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  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 13 days ago

    Hmm, assuming I had a CRT, and could have a console AND a handheld, it would be a Wii and. Vita. The Wii for, well, Wii games, GameCube, and a fully loaded VC with SNES, NES, Genesis, PC Engine, NeO Geo and Arcade (but it has to be CRT for that 240p goodness). The Vita for its great library, the PS 2 conversions, and all those PSX games.

    If truly just one, then I’d have to go with the PC Engine for pure nostalgia and familiarity (I.e. Gradius 2, Bomberman ‘94 and Rondo of Blood). Unless I took the Switch of course.

    Posted in What Would Be Your Desert Island Console?

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    I pick up my 3DS on occasion, with the 2DSXL form factor a nice draw for revisiting my DS library (it’s just easier to hold) and Samus Returns is still in progress. The Samus edition 3DS was where my digital stuff was transferred too, so that’s almost an investment I feel duty-bound to use every other week. Plus, it is gorgeous. Sega 3D Classics and the SNES VC are the main draws there to be honest. Let’s face it though, the Switch, while a bit large, and sans d-pad, is the ultimate handheld for indies and console quality titles. The 3DS and to a lesser extent the Vita are a big step down in overall experience (screen, speed, OS, graphic quality) so the shiny new thing gets the love. Having said all that, I’m still firing up the Shield Portable for some more Half-Life 2. No FPS on a handheld comes close to that experience. Here’s hoping the The Orange Box gets a port (we know NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 is up to the challenge)

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Still Playing Your Nintendo 3DS?

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    Likely to get: folders for games, better sorting in the eShop - keeping on top of so many good games is hard. Would love it get: joy-con with a d-pad

    Posted in 10 Things We Expect (and Hope) to See in the Rumored January 2018 Nintendo Direct

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    This means two things. 1. There are going to be a lot of people who missed WiiU who can be sold remasters of all the great WiiU games they missed (think Xbox360-owning PS4 adopters lapping up PS3 remasters). 2. Better get out there and complete your WiiU collections before prices start getting too high as everyone realizes how relativel6 scarce they are.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Overtakes the Entire Lifetime Sales for the Wii U in Japan

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    the PS4 was swamped with HD remaster early on. Bigger, new IP took a while to materialize, but I think a lot of goodwill towards the ports came from Xbox 360 owners hopping over to Sony, having missed the PS3. The Switch offers the draw of Nintendo games plus the compelling form factor that makes for a new way to experience old games, and having them with you at all times. GTA V and Res Dead seem obvious blockbusters to move over (LA Noire is terrific and suggests it could be possible). Call of Duty. The Orange Box. Bioshock. Dead Space. Ninja Gaiden. Need for Speed. The list goes on and on. Exciting times.

    Posted in 2018 Will Be the Year of the Switch Port

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    Bummer for new Switch owners. Physical media is the way for me. Encouraging in as much as it means they are seeing a high demand. Maybe next year as critical mass becomes clear we’ll get that Switch port of Half Life 2 and Portal from Valve (which Nvidia basically already did for them for the Shield TV)

    Posted in Nintendo Eshop is Down on Christmas Day

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 2 months ago

    Mike nailed it by saying ”Switch just works”. A comment on The Verge this morning suggested while good, the Switch was not innovative or unique, citing the Shield Tablet/Portable, iOS AirPlay, and PS Vita/PSTV. You can go back much further if you want to look at console/portable cross-over: PC Engine/GT, Megadrive/Nomad, GBA/GB Player, and Sony’s PSP with its video out. I’ve owned all but the Nomad. The technology in all, even in the NVDA-based Shield, comes nowhere near the experience, and solidity of what Nintendo has achieved. iOS AirPlay is a joke. The Gamevice is a bad joke. Only the Vita can claim a comparable portable experience, but the TV interface and graphical scaling is poor. The Switch hosts some of may favorite games from this year, and I want ito see re-releases of my favorite games from the last 10 years (can you imagine The Orange Box?). I love it. Scary to think of what the first hardware revision might bring.

    Posted in Console of the Year: The Nintendo Switch Dominates 2017

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 2 months ago

    Funny, I was just watching the trailer last night and noticed the date too. Can’t wait to see how it looks on my new PS4 Pro

    Posted in God of War Coming March 2018 According to PlayStation Store Leak

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 3 months ago

    Pre-ordered despite owning the 3DS and PS3 versions of RER 1 and the PS 4 and Vita versions of 2. I’m hoping for better performance and visuals than the prior portable installments, while the hybrid nature of the system means I actually have a chance of dedicating enough time to finish them. Resi Evil 4 would be even better but I am sure that will come later.

    Posted in Resident Evil Revelations Collection Will Test The Switch's Sales Power

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 3 months ago

    Resident Evil 4. Limbo/Inside. Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The Orange Box. That is all.

    Posted in Ten Last Gen Games That Should Join Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Switch