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  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    Chie! In addition to her personality, I really love how she bounces from foot to foot during combat.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Who's Your Favorite RPG Character?

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    I did not enjoy Scott Pilgrim at all, the controls didn't feel right and I found it really off-putting. I had a lot of fun playing Hammerwatch co-op on the couch with my wife. Iron Fisticle has been fun recently, as well. Towerfall: Ascension's co-op mode is great. Jamestown is wonderful all-around, including co-op.

    Posted in The 10 Best Cheap Co-op Games

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    I haven't played any hockey games since the SNES days, and I was really looking forward to this one after your enthusiastic previews. I guess I'll probably just wait till next year, though.

    Posted in NHL 15 PS4 Review: Rebuilding Year

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    Well said, Mike.

    Posted in Let's Talk About #GamerGate and Journalism

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    Garrosh. Fuck that fight. My guild isn't casual, but is far from hardcore, and our wipes were in the triple digits before we killed him. Ridiculously more difficult than every fight that came before him.

    In MoP's first raid tier, it was really frustrating that the final bosses weren't the most difficult. Elegon was like a brick wall, but everything after him was like butter.

    Edit: Oh. Also, Smaugh and Ornstein made me give up on Dark Souls.Edited August 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Least Favorite Boss Fight Ever?

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    I've really enjoyed Rogue Legacy on PC. I don't think it's any less fair than other the other big procedurally generated games these days (hello, dark levels in Spelunky!), and the lack of reliance on random item drops and shop inventories makes it more consistent than the others in my mind.

    Regarding the different characters, they're good for different things. I usually only run bosses with Paladins, Barbarians, and Spellslingers (I think that's the name), and if I play another class then I just farm chests.

    Posted in Rogue Legacy PlayStation Vita Review: Rogue Rage

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    I'm really looking forward to revisiting Outland in a different flavor. I'm hoping that I find the garrisons more enjoyable than the farm.

    Posted in Revisiting the World of Warcraft in Warlords of Draenor

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    I rarely finish games these days. I taste lots of games to see if I like them, but they are not often interesting enough to maintain my interest. If I finish a game once, I am unlikely to want to finish it again for a different ending––perhaps years down the line. MoP was the first time I managed to stick with WoW long enough to finish the final raid of an expansion, and that took some real effort on my part to continue raiding past when I was having fun.

    VN's are different, and if I enjoy them I will check out multiple endings (I did for Katawa Shoujo on your recommendation), partly because you can easily skip what you've seen before. I also enjoy rogue-like and rogue-like-like games a lot––"beating" them is never really my goal.

    Posted in JPgamer: On True Endings

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    Fantastic idea.

    Posted in USgamer Club: Your First Assignment is...

  • Avatar for limbeckd limbeckd 3 years ago

    I generally consider E3 to be a snooze fest full of AAA stuff that I don't care about––and that seems to be the case this year, except somehow Nintendo seems to be getting its act together. Maybe they'll be able to pull off the Wii U after all.

    Thank you, Nintendo, for not making a remake (Grim Fandango) and a long overdue localization (FF Type-0) the highlight of the week's gaming news for me.

    Posted in USgamer Community Discussion Thread: E3 Day 2