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  • Avatar for icecoldcakemix icecoldcakemix 6 months ago

    If I'm a parent, I'm looking at iPads, Playstations, and Xbox Ones and seeing how easy they are to get.
    I'm feeling burned out after these past few years with Nintendo. It's one thing with figurines, but they're keeping games and their features locked away. Ironic from a company that wants to get as many people playing through their games. How do I unlock invincible mode when I have to purchase their products?

    Posted in The SNES Classic Pre-Order Debacle is a Bad Look for Nintendo

  • Avatar for icecoldcakemix icecoldcakemix 8 months ago

    You're not alone, Caty! I signed in almost every day just to relax for a few minutes and play the crane game/enjoy the bunny banter. I always like weird, self-aware Nintendo so I got a chuckle out of it. I'll miss the little guy and the badges. I won't miss the oddly long load times. I hope they do something weird and current on the Switch.

    Posted in Bidding Adieu to Nintendo Badge Arcade, and Nintendo's Brief Accessorize-Your-Way Phase

  • Avatar for icecoldcakemix icecoldcakemix A year ago

    I agree with you, Jeremy, and feel like this system was made for me. But it kind of feels like it was made for people who owned Wii U's, Gamecubes, and N64's. And not enough people owned those systems to drum up healthy profits. I'm having a hard time finding optimism about this whole situation. I hope I'm wrong.

    Posted in Opinion: Switch Isn't for Everyone, But It's Definitely For Me

  • Avatar for icecoldcakemix icecoldcakemix A year ago

    Isn't this latest incident a good reason why Nintendo isn't doing so hot lately: inability to keep up with what people want? It can't keep stock on shelves for multitudes of products, they're just (kind of) catching up to this whole account system thing, other companies are giving away games for free and Nintendo creates sales with really weird prices (3.47 for a 30 year old game?), their apps are flashes in the pan with many people complaining about them long-term.

    I love Nintendo and their games, but I'm worried about them and annoyed. Nothing is really a solid success recently; everything has a caveat.

    Posted in On NES Classic Edition and Playing Hard To Get

  • Avatar for icecoldcakemix icecoldcakemix A year ago

    I just got a Vita when it went on sale, mostly because I had picked up so many games that were cross platform and I have suddenly found myself gaming on the road quite a bit. I really love it so far and agree with everything you say, Kat. I really hope that in the future somebody could find a way to make something like the Vita work.

    Posted in Gaming Deserves Another Handheld Like the Vita

  • Avatar for icecoldcakemix icecoldcakemix 2 years ago

    "Bowser Bought Hammer's House"

    Posted in Contest: Think You're a World-Class Mario Maker? [Contest Closed!]

  • Avatar for icecoldcakemix icecoldcakemix 4 years ago

    Will Nintendo ever start making customer friendly decisions? Like perhaps bundling the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game for a cheaper price?

    Posted in Virtual Spotlight: Kid Icarus

  • Avatar for icecoldcakemix icecoldcakemix 4 years ago

    I really wanted to play this game before. Thanks for the great article and the little reminder of where games can take us occasionally.

    Posted in Time, and a Word About Animal Crossing