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  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 1 days ago

    @BulkSlash Memories are funny like that. The time seemed so long between great games back then. Now waiting a year (or 10...Final Fantasy XV...) isn't such a big deal because of the deluge of games. The other thing that adds to this, in my opinion, is that game design doesn't really add a lot of surprise any more. It's more about execution. I suppose that is one area where I have always really respected Nintendo. They aren't afraid to innovate - if they fail, they do so spectacularly!
    Speaking of...
    I wonder how the Virtual Boy would tie into this overall narrative...

    Posted in A Bathtub Full of Acid: The Story of How Dylan Cuthbert Went From Making 3D Engines for Game Boy to Star Fox

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 2 days ago

    IF this service was comparable to Miiverse...I would be more excited. I am sure that Miiverse had some issues. But I loved it. I loved the sharing. I loved the pictures. I loved the sections for fans of certain games. I thought it was genius.
    Too bad Switch Online seems pathetic by comparison.
    I may still bite...
    But it won't be because it puts a smile on my face.
    Nintendo killed a great thing with Miiverse.
    Oh...and I can still play Mario Kart 8 online for free on Wii U.Edited 2 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Hasn't Even Launched Yet, and It Already Has Major Problems

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 5 days ago

    These look cool...
    But. A SNES controller would be really cool.

    Posted in Nintendo: Maybe Don't Use the Wireless NES Switch Controllers in Tablet Mode

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 5 days ago

    I don't have much to add to this conversation, except my opinion about VIII:
    I really like it. I would pay for it...again. The Steam Version would be better with actual PS1 music, but it's the most recent release I'm aware of...and the music isn't great. Which is sad because VIII on PS1 has some really great tracks.

    Posted in Tons of Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch (But Not the Best One... Sad)

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 14 days ago

    I'm always excited for a New Nintendo Direct. There seems to always be something unexpected waiting in the wings.
    Shall I get my hopes up? ;)

    Posted in Nintendo Direct September Will Air Tomorrow, Showing Off Switch and 3DS Games

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 15 days ago

    I really enjoyed my time with the demo! I loved the first and am happy to see more of the same with this one. I was a little disappointed that the language was quite a bit more harsh than the first game. The first one is great to play with my kids around, but with Raz freely spilling his character (kind of cringe inducing honestly...) I am really thinking I may play this one in German...or Japanese...on the small screen...
    That being said, I'd hate to skip it entirely as it really plays great and I have enjoyed most of the other characters quite a bit.
    The demo really got me into the story. Does the story hold up throughout? I hope so.
    I WISH we could get Valkyria Chronicles 3 localized somehow. I hate missing out on story!

    Posted in Initial Thoughts on Valkyria Chronicles 4 Ahead of the Review

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 18 days ago

    I'm excited for the new additions to Mega Man 11. I wasn't actually a fan of Mega Man 9 and 10 as much as I was 6. 6 added the Rush Power suits, which felt like a natural evolution for the Mega Man series. When 9 and 10 stripped away the slide and Mega Buster, that was pretty tough for me personally. I cut my teeth on Mega Man 3. I went back and enjoyed 1 & 2, but they've always felt inferior to me. Just my opinion.

    Posted in Mega Man 11's Double Gear System Takes Some Getting Used to if You're a Long-Time Mega Man Fan

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    You express my thoughts exactly. I will pay money to play these games. Probably more money than they would be worth honestly. It's a shame that there is no legitimate alternatives than ROMs in many cases.
    ...and so I wait for a legitimate way to play the original version of Final Fantasy III and II on NES. I wait for Seiken Densetsu 3. I wait for Bahamut Lagoon (I actually own the Japanese version of this and Final Fantasy II and III, but without an illegal patch via Retron 5, it's useless, I even emailed Square Enix to see how they felt about it, even when I owned the actual game, and it was a no go...I know, I probably shouldn't have asked, but I'm trying to be legit about everything...).
    So many great games, locked out of reach.
    So many great games I'd love to take for a little spin, and pay for, if only they were available. So, even when I, personally, don't do ROMs, I champion the game preservation they have allowed, because even Nintendo had to use ROMs for Virtual Console...

    Posted in ROMs Play a Vital Role in Filling in the Gaps of RPG History

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    @Nuclear-Vomit The tape is HORRIBLE. We didn't do it in her room, we saved it for more visible living areas. I'm glad you can sympathize.

    Posted in What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    I'm playing paint my daughter's bedroom and install new carpet...
    But IF I get some game time, I will probably mess around a bit on Mega Man X-2 on Switch.
    It's crazy how great I can be at Mega Man X, but I don't have the muscle memory developed for X-2 yet...or X-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8...
    Sigh. It's the same with Mega Man. I'm great at the first 6...but...again...muscle memory.
    Maybe I'll play Final Fantasy II (on Origins) a bit. I still love that PSP. Plus who needs muscle memory for that...

    Posted in What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?