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  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing A month ago

    At least four FYE stores still exist here in Chicagoland. I have bought many DVDs at my local shop, but lately I’m leaning towards iTunes (even with their DRM).

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  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing 2 months ago

    One thing I've learned in the last four decades: popularity can't be bought. This topic was discussed in Felipe Smith's series Peepo Choo. This can also be witnessed in how several recent Star Wars films have underperformed in China. I looked at a Business Insider article about this topic, and noticed it said that no entries from the SW franchise were officially released in China until 2015. It seems logical that there would be a correlation.

    I didn't know that Tove Jansson's series Moomin existed until I saw a person talk about it in a indie comic's letter column. However, there was an animated series made in Japan based on Moomin in 1969, a decade before I was born.

    I barely noticed Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest books in the early 2000s. But seven years after the series started, it received an animated adaptation in Japan.

    The TVTropes article Cultural Cross-Reference has dozens of other examples. Scanning the Anime and Manga sub-section for the first time in a year, I noticed that there's multiple mentions of Tom and Jerry animated programs, Louisa May Alcott novels, X-Men comics, and the television series 24.

    Posted in New Deer is Blazing a Trail for Western Animation in Japan

  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing 4 months ago

    I might buy Dragon Quest 11. However, I don't own a PS4, and my interest in home consoles has steadily decreased. The days when I played Dragon Quest 7 on PS1 for ninety hours, or when I played DQ8 on PS2 for sixty hours, seem like a distant memory. Likewise, I don't own a computer which is capable of playing games with 3D polygon graphics. (My PC has a 2.30 Ghz processor and 8 GB of RAM... which might be enough for a handful of 2D freeware games.)

    The video games that I like tend to be whimsical, low-key, and slow-paced. For instance, I just tried Ittle Dew 2 on Switch and thoroughly enjoyed it. I tried the demo of Detective Pikachu on 3DS and found it rather good. Having said that... for many years, I've heard that most of my favorite games sold poorly. I get the impression that games featuring mascots with attitude or angry bald space marines or gangsters gaining respect on da street have sold millions of copies.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI's Battle to Win a New Generation of Fans is Becoming Urgent

  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing 6 months ago

    Currently using a Windows 8 laptop with a 2.16 Ghz processor and 4 GB of RAM. It sounded like a good deal when I bought it in used condition. However, it has only 64 MB of VRAM, which is definitely not enough for Sea of Thieves. According to tests I've run with Game Debate Hardware Scan, this laptop can barely play anything other than browser games.

    Posted in Sea of Thieves' Lowest Settings Let the Game Run on the Dinkiest Computers

  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing 7 months ago

    I might buy the Vita port of Stardew Valley. Until then, I'm still playing the PSN edition Harvest Moon: Back to Nature every few weeks or months.

    During the 2000s, I became increasingly cynical about video game fandom. In my opinion, it seemed like there was a ton of hugely successful games which emphasized a relentless grimdark tone, or violence intended to shock and horrify fans. I have sometimes used these words to describe games such as Diablo 2, the God of War series, and the Mass Effect franchise. That said... that's why I am not sure what to make of Stardew. Would it sell millions more copies if it had excessive gore? I don't know.

    Posted in Why is Stardew Valley Such a Hit on the Nintendo Switch?

  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing 7 months ago

    Right now it's tough for me to justify the cost of a Switch. Several reasons why...

    * Still enjoying a lot of 3DS software. For instance, I just started Pocket Card Jockey yesterday. This morning, I resumed playing Dragon Quest 8.
    * Still enjoying a lot of Vita software. I began using it to play Undertale a while ago, and I'm currently struggling with its difficulty. Likewise, I recently used it to read Code Realize, which is the first visual novel that I've found compelling in about a year.
    * I know that software support for both systems is fading. However, I am hoping to experience Dragon Quest 11 in English on my 3DS in the next year or two. Likewise, I've heard that Stardew Valley might be ported to Vita... which would be nice, since it won't work on my computer.
    * My original DS and PSP still work fine, though I've used them intermittently in the last few years. However, I have a backlog of unfinished or barely-tried games for both systems. I plan to resume delving into my backlog soon.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Still Playing Your Nintendo 3DS?

  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing 10 months ago

    Going into 2017, my video gaming fandom was defined by 1) mostly using portable consoles, 2) story driven RPGs, 3) not-too-serious life sims, 4) retro and retraux games with 2D graphics, and 5) visual novels which don't emphasize drama. Having said that, 2017 has been my year for trying different things. I want to know what I've been missing. Here are some titles which I've tried, and what I thought.

