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  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    Wonder if the Japanese version of Dark Souls 3 will have an English option?

    Posted in Amazon Japan Now Allows International Shipping for Games

  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    Suprising news, and very sad for the developers involved. Disturbing that Microsoft appears so quick to dissolve a studio that they have invested so much in. Probably should have given Fable Legends the axe much sooner and allowed Lionhead to regroup.

    Posted in The Fable Ends as Microsoft Plans "Proposed Closure" Of Lionhead

  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    PSTV didn't have enough services to compete with Roku and Apple and couldn't even play all of Sony's own PSP or Vita games to boot. Not surprised that there wasn't a market for this device. What a piece of crap.

    Posted in Sony Kills the PlayStation TV and the PSP's Native Storefront

  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    I'm a pretty recent convert to Dark Souls. I purchased the original Demon's Souls when it came out, got frustrated and quit. My wife, however, kept playing and ended up loving it. I watched her play every game in the series afterwards but didn't get into it myself. Finally, when next gen re-release of Dark Souls II came out, it finally clicked for me and I've gone back to play the others. A combination of a slightly lower starting difficulty and my wife's coaching on the game's finer details helped me see what an amazingly designed series this really is. No other game comes close to building as much tension and giving the player as much satisfaction from beating a really tough boss. If Dark Souls sounds like a series you'd like, I highly recommend picking up a cheap copy of the second game.

    Posted in Dark Souls 3 Really is a Turning Point for the Series

  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    I'll settle for games just being able to maintain a multiplayer community for longer than 3 weeks.

    Posted in The Race to Become the Next Big eSport

  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    I'm not sure how I feel about this becoming a larger trend, but I can really see this working out for Hitman. The levels in these games always have multiple solutions, and this model might really encourage replaying stages in a Ground Zeroes sort of way. Since the full game will still eventually be available at a normal price, people who don't like episodic content can just wait and get the whole package in one go. Nobody really loses.

    Posted in Hitman Continues Square Enix' Shift Toward Episodic Gaming

  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    I went with Xbox One over PS4 this generation based upon what I felt were slightly better exclusive games, a pretty good Black Friday bundle, and a complete lack of anything else to differentiate the two consoles. Now that Japanese developers are finally throwing their remaining weight behind the PS4, I think another console purchase is in my future.

    Posted in Xbox Brand Will Continue On, Microsoft Doubling Down on Exclusive Games

  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    It's much less Grand Theft Auto than it is a massive JRPG where you curbstomp people.

    Posted in Yakuza 5 is All About Sweating the Small Stuff

  • Avatar for jacklarson jacklarson 2 years ago

    The whole concept of these articles is just a little bizarre to me... looking at 1 year old games and asking "do they hold up?". Has the quality of games in the last year really improved so exponentially? Of course not.

    Posted in Does It Hold Up?: Lightning Returns