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  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 12 days ago

    Does Spinda evolve into Gespun, the Tweaking Pokemon?

    Posted in Spinda is a Bad Pokemon, And Its Pokemon Go Research Task Might be Even Worse

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 2 months ago

    Hmm, the animal spirits aren't very good at curation, Valve. Why not bite the bullet and simply admit to wanting to prune away prurient, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic content? No matter how pervasive the "Steam ecosystem" is, it is still a private space. You have the right to get rid of content that explicitely traffics in those things, and having the bravery to just admit it can begin good discussions. It would be better than a shotgun aimed at Victorian-era ideas about the body, or just turning a blind eye.

    As for the cut content, I am sure they will still exist, whether someone wants to shoot teens or bully and trick sex out of coeds as proof of their alpha frame, the developers could sell on their own sites, or band together to make their own market platform for games all about those spectacles.

    Posted in Valve's New Steam Policy: Anything Goes

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 2 months ago

    Let's go, Pokemon! *clapclap clapclapclap*

    Posted in Pokemon Let's Go Online Functionality Requires Paid Nintendo Online Account

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 3 months ago

    Hmm, I am surprised the likes of Rusty Lake games, Reign, and Love Nikki aren't on the list.

    Posted in The 15 Best iOS and Android Games

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 3 months ago

    Hmm, I am glad it is for BCRF, rather than SGK. That said, Blizzard should be careful, as I think "that" group has tried to make pink a part of their trade, hmm, dress, I think that is the term. They might go after cool pink shirts and flying nurses, though BCRF and Blizzard are likely too big to bully.

    Posted in Overwatch Releases New Pink Mercy Skin With Full Proceeds Going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 3 months ago

    Killology? Is that a term made up by Fox "homicide bomber" News? It is sad scapegoating, and easily refuted, given that mass shootings are a sadly American phenomenon.

    Posted in The NRA is Still On Its Anti-Video Game BS

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 3 months ago

    Yeah, stop chasing John Money, and go after Jim Bigotry, instead, Harebrained!

    Posted in Getting Mad at Battletech's Pronouns Misses the Point of Hardcore Role-playing Experiences

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 3 months ago

    Given that your actions amount to a magical McGuffin flooding the town from Coco, I think there is a lot less gravity than first appears. Thoughtless privilege can be explored in subtler and more meaningful ways than, "oops, I'm Pandora". From the bombast of, say, Lara disrupting relationships between villages because she wants to curry favor, guides, and porters, with weapons, alcohol, and drugs; to something domestic like #whitesavioring a Mayan boy on her world's version of Twitter, there are better ways to look at the impact of first world arrogance. If the developers are actually wanting to address the price of adventuring, why not make their heroine's actions small enough that a player might stop and think, "oh shit, I would have done that..."

    With making their imperious action be, literally, starting the end times with a magic knife, there isn't any nuance. In fact, it just becomes another thoughtless pulpy genre story about a primitive supernatural curse striking a white adventurer, all while brown people either serve as faceless opposition or cower, run, and cry, "rhubarb, el muerto, rhubarb!" If that is the way SE wants to run, they should be honest, at least, rather than trying to couch the same old exploitative tale in a woke robe.

    Posted in Will Shadow of the Tomb Raider Offer The Lara Croft We Deserve?

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 3 months ago

    Given that Lara's colonial arrogance results in the wrath of the divine, it feels like the message is going to be lost in the unspectacular spectacle. That is a shame, on top of the annoyance of seeing the series is still luxuriating in doing violence to and killing Lara in 8mm detail. Odd, how a leading lady has to visibly be victimized to show maturity, especially in comparison to, say, a Kerfuffle Father getting the same treatment in how he kills and shows his power, maturely, of course.

    Posted in In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft's Selfish Tomb Raiding is Bad

  • Avatar for jihon83 jihon83 3 months ago

    It is an interesting and futile pursuit. God of War began in the middle of gaming trying to prove it was "for ADULTS" because you got to rip apart harpies and fuck the shit out of some bitches. Because real men swear, have sex, and murder for effect. Now, the newest one is about making it look like a Greek god viscerally guts a troll, remembers a woman he loved, god dammit, and frets over his child. Because real men swear, kill, and rage regretfully. Oh, and a woman has to die, that is the ice cube floating at the top of a manly glass of scotch.

    Posted in Move Over Prestige TV, God of War and Other Prestige Games are Taking Over Now