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  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    With the inevitable natural decline of the Vita over the coming years, I'm just glad to have a high quality portable on the market from either Nintendo or Sony.
    And the Switch is certainly more powerful than I was expecting it to be.
    Love the feature of it being a console as well as a handheld and the concept seems to be well thought out and executed.
    Also it being region free this time around is a God-sent for me. :)
    Can't wait for the system to come out. I'll be there on day one without a doubt.

    Posted in USgamer Reacts: Are We Excited About the Nintendo Switch?

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    My first one was a Microvision which I had to share with my sister. Since she was 8 years older it ended up being basically hers even though she lost interest in it quickly.

    So the one I had all for myself was the original flat Popeye Game & Watch.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Was Your First Game System?

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    Always glad to see games like this coming over.
    Especially on the Vita.

    Posted in NIS America Bringing God Wars to PS4 and Vita in Early 2017

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    If there's a Ferrari F355 in there, I'd probably play as that car and nothing else.
    The Dreamcast game is still one of my favourite racers of al time. :)

    Posted in Assetto Corsa PS4 Review: Eccellente

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition for the PSone is still my favourite version after all these years simply because of it's time attack battle mode.
    Although Puzzle De Pon R is very close for me. Even had 2 conversions made for my AES since I loved them so much. :D

    Posted in Don't Just Stand There, Bust-a-Move With Classics & Coffee

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    Well since we're most likely not going to be getting a successor to the Vita, I'm loving this move.
    It makes sure that we get a new portable with a bit of horsepower behind it, so Japanese developers as well as consumers will most likely embrace it.
    Coupled with the option to hook it up to a TV and who knows what that might entail at this point it also probably means that we won't be getting a new dedicated home system from Nintendo.
    Which most likely solves the software drought problems as they won't have to support two independent systems.

    I didn't know what to think about their next system up till now, even though I've had my Wii U and 3D since launch and quite enjoyed both of them.
    But for some reason I'm now very excited again about getting a new Nintendo system day one.
    Really wish we didn't have to wait at least another 7 months though.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Opinion on Nintendo NX?

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    Oh my! I didn't expect it to be this good!
    Had this preordered the moment it went up on since I'm in Europe and we're only getting it digitally.
    Really can't wait for my copy to arrive next week, especially after your review! :D

    Posted in Shiren the Wanderer Vita Review: Rogue Leader

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    Wow, an actual Sonic game I'm looking forward too. What the hell is happening? :-O

    Love how they also seemed to realise that was a complete bust and emphasise that project 2017 is being made by the Sonic Colours and generations team.
    Also when it says even hero's need help, I thought "great! here come his shitty friends :-/", yet classic Sonic pops up.

    Posted in Sonic Mania and Project Sonic Celebrate 25 Years of Sonic in 2017 [Updated]

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    Nothing disappointing here.
    The game release didn't look like it was much of a remaster anyway, so going back to the drawing board is a good call.
    Not confident that they will deliver in the end though. :-/

    Posted in Batman: Return to Arkham for PS4 and Xbox One Delayed Indefinitely

  • Avatar for meppi64 meppi64 A year ago

    I'm hoping for some big surprises as the games we know about don't really do it for me. :-/

    Zelda is the only one that stands out for me, but since I'll most definitely want it for the NX and since it looks like we aren't getting the system reveal, even that is somewhat muted.

    VR just doesn't do it for me for some reason and we're not getting to see what exactly the Neo can and will do, so that's again a bummer.

    Looking forward to anything from Omega Force as I nearly always enjoy their games.
    I just hope the big surprise isn't Crash Bandicoot as I would much rather see a reboot of Jack & Daxter that goes back to the design of the first one.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What About E3 Are You Most Looking Forward To?