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  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 2 days ago

    That was a nice read. Thank you. It made me fondly recall my first experience with Dark Souls. Like you say, the bonfire evokes a sense of solitude, maybe even more so because you see the ghosts of other players, without being able to interact with them. At the same time, it bolsters you through a sort of distant companionship with everyone facing the same challenges as you. Such a great game.

    Posted in From Chrono Trigger to Dark Souls Remastered: The Evolution of the Bonfire in Games

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 4 days ago

    Good idea, but it should be cheaper. But I guess if the deal was too good, they would run the risk of losing people with some interest in playing on the TV to the dock-less bundle.

    Posted in Nintendo's Plan for Getting Multiple Switch in Every Household Starts With a New Bundle [Update: No Plans for a US Release]

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 5 days ago

    I kinda started off on the wrong foot with The Witcher 3, because I approached it as an exploration game. The earliest instance of that was in the White Orchard. I was exploring off the beaten path to see what I could find, and came across an area in the woods where a bunch of trees had been shredded, and there was blood on the ground. I got excited about where it could lead and started to look around, but I found nothing out of interest nearby, and the "witcher senses" revealed nothing to interact with, so I left. An hour or so later I got a quest related to an event in the forest, and now, suddenly, using my witcher senses in the same place, I found a track leading somewhere.

    Over the course of the game, there were a bunch of situations like these, where I found suspicious things leading nowhere, unless I had first triggered a quest to take me there. I always enjoyed the atmosphere, though, and the little stories you get involved with are engaging, so I've been thinking about picking it up again and playing it more like it expects you to.Edited 2 times. Last edited 4 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in How White Orchard Brilliantly Sets the Stage for Everything to Come in The Witcher 3

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 12 days ago

    @catymcc *removed nitpicky crap* Sorry to correct you on something you knew.Edited 4 times. Last edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Is a Sequel More than a Name: The Curious Case of Rage 2

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 13 days ago

    It looks a bit too much like Far Cry for being a Rage sequel. I hope it's not just a big open world to wreak havoc in, but that it also has some decent level design. Interiors, caves, linear sections, etc. Oh, and I hope it still has a racing mini game.

    Posted in Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Gorgeous Open-World Visuals

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 13 days ago

    ’"you-can-pick-up-shit" subgenre of FPS (aka "immersive sims")’

    I don’t know if this was just reductive for comedic effect, but immersive sims emphasize simulation. They have a bunch of inter-operating systems that happen independently of the player, but can be utilized by the player to solve (or create) problems. Think Sim City, but first person (the ”immersive” part).Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Is a Sequel More than a Name: The Curious Case of Rage 2

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 17 days ago

    @Fourfoldroot I think docking the Switch from the top, and pulling the controllers back up was a good call. It's a natural movement and a strong visual for selling the concept. But you're right, they could've done something to fix the tabletop charging issue. One thing that comes to mind is putting the USB port in a depression on the back of the Switch (but still in the same direction), to make room for the cord.Edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo Announces New Adjustable Charging Stand for All You Tabletop Players

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 18 days ago

    @Fourfoldroot What design do you propose? The USB port is placed at the bottom for easy docking. I guess they could’ve made it so you dock it upside down, but that would just seem very inelegant.

    Posted in Nintendo Announces New Adjustable Charging Stand for All You Tabletop Players

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 18 days ago

    I’ll definitely pay $20 for the first year, as I’m curious about the NES service. Hopefully they will add enough games/platforms to warrant a second year.

    The truth is as long as I want to play anything online, $20 is cheap enough that I’ll probably pay it. (I’m paying three times the amount to Sony and I barely use it.) But the thing that feels like actual value is the NESflix thing.Edited 2 times. Last edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Will People Pay for Nintendo Switch Online?

  • Avatar for hiptanaka hiptanaka 18 days ago