    Breath of the Wild: I like the graphics and the quiet atmosphere. However, it was difficult to control the camera so that the main character wouldn't look at the ground or at the sky. After the main character was told to assemble a glider, I couldn't figure out what to do next. After getting lost for a while, I thought that I had finally found a shrine... but it was just the first cave. Gave up after about two hours.

    Mass Effect 2: I liked how the story started in a hurry, which reminded me of favorite '90s games. However, I started the game disliking the nearly photorealistic art, or that the main character was expected to shoot every enemy. Every NPC seemed permanently angry and pro-military. I struggled with the camera and the menus. Gave up after about an hour.

    Life is Strange: Five minutes in, a teacher character attempted to tell a joke, and I felt embarrassed for both the character and the voice actor. Right around that time, I started to look at the 3D character models. I didn't like how they were rendered on PS3: because the designs were realistic, the first things I noticed were the flaws. Right now, I'm hesitant to continue.

    God of War: Chains of Olympus: This was the first time which I tried any game in the franchise. It was competent. Reminds me of the kinda-okay licensed game One Piece: Unlimited World Red. but I didn't enjoy figuring out how to succeed in quick-time events. After struggling through a boss battle, I had even less success figuring out a door puzzle. About an hour into the game, I'm hesitant to continue.

    Minecraft: Tried it for the first time today on PS3. The tutorial mentions that the player should build a shelter. It doesn't mention how to position blocks so that they don't have to be mined all over again. It also does not state if a player needs to create a floor, a roof, or a door. I don't dislike it, but I am having trouble with the controls.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What New Genre of Games Are You Trying to Get Into?

  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing 10 months ago

    I rented Tecmo Secret of the Stars from an independent store (much missed) around 1995. Can't remember much about it, except that the dialogue and gameplay seemed mediocre. I haven't tried it again in the last two decades.

    Likewise, 7th Saga was a "rent once, forget the next day" title. I kind of liked its art style and the variety of playable characters. However, I recall not enjoying how the gameplay required the player to enter a difficult dungeon in the first few minutes.

    There was one below-average SNES role playing game which I played extensively. That was Paladin's Quest (aka Lennus). I finished the game during the mid-1990s since I didn't have enough alternatives for entertainment. I would describe Paladin's Quest as a trippy, mediocre version of Dragon Quest 5. It has some good aspects such as the ability to recruit characters and learn new types of magic. However, I had a bunch of complaints with it:

    * Most special attacks drain the characters' hit points. This makes it difficult to justify using anything other than standard attacks.
    * Item names are short and vague. What exactly is a "Lth h"? Unless you have the instruction manual or a walkthrough, you might not realize that it's a leather hat.
    * The game seemed artificially long.
    * Only a few music tracks were enjoyable. A number of them just droned in the background.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: The Final Fantasy IX Report #2, and SNES RPGs... From Hell

  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing A year ago

    It's been about two decades since I played a Sonic game, and I haven't followed other media related to the character. So why am I commenting? Because I know what it's like to be active in obscure fandoms and have eccentric interests. It's an interesting challenge to be a video game fanboy, but not have much in common with other fans.

    I won't say negative things about Sonic enthusiasts because I was one of maybe twenty people who was waiting for a localized version of Dragon Quest 7 for 3DS, even though for a year or so it seemed like it would never happen. Likewise, I won't say negative things about Kingdom Hearts enthusiasts because I was one of maybe a dozen people who bought the localized version of Sakura Wars 5 and enjoyed it.

    Posted in The People Who Never Gave up on Sonic: A Deep Dive Into the Most Curious (and Passionate) Fandom on the Internet

  • Avatar for gekiganwing gekiganwing A year ago

    I grew up during the 1990s in an evangelical community. Even though I heard the gospel of grace and forgiveness, I also heard fellow believers striving to ban or censor pop culture media. This was a frustrating experience, since I was already a fantasy novel enthusiast, a console RPG fanboy, and a person who enjoyed offbeat indie comics. Because of my experiences, I often thought that followers of the gospel of mercy would get video games permanently banned or censored.

    It's currently July 2017. Is it still possible that a single motivated person could go on a crusade and bring video game fandom to its knees? I don't know. I just don't know. I worry that it could happen, and in the near future, all video games could be declared illegal.

    Posted in Old Man Yells at Fallout 4