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  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 3 months ago

    Yet another reason why I hate that YouTube/Twitch “celebrities” even exist.

    Posted in Fortnite Streamer's Fans React Badly to Session with Jake Paul

  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 4 months ago

    This review (and the positive comments) echo my feelings on the game. I’m 20+ hours in and really enjoy it. It was brutal to start but as you progress and unlock more stuff (recipes and buildings for your base), it gets even better. I hope they expand on it. I love exploring the world, and multiplayer is great fun (when I can get matched with players).

    Posted in Metal Gear Survive Review

  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 6 months ago
  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 6 months ago

    This is the first Assassin's Creed that I really loved the main character. And only the 2nd one I finished (Black Flag being the first). And Bayek is by far my favorite character in an AC game. He's charming and funny, and is just as comfortable assassinating a high ranking Egyptian official as he is playing and joking with a group of children on the street. I always grew tired of other main characters in AC games. Which is probably why I only ever got a few hours into them before getting bored. But I never got tired of Origins. Sure I eventually started skipping side missions after about 30 hours, but the main story (and Bayek himself) kept me hooked.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Origins Sheds the Series' Usual Rooftops in Favor of Something Greater

  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 11 months ago

    Really great write up. I've been mildly interested since I saw the trailer at E3 (I think?). Then I saw it up on PS4 and bought the $40 standard pack. Then upgraded to the deluxe. It's a ton of fun. You actually explained some of the stuff I didn't understand (like all the squads). I figured it was for my hero, but the game does a poor job of explaining all that.

    And the menus. All the menus. My God there's lot. LOL

    But I've played more the last few days (and have had way more fun) than I expected.

    Posted in Fortnite Early Access Review: Fighting Through Systems Towards Daylight

  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 A year ago

    The "it's too linear!" argument falls flat on these ears. People seem to forget how their beloved old FF games were really NOT open world at all (or weren't until very late when you got a ship or airship). Most games started you in a town, and dumped you into an "open world" with a single cave. Sure you wander around an "open world" for hours, but the only way to progress forward was a single cave. Then once through the cave and the first boss, MORE OPEN WORLD! Buy usually with one town and another cave (which sometimes you couldn't even enter).

    I've loved FF since 4 (2) & 6 (3) on the SNES. I loved nearly every one since. Even FF13, which we all know was super linear, I loved. I needed that focus at that time (I had just become a new father).

    So bring it on. I need a new FF.Edited November 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Will Final Fantasy XV's Big Twist Ruin The Game?

  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 A year ago

    I didn't think I could be more excited. But these 3 articles have pushed me over the edge.

    I wonder though, having played through most of the Duscae demo, do you play through that exactly as it was in the demo, or did they mix it up a bit? It's a minor pet peeve when I have to replay demo content in the final game. I appreciate when the developer remixes it a bit.Edited October 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV Travel Diary, Day Three: Authentic Road Trip

  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 A year ago

    Probably Everquest in my single, childless days. I would get up around 10am and play until 2am, with only breaks for the bathroom and getting meals. Now I'm lucky if I can manage 2 hours after the kids are in bed (if I can stay up that late).

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Was Your Longest-Ever Gaming Session?

  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 A year ago

    Good luck Bob! As a huge Souls fan I've always loved hearing you gush about the series. And I've always enjoyed your perspective on pretty much everything.

    Posted in Goodbye, USgamer Readers! (And You Can Thank Me for Not Writing "Thanks for All the Fish")

  • Avatar for jjmahoney3 jjmahoney3 A year ago

    It's a new Nintendo console. Even at 41 years old I'm freaking out a little. Day 1 buy for me.

    Posted in USgamer Reacts: Are We Excited About the Nintendo Switch?