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  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 6 days ago

    Okay seriously, Cecil's father, Kluya, is pretty cool.

    Posted in Who's Your Favorite Dad in Video Games?

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 7 days ago
  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 28 days ago

    “Second Tier” RPG...
    The game has a lot of polish. I think I understand what is meant by this comment, but looking at the game as my son hardly seems ‘lesser’ class. What are the 1st Tier JRPGS? Final Fantasy XV the quest of the unfinished?

    Posted in Ni No Kuni 2 Review

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    I think I am in agreement with many of the other comments here. I really don't want a new console. My PS4 is awesome, but is it really THAT much better than my PS3? In some ways, definitely, but for the most part, it's all HD to me. Maybe a few less blades of ultra realistic grass.
    I'm not against a newer, more powerful console, but I am against dumping an entire library because of a console cycle. PC lets me keep my games running on newer tech. My iPhone has been really great about keeping compatibility. Why can't the consoles do the same?
    As much as I enjoy PS4, it really strikes out with the lack of PS1 and PS2 Classics. I have enjoyed the remasters (and believe me...that Shadow of the Colossus remake blows my mind!) for it. I don't mind paying again for a game that adds or upgrades the familiar experience, but leaving the PS3 library out in the cold, even if it was for really good tech reasons, was a bummer.
    Streaming games? Nah. The delay annoys me, and I want to have ownership (even in some form like a license) to the game.
    Digital? For me? Yes. My Switch library is almost completely digital. No games getting lost or broken.
    Whatever comes along in the future, I hope to be able to carry my library forward.
    Of course, I wouldn't mind a PS4/5 that took notes from the Switch and let me go portable...the lack of power is worth the trade off. I'd be willing to pay more to keep the power of the PS4 in a portable form. In my opinion, Breath of the Wild definitely gives Final Fantasy XV a run for its money in the art/graphics department, despite the weaker tech.

    Posted in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two: How the Next Generation of Consoles Will Move Gaming Forward

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    Breathe of the Wild absolutely deserves this. I am constantly amazed at how after putting so much time into it, I can still just drop into Hyrule and just go and explore. I don't even always have a goal in mind (though I still have quests that need finishing). It's just the journey. It's sitting by a stream and watching the world: the sun, the grass, the animals/monsters do their thing. It's taking some pictures or screenshots.
    I've been thinking about how Final Fantasy XV (another game I really like, for the most part) has had trouble being as immersive as Zelda. The technology is better, the textures are more realistic, but for some reason Zelda is more of a living, breathing world. I know they are still trying to remedy that with the PC release, but it blows me away that the little old Wii U/Switch could have such an immersive experience. Even Horizon Zero Dawn, with its amazing world, doesn't quite reach the immersion (though it does do a better job than Final Fantasy opinion of course). Final Fantasy XV tried to be too big maybe?
    Zelda is such a great game. It's good to see other very deserving titles listed as winners also. Kudos to all game makers who are putting their hearts into their projects. I have respect.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wins Big at 2018 DICE Awards, Including Game of the Year

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 2 months ago

    I was pretty excited for this...then I read some reviews.
    Then I watched a play through video. The new music is mostly...atrocious. It's like they ran it through a blender.
    I think I will still pick this up some time...on sale...and switch the tracks to the original.
    Ugh. This could have been so much more.
    On the bright side, I do like the graphics...mostly.

    Posted in The Secret of Mana Remake is a Missed Opportunity to Fix the Original's Flaws

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 2 months ago

    Just...please include backwards compatibility. Seriously. I don't need extra clutter. I want a machine that does it all.
    Speaking of.
    All those PS1 Classics I've would be nice to have them roll over onto the new machine. Even if Sony would play nice and let us play them on our PS4s that would be great.
    Ugh. At least I still have a great PS3 that does the job nicely.
    I just hate having to have every console hooked up if I want to dabble in old games.Edited January 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in PS5 Release Date, PlayStation 5 Launch Games, What we Want From the PS5, How Powerful Will the PS5 be? - Everything we Know

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 2 months ago

    I would like to finish up Episode Ignis. It's been fun so far. The cinematics are great. I can literally just hold down circle and win mist fights. It's great for lazy entertainment. Final Fantasy sure isn't what it used to be...
    Maybe I'll keep chipping away at another play through of Chrono Cross...

    Posted in What New (or Old) Game Are You Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 3 months ago

    How about a portable PS4...?
    I'd buy it...

    Posted in What We Want From PlayStation in 2018

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 3 months ago

    I would love to see Switch ports. The more portable games the better. Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Final Fantasy XII, etc. I will buy too many!
    Honestly, the Switch has made me wish my PS4 had a portable

    Posted in 2018 Will Be the Year of the Switch Port