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  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla 8 days ago

    @cldmstrsn This is this week's bestest comment

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  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla 13 days ago

    But the Real Bouts are good, Mike!

    Posted in SNK Reveal Neo Geo Mini With 40 Unnamed Titles

  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla 19 days ago


    Edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla 25 days ago

    @davedalrymple11 Thor was in Marvel vs Capcom 1 as an assist

    Posted in The Video Game History of Every Major Hero in Avengers: Infinity War

  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla 29 days ago

    I always felt that Persona 3 had the most satisfying ending of the series. The Answer kind of ruined it, and 4/5 are both fine, but the latter games just feel like jumping off points for ways to spinoff the series. 3's ending felt like a fulfilling conclusion to a long, hard year.

    Posted in Happy Anniversary to Persona 3 FES, Which Needs a Remaster More Than Ever

  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla A month ago
  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla A month ago
  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla A month ago

    I've played Symphony of the Night about 400 times, but I have something else.

    In college, I had a relationship with a girl that, in hindsight, was toxic like nuclear fallout. We would date for a few months, bitterly split, and then find our way back to each other. This lasted through most of our undergrad lives and into post-grad where I moved to be with her, capping off at around 15 breakup/ makeups when we finally ended things for good. Somewhere in there, she bought Final Fantasy X for me as a birthday gift. I sometimes wish she hadn't.

    I hadn't played an RPG in a long while at that point, and as a pretentious English and Film student, I was disgusted by the dialog and plotting. By the end, though, I was very taken with the game and immediately replayed it from scratch when it was over, the girl and I splitting up and coming back together again in the meantime. I started looting used record stores for PSOne and PS2 RPGs that I had missed up to that point and borrowing games from friends that may have some left-of-center gems. I used the rest of that school year to catch up on what had happened between Final Fantasy VII and X.

    I have a problem letting things go. As time went on and our on again/ off again dance continued, I found myself replaying Final Fantasy X the next winter. And then the next winter. Then the one after that. For six or seven years, I went back to it. Sometimes, I'll admit, was because I missed her while others were just to keep the tradition going. Eventually, I needed it to stop; I realized that it was turning into a sort of torture reliving a shitty relationship with someone for 60+ hours every December. I put FFX away on a shelf and moved on with my life.

    When the game was rereleased a few years later for PS3, I struggled with the decision to play it. But I eventually caved, the torrent of memories and emotions may as well have been packaged with it like an instruction manual. I didn't take on as many sidequests, though, and just toured through the story. It was enough for me. I watched the credits roll, thought for a couple of minutes about playing X-2 (which is good, haters), and gave it it's own hallowed place on the shelf. I was right about it all along. I'm in a different place now, and nostalgia has a cruel side that I don't need any more.

    Posted in What's Your Most Replayed Game?

  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla 2 months ago

    @nilcam It took me a long time to get over the button input for throws, but a game with parries really needs that, I think. I can see how you might like the other way in a game like Alpha 2, though, since blocking and air blocking can make for a defensive game. Personally, I think the Alpha game are too slow because of the air blocks, even though CCs kind of make up for it

    Posted in See How the Classics Fare in HD as We Play Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

  • Avatar for kidgorilla kidgorilla 2 months ago

    @nilcam I respect your opinion, and the reduced damage from ST makes for a slightly slower game, but these are all things I disagree with

    Posted in See How the Classics Fare in HD as We Play Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection