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  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 7 months ago

    I have beaten am2r 100% on hard and about halfway thru SR.

    1.Melee counters makes combat against the normal enemies have to much stop and start, because you have to wait alot for enemies to trigger it. The game seems balanced around it, because of their high hp or armor taking lot of hits to kill or blocking it totally. And because of the high amount of damage they do and your quick depleting aeon bar, you need to counter for refills which barely drop on kills to any amount worth wild. If you dont counter you will be starved of energy alot in my exp.

    2.No control configuration. am2r got this correct, wish more games would try for as much
    customization or even try at all. Making the controls feel comfortable for the player is important even more so if they have disabilities.

    I rather use the dpad for movement in 2d platformers, a stick just adds to much delay and uncertainty imo. And sense there is rarely more then 2 mobs on the screen a auto lockon might be a smoother idea unless there are no enemies around then have it go 360 mode.

    3. Locking stuff behind Amiibos which people with the original 3ds can not even use unless they want to pay scalpers big markups for the scanner because nintendo does not sell the thing anymore. Let call it what it is, on disk dlc.

    4. I have a eye/brain condition, where I have a lot of trouble playing many newer games that have alot of clutter in the environments and things like depth of field and bloom. This game has a lot of bloom that makes my head and eyes hurt after a few hours. Wish you could turn it off.

    5. Because of number 4 I generally find high detailed pixel or sprite work much easier to process then low rez polygons for 2d platforms. Maybe if this game was on the switch with a better resolution it would work better, not sure. The general fuzziness and lighting makes it harder on me then am2r with the pixel work it had. Was easier to separate samus, foreground,background and enemies as one example.

    6.SR has to many collectibles hard locked behind doors and impassable things. Unless a glitch is found to go thru solid walls there is only one correct way to get many things. Make things simpler to get if you have the right item but still possible if you play with the hole toolkit. Like the change to wall jumping to make it easier which is fine but you can not chain them off the same wall if skilled enough like in the past.

    For graphics and controls i wish consoles and handhelds would catch up with what the PC have been doing for decades. Might have to retry this game once a 3ds emulator supports it better and I can turn off bloom/rebind some keys, unless I can work thru these issues I have this weekend on my copy.

    Posted in Stop Pitting Metroid: Samus Returns Against AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 8 months ago

    Hope MercurySteam does better with Metroid then they did Castlevania. But given their resume not very hopeful. Wish nintendo would stop being so much of a pita when it comes to stuff like this and the internet in general. They should have just said hey am2r dude we would like you to give a copy of your current build to to a 3rd party to look at. Then say ok looks good will hire you to work with a couple people to finish it and release it on our systems. Sort of like sega did with modders for sonic. If a single modder could fix the spaghetti code called little kings story for pc then they can port the new metroid 2 game to switch. Just a matter of time,money, and competence.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid II: Return of Samus

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 3 years ago

    The cpu and gpu recommendations are borderline useless tho. Because we have zero idea what resolution/setting and the corresponding fps they are running the game at. It is like having half a math problem. This is not a jab at cd project red, everyone does it, just take any thing like this with alot of salt. If you had a older computer you could drop the setting down if the game scales like it should, if money is tight.

    Posted in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC Requirements Clarify the New Normal

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 3 years ago

    Odds are from the business side Final Fantasy XV is doomed to fail. While it might turn out to be a decent or even good game in the end, is it going to sell enough to even break even considering how much it cost to make. This game will have been in so many different stages of development over the course of ten plus year by the time it ships. It going to need to sell stupid amounts of copies.

    High end game development is getting more and more crazy as the years go on. Every year the big publishers/developers place their 20/50/100 million dollar bets, and every year we got fewer and fewer publishers/developers remaining, because it at some point blows up in their faces.

    Posted in Counterpoint: Japanese RPG Development on Consoles is Not Riding on the Success of Final Fantasy XV

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 3 years ago

    @jeremy.parish Not going to speak for anyone but myself but I did not call you a "unprofessional liar or general moron". Just point out while it is easy to think that just because a game and movie can be running at the same fps, you would get a "cinematic look", they have nothing to do with each other in how they look because of the chain of technology that it takes to produce the image and displayed it on the screen is different. Again motion blur being impossible at this time without ugly hacks that do not even really work.

    This is coming from a reader of your work from before even 1up ;)

    Posted in The Last of Us Remastered PlayStation 4 Review: Surrogates and Shotguns

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 3 years ago

    To added onto comment 21 sense it is not worth repeating him to just repeat.

    There is no such thing as a cinematic feel in video games just by dropping the fps down to 30 or 24. The reason films work at those rates is because of natural motion blur.

    Here is a 30 minute video on the subject.

    Speaking of totalbiscuit, apparently you raised his ire lol

    Posted in The Last of Us Remastered PlayStation 4 Review: Surrogates and Shotguns

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 3 years ago

    There is no best controller imo. Personally it falls into four camps with a fifth for some people. And this are just ones I can think of. Here is what I use most often in the last year...

    These two I use on PS3, WiiU and PC
    3D Action/Adventure/Platformers = WiiU Pro Controller.
    2D Games = Snes Controller with usb adapter.

    PC and WiiU
    Wii Games = Wiimote and Nunchuck

    PC Only
    FPS/Strategy = Keyboard and Mouse

    This one I prefer a controller but could use on the same as the first two.
    Fighting game = Arcade Stick

    To those wondering how I use those on consoles they were not made for, I use a usb adapter called the cronusmax. You can use wii, wiiu, ps3, ps4, 360, x1 controllers on any of those systems but the wii/wiiu. And it will also work on any device that can detect and use a 360 pad like a raspberry pi micro computer or windows.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your All-Time Favorite Controller?

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 3 years ago

    Oh since you seem to be wanting to stream a lot kat and I not sure what mic your using. Here is a good starting one that will not totally break the bank.

    Posted in Adventures in Building a Gaming PC

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 3 years ago

    Question is does the computer ask "Who are you?"

    While I wait for intel to release broadwell and nvidia to release 20nm maxwell. I took a i3 sandy machine from work, that was collecting dust in a storage room(they upgraded several people to laptops. Was, like a $350 machine new. Popped in a nvidia 750Ti($160-MSI), playing all my games so far at 1080p and still hitting 60 fps.

    On my card it got a easy 15% overclock on the clock and ram, could go higher but happy with that. The 750ti uses stupidly little power. Even a 300 watt PSU is over kill ;)

    Hey kay I do not know if you do or know any else that has it but, one of the things I like about Pc gaming is being able to turn off effect in games. Alot of the bloom and lighting effects in modern games make me sick, so I can not even play them on console, PC is the only option, because there I can turn them off.Edited July 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in Adventures in Building a Gaming PC

  • Avatar for matthewyoung47 matthewyoung47 3 years ago

    To added to your list, might I humble recommend for slightly more then a 10er. Only good for another 24 hours sadly tho.

    Five great games that you can spend a good 20-40 hours on each easy. All unlock on steam. They are also on gog too if you want to wait for a sale on there. They were on sale for around $2 to 3 something each during all the big summer sale stuff. Princess and Crossworlds are packed together on gog. The two warriors sadly are only on steam.

    King´s Bounty: Collector´s Pack includes:
    King's Bounty: The Legend
    King's Bounty: Armored Princess
    King's Bounty: Crossworlds
    King's Bounty: Warriors of the North
    King's Bounty: Warriors of the North - Ice and Fire

    Posted in 10 for $10: The Best Steam Games Under $10