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Avid retro gamer, Mean Machines fan and here because its Jazz Rignals new venture :)

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Recent comments

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated A year ago

    This is amazing news! Nit only a new SFC game but one from ex SNK devs. Hope they do a KS as I'd love to back something like this.

    Posted in Ex-SNK Devs Develop New Fighting Game for… Super Nintendo

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 2 years ago

    I'd LOVE to see Ninty regain it's former crown. I've got my fingers tightly crossed they can step back in and rule once again.

    Posted in NX Rumors Portray Nintendo as Being Hard at Work and Full of Hope

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 3 years ago

    The world needs a solid bike racing game and this looks ace! I've not thoroughly enjoyed a two wheel racing game since Road Rash, so let's hope this turns out as good as it looks.

    Posted in Ride Preview: The Spiritual Successor to Tourist Trophy?

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 4 years ago

    I was unsure about this one, but if Jaz say yes, I say buy.

    Posted in Watch Dogs PS4 Review: Game of Phones

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 4 years ago

    Nice write up Jaz you've rejuvenated my interest in this game now as after the past two trailers it seemed to have lost the magic shown in the unveiling video.

    Posted in Watch Dogs PS4: Hacking into GTA Territory

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 4 years ago

    @tyetheczar Sorry to hear you're not keen on the look of the game. We certainly take all comments on board from people, so if you could expand on how you feel it to be stiff or lacking weight your comments will certainly be taken on board. These are the first comments we've received about the art side of things, so I'm definitely all ears.

    Posted in Wulverblade: A Slice (and Dice) of Bloody British History

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 4 years ago

    @Jaz_Rignall Thanks for the coverage Jaz! And@Damman if you think the Britons were dirty you don't want to know what went into the blue woad they painted themselves in ;)

    Posted in Wulverblade: A Slice (and Dice) of Bloody British History

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 4 years ago

    Ooooh sweet! I love 3rd person hack'n'slashers! The LOTR PS2 games in this vein were superb, some of my fave games of that gen. Fingers VERY tightly crossed for this!

    Posted in Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor: Walk Right in and Kick Orc Ass

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 4 years ago

    Well, I was avoiding the reviews, but I wish I hadn't. I was convinced that the reviews were being too harsh, but sadly to say, they were actually being too kind.

    I LOVE this series with a passion. Killzone 2 is still up there as a personal favourite FPS, but within 1hr of switching Killzone 4 on, it was being switched off again. I've not been this irritated by an FPS for as long as I can remember. I'm no FPS master, not by a long haul, but equally, I can finish most reasonably easily. Killzone 4 is unplayably hard. I must have died 20+ on the first level before I gave in. As most reviewers have pointed out, visually identifying the enemies within the environment is damn near impossible, so you end up getting owned by a cluster of enemies that you didn't even know were there. Add into this the fact that if you sit on your ass for 5 seconds to plan an attack, they just air drop a load more enemies on you. How nice.

    I'm K2, you could stealthily creep up on enemies, take cover, pick them off and have a controlled battle, making you feel as though you had even a modicum of skill. But in K4, single player feels more like a free for all multiplayer match.

    Badly designed IMO.

    PS4 is now up for sale on eBay. I'll re-buy when the line-up looks more attractive and stick with my XBOX One.

    Posted in Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Review: Setting a Low Bar for Next-Gen Shooters

  • Avatar for fullyillustrated fullyillustrated 4 years ago

    Excellent review Jazz, and yet another that conjures the old Mean Machines flavour. I swear, I've not felt this attached to a games site since...well, as long as I can remember.

    Needless to say my Vita is now charging in preparation for buying the game. It sounds great.

    Bonza review, keep'em coming!

    EDIT - Just realised it ain't out here in the UK until later this eBay has just come to the rescue and my copy is now in the post from good old HK. Boom!Edited August 2013 by Unknown

    Posted in Dragon's Crown Review