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  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 30 days ago

    Ha... saw this on the eShop this morning and came to USgamer specifically to see if Kat had said anything about whether the Switch version turned out well, and BOOM there's the article I wanted right at the top of my page. I'll finally be pulling the trigger on this one, glad to see the devs addressed some of the earlier complaints and I'm happy to jump into the game now.

    Thank you, Kat! I expect the same results when, in the future, my thoughts turn to Super Robot Wars X and I need to check for your opinions :)

    Posted in Darkest Dungeon is a Must-Own for Nintendo Switch RPG Fans

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 3 months ago

    I don't have a problem with PUBG being nominated for awards. It's absolutely not my kind of game, zero interest whatsoever, but I can appreciate that it appeals very much to a whole lot of people.

    I'm kinda surprised that in the 40 replies above mine, nobody had my take: is this game, even in its "unfinished" state, better than all of the games it is competing against? If so, yeah - GOTY is reasonable to me.

    And honestly, that's a pretty tough hurdle to clear, which makes it all the more impressive to me that an unfinished game can actually compete with "final products". Yeah, it might become worse (or better) later upon seeing the official 1.0 release. But all we can judge is what's available now.

    If you can't rate that, how do you make the logical leap to being able to include games that have planned DLC or major patches, or the industry-wide trend of "games as a service", or any MMO ever?

    Hell, Diablo II was released in 2000 and received several GOTY awards. It also received significant patches for over a decade (and even a patch in 2016 that was, admittedly, mostly for compatibility with modern systems) and a major expansion. It clearly wasn't the same game several patches in than it was at launch. Does that mean this game that many people feel is an all-time classic shouldn't have been eligible for GOTY consideration when it was released?

    Posted in Opinion: Nominating PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Game of the Year is a Terrible Idea

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 3 months ago

    People who say they don't care about this system because they don't care about Halo/Forza/Gears are missing the point. This is MS going all in on the strategy that was a winner for PS1, PS2, and Xbox 360 - having the console that plays THIRD PARTY multiplatform games the best. They realize that they will never win with first party output alone, even if they ramp up internal or 2nd party development.

    I still think PS4 has a larger quantity of exclusives I want. But I'll buy games that release on both platforms for my Xbox One X instead of my PS4 Pro. Already did that with Assassins Creed Origins last week, and I see it being the usual approach for me.

    Posted in Xbox One X Review: Our Verdict on Microsoft's Premium Console

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 8 months ago

    While I generally prefer more games-focused presentations, I feel that Nintendo really dropped the ball here with total silence on Switch infrastructure/services. Would have liked to see something about Virtual Console, online plans, accounts, system upgrades (transferring save games via SD card, folders/organization for my ballooning number of games, and such), etc.

    A couple other disappointments to me:
    1) Not even a demo reel for some of the indies - hoping that makes an appearance either during this week or in a near future Nintendo Direct. Hell, I'd have been sated a bit just seeing a new short video revealing the next batch of upcoming ACA Neo Geo games (much as they did at a fairly recent Nintendo Direct, with a video that showed the next ~10 or so games in the series, that group of which will be concluding with this week's release of Sengoku).

    2) The beginning of the presentation with its Switch = eSports angle isn't really enthusing to me at all.

    That being said, the Switch games they did show look pretty solid, especially Mario, and the acknowledgement that Prime 4 and Pokemon are coming is promising. And we know they have more franchises in reserve that will surely show up in future years, in typical Nintendo style of cranking out another entry for each new system (Animal Crossing, Smash, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, etc...). Still just the typical Nintendo first party stuff though, this is really not much different from the Wii U in that regard. Aside from Mario + Rabbids, no surprise third party announcements or collaborative projects? Could have made some big waves with something like a Bayonetta 3, some new Capcom game, etc.

    Edit: Oh, and the post-video reveals of 3DS Metroid 2 and Mario & Luigi remakes gets a big thumbs up from me. Gotta give them some credit there.Edited June 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Mario, Metroid, and Pokemon Have Nintendo Nicely Setup for 2017 and Beyond

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 8 months ago

    Echoing the concern about Mercury Steam, but I can't see how they would be able to screw it up TOO badly with the source material and Nintendo oversight. They're technically competent enough.

