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  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 2 months ago
  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 4 months ago

    Really hope the USG podcast comes back, the Mike/Nadia/Caty team was great. Their opinions didn't just automatically skew towards general online consensus, the takes were spicy, and we got to hear about different food and weather across North America. Come back soon, y'all.

    Posted in Happy Anniversary to Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, the Best Successor to Symphony of the Night

  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 5 months ago

    I kinda preferred the slightly chibi-esque character proportions of the 3DS version, sorta like Toriyama's character art for Chrono Trigger (not that the PS4 version looks bad). Wouldn't mind if the Switch version ends up being a remastered HD version of the 3DS game.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI is Engineered to Try and Woo a Western Audience (Again)

  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 6 months ago

    7 characters? The cast of Chrono Trigger

    Posted in Smash Bros: The 7 Characters We Want in the New Switch Version

  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 6 months ago

    I don't necessarily want Monster Hunter World on Switch, but I definitely want a Monster Hunter on the platform. Online co-op is obviously essential, but my fondest memories of the 3DS games are playing local co-op with friends and high-fiving the dang hell out of each other at the end of a grueling hunt.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Doesn't Need a Switch Port

  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 6 months ago

    I'd like to think that instead of brainwashing, Kirby incepts years of genuine friendship within the span of an instant into his enemies, kinda like how Psylocke does at the end of the Dark Angel Saga in Remender's Uncanny X-Force.

    Posted in Kirby Star Allies Adds Brainwashing, is Still Relentlessly Cute

  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 7 months ago

    One of EVO's organizers seems to imply that MvC:I won't be at the tournament because of lack of support from Marvel

    While MvC:I's sales aren't great, it consistently has more viewers than the other games on the list besides SFV and DBFZ at events. A side tournament is being organized, and it'll likely be the biggest EVO has ever had--likely bigger than some of the official games.

    love the podcast, btw

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Why We Hate Audio Logs

  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 7 months ago

    I second the love for Ribrianne and the Universe 2 magic girls. They're amazing, and they have very different fighting styles from the rest of the cast, too.

    Posted in Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters That Might (and Should) Be Coming as DLC

  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 7 months ago

    Dunkirk is definitely PUBG--it's mostly characters dreading action than actual action (which makes the eventual action that much crazier). Even when nothing is happening, the threat of violence is so nerve-wracking, the tension doesn't end. The loud is mostly from the score, reflecting the characters' unnerving anxiety. Watching the USG team play PUBG reminded me of Dunkirk even before I started playing the game.

    Posted in The 2018 Oscar Nominees and Their Video Game Counterparts

  • Avatar for johnpading95 johnpading95 9 months ago

    I think everything about Gravity Rush 2 is an A+... except the game parts itself. I love the art direction, I can hear the music in my head when I think about the game, the characters are very endearing, the falling/flying mechanic thrills... but it has these momentum-killing, clunky missions every now and then, I dunno. I love this game and it's stuck with me way more than most games I've played this year, but it really is a mess. I don't think it earned the emotional beats it wanted by its end... but I still found it affecting for some reason. Talking about its faults isn't making me like the game any less, it just makes me want to replay it at some point. I love the game, but totally understand the criticisms it's gotten.

    Posted in Why Gravity Rush 2 Is Elevated by Its Amazing (and Still Flawed) Final Act