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Owner and sole developer at Pixel Licker LLC. I make retro games and will be happy if I can wake up each day and push pixels for a living.

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  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 days ago

    @MetManMas Rygar was great for its time. Also, Onimusha, Genji, Shinobi and Chaos Legion. What I wouldn't give for an Onimusha remaster collection. It is basically unplayable on an HDTV connection.

    Posted in Five Years Later, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Is a Relic of a Bygone Era

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 days ago

    @NiceGuyNeon I agree with everything you are saying here. I'm also a little surprised there is no mention of Viewtiful Joe. I was a big fan of this subgenre 10 years ago. I think the nail in the coffin (for me) was Lollipop Chainsaw. I just couldn't bring myself to finish it.

    But I think the shift to open world gaming trends started when GTA 3 got popular. Pile on the success of World of Warcraft and suddenly publishers wanted anything with a a big open space full of checklists on their release schedule. And this in turn lead to a shift from linear style games that required some skill to open ended games that just let people play around until they were satisfied. I really hope this subgenre is not gone, but it won't ever be the money maker it once was. Hopefully indies will carry the torch.

    Posted in Five Years Later, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Is a Relic of a Bygone Era

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 3 days ago

    My only fear with anything digital download is that someday I may not be able to play it due to a need for a server to be active somewhere. Because, inevitably, the server will be taken down. If something goes wrong with my hardware, I also want the ability to redownload it. And I want that ability LONG AFTER THE SYSTEM IS DEAD AND GONE FROM THE MARKETPLACE. If those things can't be had, then I would prefer a physical copy.Edited 3 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in May, but Not Everyone Is Happy About It

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 10 days ago

    It looks like they combined his moveset with Wolverine's. This makes me like him even less as competition.

    Posted in Blanka Storms Into Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition in First Gameplay Trailer

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 21 days ago

    Horizon Chase is a fine racing game with a very old school spirit. Racing can be done on a touch screen, but probably not one-handed. Otherwise you are relying on gyroscopic controls and that can be a minefield of gameplay issues.

    As for being sacred, I think it is only sacred to kids who are exclusively (or were at some point exclusively) in Nintendo's camp. But mobile is where Nintendo can try to grab the mindshare of non-Nintendo players. I have owned nearly every Nintendo console and have never owned a Mario Kart game. I have played it here and there at friends' houses, but quickly realized the one who plays it all the time has a distinct advantage. It never seemed worth the money to me. However, a free mobile app might be worth my time...

    Posted in Nintendo on Mobile is No Longer a Novelty

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 22 days ago

    @Roto13 In the context of being a kid in that era, they were actually pretty great games. They offered something new and compelling. Do they hold up to replay now? Probably not. But I would argue that I had more fun playing my Atari 2600 games then (as a 6 to 11 year old) than I do playing open world games now as a 43 year old.

    I find this controversy a bit silly, considering we look past the terrible flaws of other famous people and still recognize them for their great contributions.

    Posted in GDC Announces It Will Not Award Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell After Controversy [Update]

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 months ago

    Time to give Kamiya a little quality time with his baby and see how it should really look in the modern era.

    Posted in The New Devil May Cry HD Collection Won't Support 4K Graphics

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 months ago

    The backgrounds give me a good vibe, especially seeing how colorful they are. The characters are a bit hit or miss, looking like flat shaded models with minimal detailing in a lot of cases. This would have been the perfect chance to make something akin to Strider 2 where the characters are 2D and the bgs are 3D. It would finally be able to rip off Astroboy the way it (and I) always wanted to. :D

    Posted in Mega Man 11 Coming to Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 months ago

    @Iambiz are you considering the development cost increase? A team of 30 could make a Madden in the 90’s but now a team if 100 is required. Their salaries have also increased and there are outsourcing costs to consider. I don’t doubt it costs a lot more to make a product that a current consumer will see as worth $60. Also distribution is different now as well as packaging so the lost revenue associated with those aspects of shipping a game are now converted into more profit.

    Honestly, I blame the gaming culture that demands bigger, faster, better for the perceived need for higher production values and the subsequent development cost increase. I hope the indie scene can pull gaming back a bit into making fun experiences that don’t need to own your life for extended periods of time. Variety is a good thing.

    Posted in "It's Awkward Right Now:" What Some in the Games Industry Think of the Rise of the Loot Box in 2017

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 3 months ago

    @Captain-Gonru I think the people paying for it are not as traditional a gamer as you or they are people who no longer have the time to invest in games and want to spend a little extra to jump into the content sooner.

    I'm more than happy to ignore games like these, but there are a lot of non-traditional players entering the gaming space and big companies know how to tap into their psychology to squeeze extra dollars out.

    Posted in Microtransactions Are Nearly Half Of Take-Two's Sales Now