    Will definitely be putting my money where my mouth is and buying this day 1 though, since it's a remake I've desired for years. That being said, I still expect I'll prefer AM2R ;)

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns Announced for the Nintendo 3DS, Arriving September 2017

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 8 months ago

    While I was completely underwhelmed with the proposition of an Xbox One X, I'll admit that as a current Xbox One S owner (who owns a gaming capable PC but prefers playing most games on consoles) I did see a decent amount there that will keep me playing the system alongside my PS4/Switch. There's nothing exclusive to One X except higher specs for "enhanced" games with 4K/HDR/etc. But there are still some console exclusives for the "Xbox family" (eye roll) of consoles, which I already own.

    Cuphead looks great and is finally nearing release. Ori was a pleasant surprise and I doubt it will disappoint. Super Lucky's Tale's reveal and impressions I've read have made it, surprisingly enough, one of the E3 reveals I'm looking forward to playing the most. First party stuff like Crackdown, Forza 7, and State of Decay 2 will probably be interesting enough for me to pick up, even if they're no reason for me to upgrade to a One X. I'll wait and see on Sea of Thieves, but hey, maybe...

    Was also notable to me that MS was the only one of the three platform holders who gave significant time to high quality indies in their presentations. The Last Night was a standout, in addition to a couple of the games I mentioned above.

    I was hugely disappointed with MS immediately after their conference, but after having a couple days to digest it and separating the disappointment of the One X from the decent amount of games shown, I'm a little more comfortable and didn't see massive differences in quantity of software that interests me from Sony and Nintendo's flagship presentations.

    Posted in The Xbox One X Doesn't Have Nearly Enough Exclusives to Justify its $499 Price Tag

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 8 months ago

    Yeah, so I think E3 has proven that those "3DS is dead now" comments I saw quite often around the release of the Switch were a bit premature. Obviously the system is nearing its final stretch for new releases, but it's far from over with the lineup of yet to be released games. I'm currently enjoying the less than a month old Fire Emblem Echoes, and still awaiting the following 2017 releases:

    Ever Oasis
    Hey! Pikmin
    Samus Returns
    Mario & Luigi
    Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon
    Monster Hunter Stories
    Kirby (the new game they revealed in an earlier Nintendo Direct as coming 2017)
    Etrian Odyssey V
    River City: Rival Showdown (aka River City Ransom SP)
    Layton's Mystery Journey

    And 2018 holds some further Atlus goodness with Radiant Historia and SMT: Strange Journey Redux (yesssssssss), and perhaps after their upcoming Japanese releases we'll get localization news about The Alliance Alive or Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2.

    I am loving my Switch too, and it's clearly the future for portable gaming (mainline Pokemon on the Switch was an expected but hugely significant announcement) but the 3DS is still in HEAVY rotation for me and looks to be staying that way into 2018 with new software. And, of course, for years more with a backlog of some pretty meaty games.

    Posted in Mario + Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Coming to Nintendo 3DS

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 10 months ago

    I buy most new systems - got launch day Xbox One, PS4, PS4 Pro, and Switch, and traded my Xbox One in for a One S within a couple weeks of it coming out. I have the disposable income. I don't even particularly like playing games on my PC (could upgrade some hardware to make a solid gaming rig, I just can't really get into playing console style games on a PC - and let's be serious, a PC with hardware competitive with a PS4 Pro or Scorpio is clearly a more expensive proposition).

    But man... I can't really see myself picking up a Scorpio for over $400 without some real E3 game surprises - stuff I can't do nearly as well on my existing One S that plays the same games. If someone like me is this apathetic about Scorpio, that's not a very good sign.Edited April 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Xbox Project Scorpio's Strength Isn't Enough To Lead The Pack

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 10 months ago

    Despite the title of that linked article, Hamster has not "confirmed" any future Switch ACA Neo Geo Classics releases. The link was a post with the author's speculation that existing PS4/XBO ACA Neo Geo Classics games will come to Switch. Maybe a reasonable assumption, but definitely unconfirmed.

