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  • Avatar for koup koup 11 months ago

    As a fan of Destiny, this is what I was hoping for: a refined version of the game I play, more expansive and taking into account the Y1 issues the community encountered. Pretty happy about the Guided Games format. It should spawn more clans while also making it easier for new players to do end-game content. Even though I play with a bunch of regulars, scheduling can be a pain, so any way to expand the team (even temporarily) at times is cool by me.

    Posted in In Destiny 2, Bungie Finds Some of That Old Halo DNA

  • Avatar for koup koup 2 years ago

    This was the first game, once I entered the working world, that kept my attention for a significant time. I had all the consoles and even had an avid gamer as a roommate, but finding the time to play anything was a challenge until KOTOR. I spent a lot of time with KOTOR and I judge every RPG and Star Wars game against it. It is the game that got me back into regular gaming.

    HK-47 calling people "meatbag" made me giggle every time.

    Posted in "The Greatest Star Wars Game Ever": Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Avatar for koup koup 2 years ago

    @nickn You can try, some of the Destiny sub-Reddits, or

    Posted in Destiny: The Taken King: Solo Insights a Month After Launch

  • Avatar for koup koup 2 years ago

    I am on the last story mission, and I have not done a single strike or mission outside the new Hunter sub-class, but I have been enjoying TTK immensely. The Taken are a great new enemy, and the pacing has been very well done. The story-telling is night-and-day better than vanilla Destiny, and Nathan Fillion steals the show.

    Posted in Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Review: What a Difference a Year Makes

  • Avatar for koup koup 2 years ago

    For me, I stick with Destiny for a variety of reasons:

    They keep improving - While Dark Below was eh, House of Wolves was substantially better based on the criticism from base Destiny and Dark Below. And 2.0 is mainly a restructuring in preparation for Taken King, but also addressed issues, such as the armor upgrade economy, storylines, etc. And with HoW there is a decent amount of content to keep someone busy between resets that is not super repetitive. Could there be more content -- yes, but I no longer feel like I am done for the week after 2 hours of play. And I don't feel like a grind is necessary anymore.

    Playing with friends - Plain and simple, I enjoy playing with a group of friends. More so than any other game I have played recently, the social interaction with my friends is great.

    Great community - I am not someone who spends a lot of time on Reddit, but I check out the Destiny sub-Reddit daily. Also the existence of and other avenues for getting help and info compliments the gameplay well.

    Exotics Weapons - I love the idea of an FPS with unique weapons where the difference is more than skin deep (e.g. not simply setting damage levels); the perks make for a lot of tailored game play that is pretty fun. Speaking of the skins, the weapon designs look great too. Collecting items can be fun because they help out in the game or they are visually appealing.

    Great gameplay - A lot of people talk about the feel of the game, and I cannot disagree at all. Destiny's game mechanics are dialed-in. In many games, there is normally some aspect of the game that does not work or could be much better. Destiny does not suffer from this (for me). It made the earlier grind easier to deal with (with HoW it is less Grind-y).

    Is Destiny perfect? Nope. But it is currently my goto game and TTK is pretty exciting.

    Posted in One Way or Another, Destiny is Still Relevant After a Year

  • Avatar for koup koup 2 years ago

    I really like the feel of this game, and most of my friends still play. The House of Wolves righted the ship, and showed Bungie was trying to listen to feedback and improve the game iteratively. I have many games in the queue to still play, but I still come back to this game time and time again, and I have gotten more than my initial investment back. Now, if Bungie had revealed a loadout system, I think every one of my wishlist items would have come true.

    Posted in Destiny Gets Overhauled With The Taken King

  • Avatar for koup koup 2 years ago

    I have to agree with Kirk's comments about Destiny. House of Wolves is a revelation after the first expansion. It is a lot less grindy and I am not done with content on all 3 alts 2 days after the weekly reset. The big think my group has been doing is now going back to get gear we stopped trying to get. Before HoW, it was not worth it. Now, we are getting gear with perks we liked, or looked a certain way, knowing it can get to the max damage/light levels. I am really liking the feel of the missions, and even the story, while not great, has some nice tweaks to it.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Episode 13: A Deeper Dive into Witcher 3 and Destiny

  • Avatar for koup koup 3 years ago

    "Just burned?" I recall burning CDs in that time being fraught with cursing of buffer overruns.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Console Evokes the Most Memories for You?

  • Avatar for koup koup 3 years ago

    There is a part of me that wants to see Excitebike and Blaster Master (on a modern console).

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which 8-bit Game Would You Like Remade as a Modern Title?

  • Avatar for koup koup 3 years ago

    GoldenEye was a good reprieve from getting beat at Mario Kart 64.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What is your Greatest Video Gaming Moment