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  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 3 days ago

    For me, $20 for the announced NES games is an OK deal. I just hope they keep expanding the library with quality games, preferably at a faster pace than the current 3 games/month. I’m considering getting the 3 month subscription just to put some pressure on Nintendo to provide more value for 2019. Of course that only works if lots of other people do it too.Edited 3 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Hasn't Even Launched Yet, and It Already Has Major Problems

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 16 days ago

    @kidgorilla Me too. I like the way Dark Souls has surprising twists on its multiplayer, and I really like some of the small touches like seeing other players’ ghosts at bonfires, but ultimately I played most of Dark Souls 3 offline because I wanted my own experience. User messages spoiling secrets suck big time, for example.

    Posted in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Trades In Bonfires for Grappling Hooks and Traversal is Better For It

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 20 days ago

    Into the Breach. I was waiting for it to come to Mac, but instead it surprise dropped on Switch, which is even better! I just beat it for the first time (2 islands) and it exceeds my expectations so far. Fast-paced tactics where little is left to chance and every choice is important, and the atmosphere is great as well.

    Posted in What Game Are You Playing Over Labor Day Weekend?

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka A month ago

    Sounds great. My only reservation about the game is how the grappling hook seems to only interact with specific grapple points. That feels a bit contradictory to the design philosophy of Dark Souls, where you can jump off of any ledge, stand on most pieces of geometry as long as you can get there, etc. There's a sense of "anything goes", where the world is indifferent to you.

    I guess if I view the grapple points as glorified ladders, it's fine, but it's still more arbitrary and "obviously designed". I would love to hear more about the grapple hook, Kat.

    Posted in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Hands-On: From Software's Latest May Not Be a Soulsborne, But It Still Kicked My Ass

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka A month ago

    First Blizzard game on Nintendo in 15 years. That's pretty significant. Now make a new Rock n' Roll Racing!

    Posted in Diablo 3 is Coming to Switch This Fall, and You Can Play as Ganon

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka A month ago

    World of Horror looks ace.

    Posted in Metroidvanias Are Having a Moment

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka A month ago

    Fair points. It plays more like a story driven arcade game than an open exploration game. I knew this going in (Konjak has named Metroid Fusion as a big influence), so I was very impressed by how each new area and powerup expands on existing mechanics in a natural way. This, the attention to detail that you mention, and the story with its many dark twists had me glued to the game until I beat it.

    Posted in Iconoclasts' Intricacies are What Makes it Stand Above its Flaws

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka A month ago

    Good luck! That game doesn’t pull any punches, if it’s anything like the first one.Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Stream: La-Mulana 2 [Done!]

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 2 months ago

    Hollow Knight. Amazing game. I’m picky with my Metroidvanias, but I’ve been thouroughly enjoying this one for 24 hours so far, and the surprises keep coming.

    Posted in What Game is Currently Getting You Through the Summer?

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 2 months ago

    I think the pixel art itself is pretty detailed, on par with FF6 in many cases, but I think what Kat might be getting at is the scaling method and post processing. They really do the sprites a disservice, making them blurry and distorted. I noticed this in the demo and hoped they would make it better, but it seems they didn’t.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Reviews Octopath Traveler!