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  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    FMV adventures are probably my favourite genre, or at least were during the 90s. Gabriel Knight 2 and Spycraft are still ridiculously playable now (albeit somewhat hard on the eyes with the blocky low-res video with artifacting galore).

    I think there have been a couple of attempts to make modern FMV adventures in the past few years, both commercially and independently - the two that spring to mind are Casebook and a noir detective thing that I can't remember the name of at all.

    And speaking of noir detective stuff, the new Tex Murphy game is well under development.

    Posted in Rewind to the FMV Age

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    Also worth mentioning basically everything on as well.

    Posted in Great PC Games to Play on Low-Spec Systems

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    Why no Outrun? I don't own a 3DS, but I'd pick one up tomorrow if that was on the list.

    EDIT: Not that the rest of the list is too shabby either, but still. OUTRUN.Edited July 2013 by Unknown

    Posted in Sega 3D Classic Series Coming to America

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    Kind of interesting that most of the bad could probably be distilled down to "mass commercialism". Of course, that's a highly reductive conclusion, and one you could probably broadly apply to almost everything going, but I suppose on the flip side of the coin, if the money wasn't coming in then a lot of really good games simply wouldn't exist. It's just a shame that the "bring in the cash" games are almost wholly the standard - a lot could be said for the "do cash cow game X to finance labour of love game Y" model, but that's not popular in big business.

    Posted in America's Best and Worst Contributions to Gaming

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    @pjedavison TWINE stuff moves so fast it's hard to come up with any solid recommendations myself, though the yearly "best of" stuff is worth checking out - (and most of them are fairly short - in the interactive fiction genre, TWINE games are probably most analogous to short stories). With regards to the classic IF format, anything by Adam Cadre is good - - then you've also got a huge selection of commercial games like Zork or (my personal favourite) A Mind Forever Voyaging.

    Posted in Walking Further: Delving Into Visual Novels

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    Great article. You should do a follow-up looking at things like TWINE (which arguably share similarities with visual novels, albeit not in the "visual" part) and Interactive Fiction in general, which has an immensely popular non-commercial scene. One of the few places left where people make stories and games for the joy of telling/making them.

    Posted in Walking Further: Delving Into Visual Novels

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    I still don't feel like they've really topped the quest-based Microprose version of the game from the late 90s. If it wasn't such a hassle to run on newer machines (and almost impossible to find), I'd recommend that to any ardent Magic fan. Maybe someone should have a word with GOG.

    Posted in Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers Review

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    Alongside The Devil in the White City, it's worth mentioning the superlative IF game 1893: A World's Fair Mystery, in its incredibly realistic and open depiction of the fair.

    Posted in BioShock Infinite: America's Fairground

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    I never got around to playing these, despite Link's Awakening being my favourite Zelda game (and probably my favourite handheld game). Should dig out the ol' emulator, I suppose.

    Posted in In Which Lavish Praise is Heaped Upon Two Old Game Boy Color Re-Releases

  • Avatar for meme meme 4 years ago

    There's something oddly ironic having this straight after an article questioning whether there's too much Mario.

    Posted in Will a Measure of Mario Magic Save Sonic?