right now), but that's actually the one aspect of Xenogears I'm most concerned about when I try to reflect on what may or may not hold up for me twenty years on. Hard to go into why without playing the game again, outside of saying with some level of confidence that I view romantic relationships a bit differently than I did at seventeen.

    As for Persona... *shakes head*. Nah, but here's my Persona thing: I'm role-playing the protagonist, and to that end, he or she chooses, and I just press the buttons. Sure, that's not literally the case, but bear with me: I tend to let whatever choices seem the most natural/fitting for the protagonist as I envision him or her and his or her circumstances guide the way, and I never really know with certainty what protagonist is going to choose until the decisive moment comes. I guess that's probably just an unnecessarily complicated way of laying out what many players do, I dunno.

    EDIT: Actually, no, forget all of that. I'd choose 9S and (character that isn't 2B) (we need spoiler tags!) I know that's an unconventional choice, perhaps (not wanting to say too much), but there's nothing of that nature that's affected me more in a game.Edited 3 times. Last edited February 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Who's Your Favorite Romantic Pairing From a Video Game?