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  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    Wow. I didn't think you could make a special edition of a console look bad--but here we are. The complete lack of effort is just embarassing.

    Posted in Custom-Designed Xbox Ones Sighted

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    The fact that they're still using the lives system is silly enough, but this is just lazy.

    Posted in Does Sonic Lost World Have the Worst Pre-Order Bonus Ever?

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    Why are the sticks so close to the top and the buttons so low? No, no, no, no, no.

    Posted in Cross Plane: It's Like a Wii U Gamepad... For Everything

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    Microtransactions in a $60 game are sinister no matter what they're for.

    Posted in Microsoft promises that Ryse's microtransactions aren't sinister

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    Art style reminds me of a 90's platformer for better or worse. I could see myself enjoying this :D

    Posted in Assault Android Cactus: Bullet Hell for PS4 and Vita

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    Blur was so good. I don't even like racing games, and I had a blast playing it. It was a perfect blend of car combat and racing.

    Such a same about Bizarre Creations :(

    Posted in The Greatest Games This Generation: Xbox 360

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    At the end of the day, this is one man's creative vision for his game. I would never want to see social pressures force him to "tone it down" or make the female characters "more realistic."

    The only way to get more games with strong female characters who are created in a more heroic aspect are to MAKE those games. You'll never get anywhere trying to shame a developer for his creativity.

    The fact is that the indie market is open for anyone to make and sell their games. The barriers are all but non existent for those with the know-how. The only reason we don't see more female-empowering games is because people just aren't making them.

    Also, criticizing a game from an entirely different culture--one that actually makes games for a female audience, mind you--is more xenophobic than helpful for feminism.

    Posted in

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    I think I'm the only one who's mad about this. Not what Nintendo said--since they haven't allowed creative visions to overtake their games for some time. They're notorious for boxing people's ideas into their IPs. That's why Starfox Adventures happened and why they continue to find ways to make Kirby games. Chalk-outline Link doesn't even look like it belongs in a Legend of Zelda game, and I'm sure it doesn't.

    You can talk about how Nintendo just harkens back to when games were just games trying to be fun, but back then Nintendo made art. They didn't know what people wanted, so they had to make the games they wanted and hoped people would follow. Zelda was art; Mario was art; Metroid was art. The problem now is that they know what a "Nintendo game" is and what people want from that, and they're continuing to deliver that.

    Essentially, Nintendo is checking boxes, making the games people want without any care for what their developers might want to make. They release the same games every year with minimal improvements or tacked-on additions, similar to a Call of Duty or Assassins's Creed.

    I remember when EA said that they were trying to give all play-styles something to love with SSX, and there was a huge shitstorm, because the game was just heartlessly checking boxes, and it was no better than Call of Duty with snow.

    Now, Nintendo is essentially saying the same thing and they get nothing but praised for it.

    I guess companies only make soulless products, until you start to like their soulless products.

    Posted in Nintendo Doesn't Make Art, It Tries to Resonate With Customers

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 4 years ago

    I'd say that Nintendo isn't in the business of making art, since they've been coasting on the same art assets and IPs since the Super Nintendo :P

    Posted in Nintendo Doesn't Make Art, It Tries to Resonate With Customers

  • Avatar for kyleyadlosky64 kyleyadlosky64 5 years ago

    I do have to admit that JRPGs are the best summer games. It's the only time of the year that I can look at one and not think, "Who the hell has time for that?"

    I still remember spending night and day on the tail end of one summer rushing through Persona 3 before school started.

    Posted in USgamer Community Weekend Discussion Thread: Summer Break Gaming Memories