    And there are actually currently 7 Neo games available on the Switch, in all regions. After North America getting the initial batch a week after Japan/Europe had them at system launch, it seems from the King of Fighters '94 that they might be doing simultaneously global releases now (at least same week). That's kind of a big deal after the Wii Virtual Console, where Japan normally got Neo games far earlier, and may never left the Japanese VC.

    My take as a pretty big Neo fan (who owns 4 of these 7 on AES cart! And once owned Metal Slug 3 but sold it for tuition!)...

    I general: I can't say I love playing Neo fighters on a Joy Con, and even the Pro Controller isn't ideal. Between Ultra SF2 and the Neo games, I just might break down for a stick, or some sort of more fighter-friendly pad. I do like having more legit Neo games on the go though. Emulation is good, but not as high quality as the stuff M2 has done like the PS3/PSP Neo Geo Station releases. The screen filter options are a little iffy, and the Switch games initially launched with some weird sound and brightness issues - but to Hamster's credit, they noted the concerns and released a patch very quickly.

    1. Shock Troopers: Commando/Mercs style overhead run and gun, it's a great game and hasn't been ported to death so might be new for more people. Really great to see. I really hope we get Shock Troopers 2 soon, it's a little divisive but I love the more colorful large sprites and high energy vibe in the sequel.

    2. Waku Waku 7: Sort of an oddball selection that hasn't been ported a ton. The art style (very anime) holds up really well even today, it's quite a charming game. Has some downsides in an especially small cast (the titular "7") and cheap as hell boss, but it's a fun game.

    3. Metal Slug 3: It's great. Maybe the most celebrated of the series. But most people have played this since it has seen good quality ports to almost every platform, maybe taking some of the shine off this release.

    4. KoF '98: Perhaps not my favorite in the series, but it's definitely one of the better games and is known as a classic for a reason. Quintessential late '90s 2D fighter, one of the true genre icons.

    5. World Heroes Perfect. ADK's series was always sort of the "off brand" version of the big boys from Capcom and SNK, but this is the definitive game in the series and it's a fun one. Worth checking out as a good overall representation of the Neo Geo's B franchise. Another one with awful cheap bosses, but amazingly not the worst in the series. That would be Dio from World Heroes 2, the ultimate in awful Neo Geo boss fights.

    6. King of Fighters '94. It's not one of the best in the series, the fighting feels a little clunky and dated, but it gets bonus points for being a truly novel concept by bringing the 3-on-3 battle format into the spotlight, and the first big effort to pull together classic SNK characters from Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, pre-Neo Geo games like Ikari Warriors and Athena, and some noteworthy new entrants like Kyo Kusanagi. No team mixing, if you like Terry Bogard and hate Andy... that's too bad. The backgrounds and music are still enjoyable. If you especially appreciate the historical significance of the genre (and aren't just judging based on gameplay merit by 2017 standards) this should get some bonus points.

    7. Nam 1975. It's a fine game, and a unique style (behind the back shooter) in a sea of 2D fighters and horizontal scrollers. Just never really clicked with me. One of the first Neo Geo games, so it's not one of the most impressive technical show pieces from the system (which does have some stuff that's impressive to this day). If you love similar games like Operation Wolf or Wild Guns and for some reason never tried this, put Nam 1975 higher on your list of things to check out.Edited March 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in The Best Neo Geo Games to Buy on the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for hamfighter hamfighter 10 months ago

    I'm... kind of OK with Ubisoft's stance here. Maybe this can help some people see the light that you don't have to UNLOCK EVERYTHING. It's honestly a little freeing to realize that, and maybe some lucky souls will take this as a little step toward feeling less compelled in the future to do every tedious unlock, get every trophy past the point where you're having fun, and buy every piece of DLC.

    It's pretty clear that they really didn't design this expecting it to be normal for players to try to unlock everything. They may have underestimated the tenacity many gamers have with respect to completionism, though.

    Posted in Ubisoft On For Honor Microtransactions: "We Don't Expect a Player To Buy Everything"