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  • Avatar for greenwichlee greenwichlee 7 months ago
  • Avatar for greenwichlee greenwichlee 8 months ago

    Finally playing through this after leaving it untouched for nearly a decade.

    I gave up on 2, then the awful intro to 3, with the weird new characters and bad writing and voice acting.

    I'm enjoying it now though - it gets better as it goes on and its a suitably dark twist that you end up having to murder your new friends.

    I agree the graphics are dated compared to its peers but I think time has softened this and now the unique alienness of the environment shines through.

    Not sure about the controls. They give it a different feel but the combat feels a bit too late 90s, lots of strafing in circles and hopping.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • Avatar for greenwichlee greenwichlee 8 months ago

    I'm another one who never made it through Echoes. I prefer the 2D games and although I enjoyed the first Prime, this felt like too much of a chore.

    As a result I passed on 3, which I'm just playing through now. Enjoying that though so I might go back to 2, especially as I think the version in Trilogy is a but easier?

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

  • Avatar for greenwichlee greenwichlee 8 months ago

    While I appreciate the arguments about Zero Mission's refined structure, I prefer Fusion. I just think it's much more memorable, especially the encounters with the Samus clone.

    I actually replayed Zero Mission recently but the only thing that sticks in my head is the Zero suit section and that isn't entirely fondly.

    Super is superior to both in my mind. Might just be nostalgia but I think the slightly cruder mechanics are made up for by better atmosphere, music and variation.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Zero Mission

  • Avatar for greenwichlee greenwichlee 9 months ago

    Another vote for the first couple of Master System/ Gamegear games, casually dismissed here. I assume you haven't played them.

    However a line up like this shows what a poor series Sonic is. The vast majority of games are mediocre to terrible. The reputation hangs from a couple of classic but still limited and flawed original games.

    Compare to Mario. What's the absolute worst mainstream Mario game? NSMB2 on 3DS? Still many times more polished and fun than practically every game on this list.

    Posted in Gotta Go Fast: Ranking All of The Sonic The Hedgehog Games