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  • Avatar for dlhoangkim dlhoangkim 9 months ago

    Should buy direct or indirect water heater?

    Water heaters not only meet the need to keep warm during the cold season, but also bring long-term benefits to the health of the user. Direct and indirect water heaters have different advantages and disadvantages and the choice of one should be based on the individual needs of each person.

    Direct water heater

    Direct water heaters operate according to the direct-heating mechanism by the resistor, so the hot water is only within a few minutes. The compact, diverse range of models and manufacturers, the price is also quite economical, ranging from 1.5 million to more than 3.5 million.

    Ariston BE-4522EP water heater compact size, luxurious design
    Because direct water heaters are compact in size, installation is also very simple. The machine also comes with an antimicrobial shower with a lightweight water jet knob and various types of water jet and massage for maximum relaxation.

    Direct water heater with multi-spray shower head
    Direct water heaters also have many safeguards including ELCB, thermal and water sensors, ensuring maximum safety for the user.


    The biggest downside of direct water heater is that it does not work if the power goes out. In addition, the machine needs high water pressure and high voltage to operate stably, so if your home water is weak then you may consider choosing a water heater with power assist.

    Indirect water heater


    Indirect water heaters have a large capacity water tank with separate inlet and outlet water lines, which can be reused only once. In particular, indirect water heaters can be used for bathtubs. The machine also has ELCB anti-shock mechanism and circuit breakers when the power off, help users peace of mind absolute use.


    The installation of indirect water heater takes more time due to bulky machines, need to have sturdy shelves and large bathroom space.

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  • Avatar for dlhoangkim dlhoangkim 9 months ago

    The team of technical officer will be prepared, the price of the price. ... more of a time as time for customers.
    Thoroughly fix damaged, stamping protection immediately after repair, billing when payment. There is a branch of the machine in the area of ​​the city, the best customers are in the time

    - Turn on the water heater without power.
    - The water flows out not hot, low heat, slow flow.
    - Magie body against the fringe of the indirect water heater.
    - There is a cry, annoying when the computer is in direct contact.
    - Water flows from the normal, water pipes.
    - Can not adjust temperature.
    - Evaporative heater, heater.

    After many years of building and development, we have received quite a lot of customers' appearance as well as customer support. With a wide area in Ho Chi Minh City, technicians will be present at repairing offices in many different districts.

    - Receive information customers who need hot water modifiers through the company's switchboard
    - Robot engineering near the area of ​​client support in the best of the time
    - Corrupt state of corrupt, failure diagnosis, quotation in accordance with the company
    - Customer -> make repairs
    - Operating before handover, postage stamp protection after repair
    - After 3 days, the customer service staff will contact the customer to continue receiving the information

    - Branches in many areas of Ho Chi Minh City, support customers in the shortest time
    - Always use the main components to replace (in case need to replace components)
    - Thoroughly repair the computer failure
    - All repair services will come with long term privacy protection terms
    - The company staff is always ready to welcome customers through the switchboard 7 days and Sundays work

    - Repair Panasonic water heater
    - Turn the Centon water heater
    - Repair Ariston water heater
    - Fix Electrolux water heater
    - Fixed Ferroli hot machine
    - Replace Atlantic water heater
    And much more than the other machines, along that you are supplying machines and installers your computer. Thoroughly repairs the damage to the computer directly and indirectly from the computer.
    bao hanh may nuoc nong, bao hanh may giat, bao hanh tu lanh, bao hanh lo vi song, bao hanh tivi lcd

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