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  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 3 days ago


    I totally agree. $70 for this? It is almost as if Nintendo has a track record of making fun games that are enjoyed by all ages and represent value for money. And cardboard? For a game to be played by adults and children which will likely get broken/damaged and need a replacement?

    Nintendo can go sell their snake oil elsewhere. I for one am not buying this fresh and unique experience.

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  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 3 days ago


    The point I think is getting overlooked is that Microsoft doesn't get all $60 when you buy physical disks, but they do get all $120 when you subscribe to Game Pass. It would take someone buying 3 or more games (at full price) for them to make as much money as they take in with a Game Pass subscription.

    This seems like a no brainer to me. They will lose out on the few(er) gamers who buy every exclusive at full price, but that should be way offset by the number of people subscribing to their Game Pass service. More people try the game, more people buy DLC (or microtransactions) = Win for Microsoft.

    This isn't a way to get more microtransactions into their games (those already exist - see Halo). These games will still be sold stand alone for full price. I don't see this as some evil nefarious scheme, just a smart business move by Microsoft. Netflix gives away all of their first party output on their subscription and also sells it separately. Seems to work for them.

    Posted in How Xbox Game Pass Affects the Future of Microsoft's Console

  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 12 days ago

    This is one game that has always made me jealous of PlayStation owners.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in MLB The Show 18: 5 Observations Following the Debut Trailer

  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 25 days ago

    I hadn't noticed an issue with the map rotation other than when The Last Jedi came out. For that first weekend it was Crait 95% of the time. Fun at first, since it was the new map, but after awhile I was wishing for any other map.

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update Improves Map Variation in Multiplayer Games

  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 A month ago

    Maybe I'm weird, but I enjoyed both Red Dead Redemption and Bully more than any GTA I have played (only finished GTA V).

    Really looking forward to this one and hoping the focus on RDR2 Online doesn't take away from the single player.

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  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 A month ago

    PS4 has a bunch of good/great exclusives, but this is the game that makes me really want one.

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  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 A month ago

    Loved the first one, liked the second one.

    Hope they nail this one.

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  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 2 months ago

    Just wanted to chime in and say that I appreciate your SPOILERS banner. I don't care about them for this game, but no one could miss that warning.

    Posted in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Finally Lets Other Enemies Shine, But That's About It

  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 2 months ago


    Thanks for the reply. I had not heard from anyone who had the higher level star cards unlocked, so that is very informative. There is just so much hyperbole being thrown around about this game that it is difficult to know what is an informed opinion versus just anger and frustration.

    Not sure what they could do. If you have no unlocks, then people would complain that there was no progression. Currently with the unlocks, people complain that it is unfair.

    Would people be happy if it had unlocks, but no way to buy them with real world money (permanently)?

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Adds the First New Updates to Its Loot System

  • Avatar for dr134 dr134 2 months ago


    Have you played the game? I am curious how many people who have played it feel like it is pay-to-win (or will be if they turn back on the ability to buy stuff with real world money).

    I am playing it (I know, I am "part of the problem"), and I have yet to feel as if I can't compete due to not having the best star cards. A lot of players I have gone up against have already unlocked more and higher level ones (having played it a bunch more than I have so far), but I don't feel disadvantaged.

    Most (all?) of the unlocks are craftable or have specific conditions to unlock (i.e. get x number of eliminations with one weapon to unlock another). You want a specific star card - just craft it. You could boost the speed of unlocking things by buying chests with real world money, but everything seems reasonably available via playing the game. The only tweak I really wanted was an increase in the end match credit payouts, and they are fixing that today.

    Anyway, I have seen a ton of these comments about pay-to-win on Eurogamer and here and just wonder how many people that are saying that have actually played the game and feel that way, versus people who have never tried it.

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Adds the First New Updates to Its Loot System