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I have been gaming since I was six years old, back in the beautiful year of 1990 (man, I’m getting old XD). Graduated as an Industrial Engineer. Fan of anime, manga and comics. I’m partial towards the consoles and games from Nintendo and Sony, although I would probably play in every platform in existence if I had the time and money to do so. I’m a bit of a retro gamer, but without disparaging modern games. Unyielding fan of The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man, I will probably keep playing games from those franchises until I die.

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  • Avatar for docexe docexe 19 hours ago

    I haven't played several games on this list, but I have to agree with the ranking of those I have played.

    The 8-bit entries were groundbreaking at the time but nowadays feel a dated.

    MGS4 succumbed under the lore of the story it was trying to close (and it didn't help Kojima never intended to answer those questions in the first place). It wasn't a terrible game though.

    MGS2, on the other hand, tried to be too clever for its own good, although I nowadays hold it in better estime given how prescient it was of the advent of social media and the modern internet.

    MGS, meanwhile, it's simply a timeless master piece. The graphics and controls are dated, sure, but gameplay and story wise, it still holds up.

    And MGS3 is simply one of the best stealth games of all time, with what's also probably the best story of the entire series.

    I definitely need to play both the Phantom Pain and Revengeance. I might finally do it this year.

    Posted in What's the Best Metal Gear Ever? Ranking the Legendary Series

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 22 hours ago

    I'm not as knowledgeable about Norse mythology as I am with Greek mythology, but I wonder if the Ragarok itself will be part of the storyline of this game. Or if it will be featured on any additional installment of the series. Not having to massacre an entire pantheon again would be a nice change of pace, but considering the “Twilight of the gods” is part of the source material itself, well…

    Posted in 7 Things You Should Know About God of War

  • Avatar for docexe docexe Yesterday

    Gameplay wise, I think 64 is the best of the series, but I have to join the chorus above that the original had the best soundtrack. It also has a more serious, moody atmosphere compared to the rest of the series.

    Just the fact that one of the secret levels is, technically, a "bad ending" sets it apart from its successors.

    Posted in The Original (And Best?) Star Fox Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 3 days ago

    My general stance on motion controls is “when they are implemented in a thoughtful manner, they legitimately add to the experience”. It seems that’s exactly what idSoftware and Panic Button did here. I really wish more shooter developers would follow their example, and not only on the Switch. Last time I checked, the DualShock 4 still had the Six Axis motion sensors.

    Posted in Doom Switch Update's New Motion Controls Win Praise From Fans

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 3 days ago

    Another game I have in the backlog, yet I haven’t played it yet. Too bad on my part considering I have read good things about it.

    And well, I think economical factors plus a shift on gamer habits are what lead to the decline of the character action sub-genre. These games tend to have short campaigns, and while they might be extremely replayable (and the game even encourages that with higher difficulties and the focus on attaining the highest score possible), the fact that they are short just means that a lot of gamers just pass on them on principle. It’s predicated on the logic of “why I would buy a single player game at $60.00 where the campaign only lasts for 10 hours when this Open World game will last me for 50 or even 100 hours”. Sad but true -_-

    Posted in Five Years Later, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Is a Relic of a Bygone Era

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 4 days ago

    Thinking about it, it's curious how, outside of strategy games and some military shooters, most games that are set in a historical period use it primarily as a backdrop for a completely fantastical storyline, rather than with the aim to portray or explore the setting from a realistic perspective. Eternal Darkness and the Assassin's Creed series inmediately come to mind.

    I suppose it's understandable given the demands of accuracy to the historical setting, but it's probably an area that more developers should explore.

    And well, my brother loved the Age of Empires series and he is certainly enthusiastic about the remaster. For my part, I'm planning on double dipping on Bayonetta 2 for the Switch, but I'm currently short on funds so it will take a while.

    Posted in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Makes Me Wonder What Other Stories There Are to Tell in 15th Century Bohemia

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 4 days ago

    @Ohoni The language used was “forbidding the sale of games with loot boxes to minors below 21 years old”, which yes, for practical purposes is essentially a commercial ban. In any case I think we have reached an impasse in which nothing each one says will sway the other’s position, so it is probably better to leave it at that.

    @VotesForCows I’m not exactly a libertarian either, although I have to admit my personal politics have increasingly leaned in that direction as I have gotten older. Glad to know things are at least improving on your side. I would like to say the same has happened here, but not really. The government is just as corrupt and inefficient as ever, although at least they are finally paying some lip service to concepts like “democracy”, so I suppose that’s something.

    As to “heck”… well, what can I say? I prefer to avoid using swear words, unless I really, REALLY mean to emphasize a point.

    Posted in Hawaii Moves Forward With Legislation to Regulate Loot Boxes [Update: The ESA Issues a Statement]

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 4 days ago

    Mmm... You know, there is place in the market for a Fortnite clone that streamlines/cuts the fat that brought down the original game, but the baggage of the Metal Gear franchise and Kojima's departure will inevitably weight heavily against this one.

    Posted in Metal Gear Survive is Not Metal Gear, But It's Not Bad Either

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 4 days ago

    @Roto13 That sounds like a plausible explanation and I wonder how much is Capcom saving on those smaller cartridges.

    I'm still planning on buying the two collections, but it does seem pretty tasteless on their part to not offer them both in the same cart.

    Not that I'm surprised given the precedent of Resident Evil and Bayonetta but still...

    Posted in Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in May, but Not Everyone Is Happy About It

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 4 days ago

    My favorite one is admittedly a crack pairing. That is, a couple that doesn't have any romantic development in the source material (and outside of a brief dialogue in one single game which can be construed either way, most of its potential romantic undertones can be seen as a matter of personal preference rather than anything else): X and Alia from Mega Man X5 onwards.

    If we are talking about a couple with explicit romance in the actual game, it's probably Zidane and Garnet from FFIX. It's very "fairy talish" admittedly (it can be boiled down to the "tale of the rogue and the sheltered princess"), and Zidane starts as a shameless skirt chaser. However, I loved their interplay together, not to mention how they support each other at certain grueling moments in the plot that I won't talk about because "SPOILERS".

    Posted in Who's Your Favorite Romantic Pairing From a Video Game?