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Stupid angst removed. Apart from the name thing. Canada and MexicoGamer anyone?

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  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 7 months ago

    When a game review opens not talking about the game, but with a Tumblrina rant about how the women of colour protagonists are not portrayed by women of colour voice actors - and continually returns to this and similar gripes throughout - you know it's time to find a new game review site.

    Thanks SJWgamer, it's been fun, maybe I'll see you guys playing Fortnite.

    Posted in Uncharted: Lost Legacy Review: Pass The Torch, Drake

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 7 months ago


    You would not believe the crap people who can't use voice chat get in some games - in some cases, they're basically told they shouldn't be playing.

    Posted in Engineer Invents Accessory That Lets You Play the Nintendo Switch with One Hand

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 7 months ago

    Very interesting! I doubt they will ever fully salvage their reputation, but if this is as good as they say, it might be worth trying now, especially given Elite: Dangerous has stagnated.

    Posted in Meet the Diehards Who Still Love No Man's Sky

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 7 months ago

    I had a Sega CD. FMV games were only a small part of what it offered but are all it's remembered for, unfairly.

    The FMV games did get better - Loadstar being one of the best examples. Carefully edited and adjusted video meant it didn't have nearly as much graininess or compression as earlier games. Tomcat Alley was ok, too, and there was another one involving helicopter gunships that I never got to try.

    Posted in There's a Lot of Bad FMV Games out There, but These Moments Remind Us Why We Play Them

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 7 months ago

    My parents played on our Colecovision (I was 3 so it was arguably more for them than me) and my dad would play some PC games when we first got our PC, like Solo Flight and Hitchhiker's Guide, and I remember him starting Space Quest 2 but getting stuck trying to find the ramp into the shuttle (in CGA, it was blue against a blue floor so it was impossible to see).

    I ended up with two Gameboys (after hiding the first to protect it from family friends' young kids and then forgetting the hiding place) and so they discovered how good link up Tetris was, and an hour every evening was spent with the two of them in the living room playing it.

    After seeing Dr Mario at a friend's house, I got it for my NES and they became even more addicted to 2 player that. The problem was that the NES was in my room so my room was held hostage every evening!

    After university I donated my old PS1 and then N64 to my mom so she could play her favourites: Bust-a-Move 2 and Dr Mario 64. She played so much Dr Mario again that she strained her back sitting on the side of the bed for so long.

    Now she has a DS Lite and my dad has a 3DS XL. He also plays a few games on his phone but generally, the 8-bit puzzle days were the golden age of them gaming.Edited August 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Can You Remember Your Parents Playing?

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 7 months ago

    I need to spend more than the price of the game to play the crappy AnimalCrossing board game (whatever it's called) with more than two players... and the devs even admitted they only made the game so Nintendo would make AC amiibos.

    These things are such a lame cash grab.

    Posted in Nintendo Addresses the Metroid: Samus Returns Amiibo Controversy

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 7 months ago

    I bought this at Gatwick Airport to keep me amused on a trip home, and my hotel room rang to the soundtrack during every spare moment.

    I found it all confusing at first (which is sort of the point, I think) and got all the way to the end... only to find my cart is defective and always crashes when I start entering the final sequences. Bah!

    Posted in The World Ends With You Has Become an RPG Classic

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 7 months ago

    I bought the deluxe edition on the strength of your preview and fired it up for the first time last night. Everything you say is dead on the money. I am completely bewildered. I spent more time in the home base screen trying to figure out what was going on (or even just trying to change my hero so I wouldn't have yet another game of all Ramirezes).

    I clicked into the loot screen and, thanks to the Deluxe edition bonuses, found myself stuck for almost 15 minutes with all the llamas I was now obligated to smash (there is no option to go back if there's more to smash) and being hopelessly confused by all the things I was pulling out of each.

    The actual missions, so far as I've seen (up to Lars' van getting a balloon) were easy to the point where we almost didn't need a fort at all. I am sure that is going to change.

    Oh, and this trend of throwing you right into games before you can get near an options screen needs to stop. I play on a laptop hooked into my TV, and neither the twin displays nor my sound card (which detects the TV as a second output) always like games that run in Fullscreen, at an auto-selected resolution.

    Posted in Fortnite Early Access Review: Fighting Through Systems Towards Daylight

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 8 months ago

    Very good piece. Nintendo's online stuff is always painful: confusing, slow, unreliable. The amount of downloading and handshaking before you can even get into some games (Pokémon Shuffle, that Badge Arcade thing) is ridiculous. The online features are clunky once in game, too - look how many steps and dialogue screens there are to do any of the online things in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

    When we got a WiiU recently, it was a real production to set up both our Nintendo IDs (we had stuff that predated it, including VC games).

    That someone saw that ridiculous apparatus needed for Switch voice chat and decided that was fine pretty much says it all. They seem to be making this up as they go, and are curiously reluctant to actually commit, both to online in general, and the resources needed to make a robust system to support it.

    Posted in The Slow, Stumbling History of Nintendo Online Support

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 8 months ago

    Nintendo don't seem to be learning. Yes, they missed on the development of proper online features because they were too busy selling fluffy party games on the Wii, but it still seems baffling that with over ten years of Microsoft and Sony's experiences to look at, they are still getting it this wrong.

    I hate to say it, but I don't really picture things getting better, either.

    Posted in Splatoon 2's Grouping and Nintendo Switch Online Voice Chat Are A Big Mess